Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 Year-End Favorites | The Makeup Edition Part Two

Welcome to Part Two of the Year End Favorites, Makeup Edition!

It's last day of the year!! But just before 2011 takes a bow and welcome 2012, here's the conclusion of my year-end favorites... the makeup part at least. :)

Never regretted getting the the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams. Wear shocking shades that are just amazing on the skin. There's color for every skintone and it really compliments tons of looks. I used on my banner and still continue to use for many looks I create. Although the lasting power is not at par with a lipstick, at least it's not as drying. Get this on sale now at Digital Traincase.

I was skeptical in getting this but this has proven it's worth! Compared to the Soft Matte, Matte Lipsticks are more bold and striking in shade. It is after all lipstick. What's great is that compared to other matte lipstick from other brands, it's not as drying on the lips.

NYX Lip Liner Pencil in Fuchsia
Any lip liner can turn into a matte lip color, simply fill in your lips. Just remember to moisturize and prep your lips as it can dry your puckers like hell. But this is a happy discover, I found out. The brightness of this shade passed off as lipstick to many and it lasted longer than I though. I admit that I would choose this shade of matte pink over any other lipstick I own if I want staying power for the day.

NYX Girl Nail Polishes
Jheng recommended I get the NYX GIrl Polish when we visited Digital Traincase. SHe said that it lasts longer compared to other brands she's tried. And boy was she right. I hardly visited my manicurist this December since these polishes barely chipped! It's incredible. Really worth your money! And it's just Php100 a pop. I wish Sol would bring in more NYX Girl in the future.

This has got be my most favorite mascara this year. If you want length, this baby is the one for you. The unique comb-wand is designed specifically to distribute the fibers of the mascara to give that extra boost you need. Also, this is one of the most water-proof mascara ever! This is the mascara if you want on your lashes if your in full day's event.

Majolica Enamel Glamour Volume On Mascara
Compared to the previous mascara, you'll love the volumizing effect of this one. Again, this comes with a unique comb that coats the lashes for that full effect. The wand is designed to avoid clumps when layering the mascara on for a more voluminous effect.

Hate sticky glosses but love the shine? This is exactly what you want. It's amazing on  the lips. One thing that I love is the fancy packaging. It's something that you can take out in public without feeling too awkward. This shade particularly is great for amping a nude lipstick.

Same reason but this color is just amazing for coo-toned makeup looks.

I didn't liked this at first because I used a brush and it wasn't as pigmented as I'd like to be upon application... but when I started using the velour puff it came with the uber cute blush... viola! A pretty shade of pink sits atop my cheeks and I couldn't help but just love it!

Having this palette means more to than usual... When I was young I really wanted a Shu Uemura but Mom thought it a little too fancy for a young girl. This palette is special because we got to pick out the colors ourselves... it's not just another palette. It's mine and that speaks volume on why it is on my top faves this year!

I am in love with this foundation! If you don't believe me, here's a proof! If matte is what you want, this instantly gives it! And that's without drying your skin. Best buy, worth the money and I just love that it's mousse!

Yet another palette, this made the tops because of its bright vivid colors and exclusivity. Looking at this palette, it's as if they have created a palette devoted for me. 

Benefit Cosmetics is the new player in town... at least in my country. When Benefit opened its doors this December, many went crazy and I was one of them. I've inly tried a few products from the brand prior to its launch here. That's why I was so ecstatic to try their cult faves.

Benfeit BeneTint
The product that started it all. Now I know what the raves were all about and why many women swears by Benetint. I have not come across a cheek-tint that is so easy to blend, no streaks and absorbs into the skin well that it mimics your natural blush. This is by far the best cheek-tints out there. And it lasts a loooong time.

Benefit They're Real Mascara
Have you watched this? That's the only convincing I need to get to try this msacara for myself. And I wasn't disappointed. Following the instructions on how to apply this mascara, I did achieve that false lash effect that only made my lashes longer, darker and thicker! And it's easy to remove!

to know more about these two product, click here and here.

MAC will always be a staple in my kit. No matter how expensive they get, we can never really doubt its quality and never question that whatever that MAC releases do make waves. This year, I got more into reds and nudes for the lipsticks. I finally gave in and tried MAC Ruby Woo (Thanks to my bestie for getting me this!)! And it's amazing! Best red lipstick yet! Next is Lady Danger, thanks to Jigs' recommendation, this orange-base red lipstick will come in handy for spring/summer. Another cult fave is the MAC Half 'n Half, that quite stole the spotlight from MAC Peachstock as it also gives that nice not-so-corpsey nude effect.

The Glitter and Ice Collection was a memorable collection for me because I got to witness the launch of it in Cebu! And my faves in the collection is the How Beautiful Beauty Powder that gives my skin a nice sheen that is just unbelievable! Don't miss out on it. I was never really a Dazzleglass girl, but Love Alert! was just too cute to refuse. I love that Dazzleglasses aren't sticky and have that brush applicator for precision. And Love Alert just complimented my Ruby Woo ever so nicely.

A lipstick that doesn't does dryness but rather locks in moisture? Seriously, I thought it was just a marketing ploy. But this lip perfection really got to me that I bought several of it in different shades. Yes, it was that good. My favorite is Heavenly (a warm pink shade) and Hot Passion (a uber red lip color). I also love Dazzle (shimmery purple pink hue) and Sultry (brown pink).

What they don't tell you is that these lipsticks' staying power is just utterly amazing! It's last for more than 8 hours. It survives rinking, eating and... well, smoking. This is the red lipstick you want if you don't have time for retouch.

Wet n Wild Glassy Gloss in Clear
Nice clear gloss are hard to come by and these topped for me. It's easy to spread, great for quick touch-ups; and affordable, too!

Wet n Wild ColorIcon Bronzer in Princess
This is one of my favorite contouring powder. That's why even if it's shattered (huhuhu!) I still kept it. It's intensely pigmented and great for warm-toned girls like me! If you want an affordable contouring powder with a bit of glits, this is one for you to try.

A new arrival makes it way into the top just because it's really great and that's that! 

Estee Lauder Pure Color Lipstick
Save the best for last! This lipstick exceeds a lot of my faves because of the fanciness of it! Never be afraid to touch up in public when you whip out something as elegant and classy as the Estee Lauder Pure Color Lipstick. When time calls for appearance-is-everything, this is the lipstick you need to have with you! It's as classic as Chanel Bag, a Versace shades and a pair of Louboutin pumps. And though I don't have any of those three, I'm a happy-camper with my Wild Pink Pure Color lippies.

That's it!! That's my fave for year 2011. Although there are mainstays:

Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation, Shu Uemura Nobara Cream Foundation, Maybelline Gel Liner, Nars Orgasm Blush, MAC Brow Gel in Girl Boy, Urban Decay Primer Potion, Maybelline Clear Smooth Mineral Blush, MAC Studio Fix Concealer, Blinc Mascara, Majolica Majorca Cream Liner, Revlon Age-Defying Concealer, MAC Eye Khol in Fascinating, PureGlow Blush in Rosiest Rush, Smashbox Photo Finish Primer and NYX Jumpo Pencil in Milk.

Makeup now is such a big part of my life given that I write about it everyday of my life... 

When I watched the September Issue, a documentary of Vogue and Vogue USA Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour, there's a part when she was asked what her family thought of her life... It was obvious by her facial expression that her family doesn't really take her job seriously.. 

I often get that vibe from other people with this blogging. We may not tackle economics, the latest news, world hunger and lack of peace but we provide something special that many appreciates. And with that, I'm content.

For year 2012, I only wish for more time to write, review and share all the things I can about the latest products that may be the answer to your ultimate beauty dilemmas. I sort of live for that now... and quite happy to be doing so... :)

Happy New Year!
Welcome 2012!

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Friday, December 30, 2011

For New Year's Eve: J.Lo Inspired Makeup Look

Here's the inspiration!

Here's a look!

And this is the tutorial! So if you want to know how recreate it, please watch!

And below are the products that I used for this Jennifer Lopez-Inspired Makeup Look!

For the face:
Benefit Cosmetics Triple Performing Facial Emusion with SPF 15 as moisturizer and sun protection
Z-pore Instant Pore Refiner as primer
The Body Shop Extra Virgin Minerals Cream Compact Foundation as foundation
The Body Shop All-in-One Face Base as setting powder
The Body Shop Matte Bronzer as contouring powder
Majolica Majorca Puff De Cheek as blush

For the eyes:
Benefit Stay Don't Stray Primer
Beauty Pro Cosmetics Sweet and Smokey Palette (get it here)
Beauty Pro Cosmetics Crazy Colour Palette (get it here)
Maybelline Impact Express Smooth Felt Liner
Bobbi Brown Glamour Extreme Lengthening Mascara
Flutter False Flashes in Dainty (get it here)

For the lips:
NYX Soft Mstte Lip Cream in Milan
Bobbi Brown

More pictures below!

I did try to make waves with my hair like Jennifer's but my hair was still too wet... and seriously. I think my hair is hopeless. may i should get myself a Carusso Professional Steam Hair Roller! So of course, I put my hair up again. I like the clean feel of it.

I really like the feel of this look. I wore it when I went out for dinner with myself and I notice that it did grab attention from onlookers. The striking smoked out periwinkle and peach really complimented the soft pink lips.

And though I still need to brush up on my false lashes application, I still tried and I'm quite content with how this look ended up.I love how this whole look balanced out.

This look is really great for New year's Eve party since your eyes are on full party mode but you don't need to worry about your lips smearing during those beso-beso moments and of course, the that midnight kiss with the love of your life. Pink lips are easy to touch up and if you're too lazy, just keep a clear gloss in your person at all times for quick retouch.

Just a a day before 2012! Are you excited? I am but then, I'm also a little bit scared. :)

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Thursday, December 29, 2011

2011 Year-End Favorites | The Makeup Edition Part 1


Here it is, ladies... the beauty conclusion of the year! 

Is it the end of 2011 already? This year was a whirlwind of trials and happenings! I can't believe I survived it! But all in all, it's been amazing! As per tradition, I'll be sharing some of my top favorites for this year and some of my noted makeup discoveries that are not necessarily released this 2011 but made it to the top of charts.

But it's in no particularly order. I'm going to divide this post in two parts so you won't be overwhelmed.  The photo below though will certainly give you an idea on what's going to be on the list. I'm also going to a separate post for my favorite skin care and those that I found really worked for me this year. So stay tuned for that...

In the meantime, here's Part ONE!

Makeup brushes are important part and I believe that if we don't invest on good ones, it's quite useless to buy makeup. To be honest, I didn't experience the full potential of all my makeup before I acquired better brushes. I started off with BareNaturals, then on Coastal Scents then the much expensive MAC brushes. With all the experimenting, I got dud ones that I wish I never laid eyes on... I even bought sets that I regret getting. I sold them instead... Those that made an impact stayed. Yes, I'm talking about my MAC, Ellana's and of course, my Charm Essential Makeup Brushes.

This year, Charm came up with really worthy ones that didn't have a hard time making it into the top of my favorites:

Although I did say that Charm Travel Pro is a Holy Grail brush set, the Charm Essential Pretty in Pink 14 Piece Vegan Brush Set crept its way into my heart. It's almost like a makeup artist's brushes! For me, this brush set is a dream come true for mineral makeup lover and those that hates scratchy brushes!

Charm Dream Brow Duo
Taming the brows and defining them can be quite a bother that we often skip this part. The Charm Dream Brow Duo certainly made it easier for me to tackle my monster-like brows. Want to have brows like Kim K? This is my recommendation!

Oh! This has got to be my most favorite brush of them all! This brush is all you ever need for retouching! At least it is for me. This one never leaves my bag. I love it to bits. You can use this brush for powder foundation, blush, highlighter and even bronzer! I even used it for liquid and cream makeup! That's what you need to look for a brush, how versatile it.


Now, on to the makeup! Makeup comes and goes in my opinion. I determine my favorites by the frequency I use it. That usually means that it has great pigmentation, easy to use, blends easy, has great coverage, has dual puporse or withstand the weather and my oily skin. Simple qualification, really.

Year 2011 gave me a lot of opportunities to try and fall in love with a lot of products... Who makes the cut? Read on!

Beauty Pro Cosmetics in Sweet and Smoky Palette and Crazy Colour Palette
There's something about seeing a friend's dream come true but it's another thing when you experience it for yourself. I felt that when I tried Beauty Pro Cosmetics for the very first time. What lovely makeup palettes these two are! If you're still iffy about getting other palettes, let me assure you that the Beauty Pro Cosmetic palettes are the best bet!

Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Palette
Acquiring this palette was probably one of the best investment I made in makeup. The Urban Decay Anniversary palette have unique new shades that aren't found in other Urban Decay palette. It may not have a free primer but it certainly have a nice selection for creating various makeup looks! I can honestly say that you can skip getting other Urban Decay Palettes (if you heaven't gotten any) and just get this one!

I got a question on my Cbox on what contouring powder I prefer, and I guess this is it. After losing my MAC Bronzing Powder in Refined Golden, I was thankful to have this with me. It really works well as a contouring powder that I got a spare! For a sample on how it look, click here.

I fell in love with this Bronzing Gel when I brought it with me to Boracay. I was first scared that that it would be hard to blend. But I knew that this type would be better for when going to the beach.. and it was! It was easy to apply, gives that natural contouring to my cheekbones and really brought out the bronze goddess in me!

The Body Shop Tea tree Concealer
Do you sometimes feel that you're worsening the condition of your skin by covering your pimples with concealers? I do! I do! When I purchased the Body Shop Tea Tree Concealer, it guilt went away because this one has tea tree it which helps heal my acne. This is a must have for girls who have tons of pimples and need coverage and further healing. This is also great for guys!

One of the best shopping decisions I've ever made is to get me the Body Shop Brow and Liner Kit. I practically use it everyday. It gives me the right amount of color and it's one of the easiest palettes to use in creating perfect brows.

Mineral makeup lovers will love this cream foundation. I adore everything in the Extra Virgin Minerals line but this one topped the charts. If you want medium to full coverage of a cream foundie, better get a hold of this. It comes with its own synthetic brush, easy to blend and spread without worries that you'll clog your pores. Enjoy a matte effect especially when topped with your favorite powder foundation.

VMV Tarte-a-Tan Antioxidant Bronzing "Coco" Powder
It's quite apparent the love I have for bronzers! This one made is on the list because it's dye-free and ultimately safe for the skin! It's incredibly pigmented and even serve as a face powder for those with morena skin.

Whenever I would wear this blush, I would always get compliments on how nice it is and how it gives my skin a nice lovely flush. The nicest thing is, its my friends who aren't as into to makeup as I am who notices it.It's amazing what a blush can do to the skin. looking at it in the pan, it looks too orangery, but I'm glad it works well for my skintone!

Mascaras are a girl's best friend as much diamonds and a little black dress. If you can shell out a few more bucks for a mascara, I urge you to get this one if you're the type who worries about chemicals and going for all-natural no-allergen type of makeup. You're doing your skin justice when you grab this tube asap. Not only will it give longer, more volumized lashes... it isn't a pain to get rid off.

Clinique Derma White Bright-C Liquid Makeup
I am so in love with this foundation that I hardly use it. I only use it on special occasions for fear that I might use it all up. But you would just need a little of it to get medium to heavy coverage. It being a part of the Derma White skincare, I love the dewiness it gives as it contains a good amount of Vitamin C. Great thing is this is a great foundation for all skin type. It may come with a high price tag with such little bottle but this is one great liquid foundation.

Clinique Superbalance Powder Makeup
Who wouldn't love mineral makeup that is freshly-shaved, controls oiliness, relieves skin dryness and doesn't need buffing. Just smooth the powder with the soft brush that come with the compact and you're set! This is one powder makeup that every mineral makeup enthusiast would love. I should know, I'm one!

Bobbi Brown Lash Glamour Extreme Lengthening Mascara
This mascara creates a nice clean application and provides lengths that is natural. Apply a bit more swipes and you'll have that Glamour Extreme that it claims. the plastic brush wand gives a precise application and it's easy to remove. No clumps with this as far as I'm concern. :)

Bobbi Brown Lip Color in Red
When I first saw this shade on Karrot of Bobbi Brown, I fell in love. She just looked so sophisticated in her fashionable black dress and this lipstick made quite an impact to her whole look.  All I can say is that all Bobbi Brown fans out there should have this is their collection. it glides on smoothly, great for all skintone and really makes a statement.


That's it for Part One! Making these year-end post was quite harder than it would. :) It's a good thing that I've already reviewed many of these already and you can just click on the name to read more about each product. I find it hard not to just say, "I love this. Period!" #lol

So stay tuned tomorrow for Part two... then for the SkinCare faves. I'm excited about that! :) I hope you, too!

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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Fanny Serrano Long-Last Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner | A Product Review

Hello ladies and Gents, just a few more days and it's year 2012! Oh my! How time flies! :) I'm so excited!! But just before the year ends, here's a product review for you all. :)

It's really impossible to leave SM Department Store or Watsons without buying anything! But getting this eyeliner was practically a no-brainer when I saw it on a sort of pen holder on the Fanny Serrano counter. I've been searching for a liquid eyeliner pen that is reasonably priced and very pigmented. There's a lot of those from The Face Shop, Tony Moly, Kate and other Korean makeup stores but those that I've tried didn't really pan out for my oily lids. So sad, cause these korean makeup brands are affordable. I gave up on those brands when it comes to liquid eyeliners.

The ones that only worked for my eyes are MAC Penultimate Eye Liner and Maybelline Impact Express Felt Tip Liner. Both are very pigmented and does stay on the lids. My favorites, actually, that I hardly strayed.

I'm not really a liquid liner girl, I think I am more of a gel liner person. Not that I have anything against liquid liners, but I find that gel liners are easier to use.

But that's about to change! I'm now a convert to the Fanny Serrano Long-Last Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner! When I tested it on the counter, I could already tell that it has great potential.

Fanny Serrano Long Last Waterproof liquid Eyeliner resembles almost like MAC Penultimate Liner in Rapid Black (the first one that came out). It has the same fine pen tip that is great for wing tip application. It even have that same shiny patent look. Applying eyeliner is not as tedious to use compared to the usual liquid liner with brushes that one could hardly control especially with shaky hands. 

It's been awhile since I last used the Penultimate Liner. I've tossed that one after its last breathe. I've switch to the Maybelline Impact Impress Smooth Felt Liner which has a bigger (almost like a marker) tip. Which in truth is so much easier to use and gives a fine application, too. For beginners, I would probably recommend this one. But of course, Php399 is still a bit too much to shell out for an eyeliner that you're not even sure if you're going to use again, right?

Here's a photo comparison between the Fanny Serrano Long Last Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner and Maybelline Impact Impress Felt Liner:

Fanny Serrano Long Last Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner exceeded my expectation. For only Php195, I am seriously getting more than what I paid for! I hope they don't increase the price after we rave about it.

What I  love...
  • Super affordable at Php195!! Now, there's no reason not to try out pen-tip liquid liners!
  • Pen-like liners gives you a better hold and control than the regular liquid liners.
  • Incredibly easy to use (especially if you have shaky hands like me!)
  • Totally pigmented! (which is a must to avoid running the liner over and over and tugging your lids in the process)
  • Provides a nice precise line even with shaky hands
  • Since its cheap, you can practice all you want and get that lining application down to T!
  • Stays on even without a primer (i have moderate to heavy oily on the lids)
  • Easy to remove with an oil-base or silicone-base eue;iner!

What I don't...

  • Nothing so far!

For me the only 2 cons that a liquid liner could have are the following, if it's not pigmented and if it's not long-lasting. Great to know that Fanny Serrano Long Last Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner is neither of the two. Yey for great products!!

Yes, I've gone crazy with this new liner. :) #lol

Why convert to pen-tip liquid liner?

  1. No need for brushes!
  2. Easy to lug around on your vanity kit or when travelling.
  3. Long lasting (especially if you use either the Fanny Serrano Long Last Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner, Maybelline or MAC)
  4. It's easier to create winged tip eyes with a pen-tip liner (which is probably one of the reason why you're buying a liquid liner in the first place.)
Tips on using liquid liners:
  • Don't be discouraged on your first or 100th try!
  • Just practice, practice, practice!! I promise you it will be easier every time you use your liquid liner!

Good Luck!

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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

My Christmas Eve Makeup Look

Having done two video tutorials, I realized how much I miss vlogging. It's actually my very first platform before.

This look was inspired with the large gold tunic from Forever 21 that I wore for Christmas Eve this year and the TLTSN necklace. It's actually pretty vibrant in person and it really gives the sparkles I wanted for a Christmas look. :) I just love golden eye makeup look partnered with a bit of bronze for a nice gradation.

I hope the video is helpful enough for you to try out the look. :)

To create this look, I used the following:

For the face:
GoodskinLabs Z-Pore Instant Pore Refiner
Estee Lauder Idealist Cooling Eye Illuminator
Revlon Age Defying with DNA Advantage Cream Makeup
Revlon Colorstay Aqua Minerals
Clinique Superbalanced Powder Makeup in Deep
Venus and Mars' Pureglow Minerals in Rosiest Rose
Venus and Mars' Illuminator in Elusive
Wet n Wild Coloricon Bronzer in Princess
The Body Shop Brow and Liner Kit in 02

For the eyes:
Beauty Pro Cosmetic in Sweet and Smoky Palette
The Body Shop Smoky Eyes Palette
Fanny Serrano Long-Lasting Liner Pen
Benefit Cosmetics They're Real Mascara

For the lips:
MAC Half n Half Lipstick
Majolica Majorca Lipgloss

I'm loving the Fanny Serrano Long-Lasting Liner Pen. For the price, I think it's really worth getting. But if you're still apprehensive, wait for my review. It's coming up soon. :)

As for the Revlon Age Defying with DNA Advantage Cream Makeup, it's targeted to be a makeup and anti-aging in one. I like the medium coverage but I don't think this is the best makeup for my skin type. Maybe with several tries I can decide what I think about this certain foundation.

My current favorite at the moment is the Benefit Cosmetic's They're Real Mascara. :) It feels as if I have falsies on! Must review this soon for you!

I really love the shade gold. I remember back when i started getting into makeup how hungry I was for gold eye shadow! There was just lack of golf e/s then. I was so happy when i got into mineral makeup because at that time, makeup with gold eye shadow was just expensive... But now, I have several that I don't know what to do with! And the one I'm particularly loving is the gold eye shadow from the Beauty Pro Cosmetics Sweet and Smoky Palette.

It's obvious how crazy in love I am with this palette. :)

How was your Christmas Holiday? I spent mine by going to my mom's side of the family for Christmas Eve dinner. Then Ron and I went to Marikina and stayed for Noche Buena with my dad's side of the family. Being an only child, I'm very close to my cousins and I treat them like my own brothers and sisters. I just love spending time with them. :) The next day, Ron and I spent it with his family. We had fun playing with his nephews. I got a chance to play hopscotch again! It was so fun! For some quality time alone, we both decided to catch a flick. Watching movies have always been our thing and i'm glad we got to it on Christmas Day. 

This year, it's was mostly me who got to give gifts instead and not the other way around. But I didn't mind... the whole year was like Christmas with all the blessings and opportunities I have received. I'm lucky to have a boyfriend, true friends and family who believes in me and love me for who I am. If that isn't a worth a Christmas tree full of presents, I wouldn't know what is. :)

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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

How did you spend your Christmas? Did you receive the gift you were hoping for? :)

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Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Makeup Look: Christmas Vixen (with Video Tutorial) | Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!!

It's Christmas Eve already! Christmas countdown is nearly over! It's time to celebrate Jesus' birthday! But first do enjoy this video I made for you! It's a great Christmas look but I think this look is a classic one and can be worn on any occasion. It's a look with the smokey prime eyes evoke a bit of sexiness that will definitely get some attention from the guys... and red bold lips will guarantee a kiss under the mistletoe!

Blame it on holidays but sporting red lips seem easier to pull off lately. I have several red lipsticks but I notice that when I know I'll be out the whole day, I'll be picking up the Lip perfection Bullet Lipstick from Cover Girl in Hot Passion. I didn't get a chance to blog about this certain shade. I've been told that drew wore this color on the Lip Perfection shade! And damn does it stay on like nobody's business! For anyone interested, I reviewed a few lippies from the Lip perfection line here.

And for those curious, Hot Passion is the basic red lipstick from this line. It almost has the same brightness as MAC Ruby Woo and yet has velvety texture.It glides on easy and it's so pigmented.

As for the eyes, I was never really a fun of matte black eye shadow. It can be a pain to work with but the one from the Beauty Pro Sweet and Smokey Palette was so darn easy to blend! Good thing I was able to secure its fabulousity in a video! Just look how easy it was to use!

Being the vixen is quite easy.. all you need is a little confidence, a sprinkling of spunk and a dash of attitude. Guys can't resist a gorgeous luscious with dramatic eyes. I should know.. my guy loves it when I'm all glammed up.

My hair has gotten a bit longer and since I have the thickest mane, it can get pretty heavy. That's why I keep it a bun most of the time. No need for fancy hair thinggies, I just use my trusty hairband and twist the mane into a knot and secure it like crazy!

I like wearing my hair in a bun. It makes my look a bit more elegant than I intended to be.

I'm grateful that my skin has finally behaved especially at this time of the year when partying is practically required. I can say that I'm happy i went through all the procedures that I did. From House of Obagi's Acne Cure Therapy to their TruPeel Procedure, a mandelic base peeling solution.

Then their's Belo Medical's Botanical Facial, Ice Mask and of course, the latest treatment that I've been raving on twitter, their Fraxel Laser Treatment.

I also can't say enough about Skinnovation, a derma clinic near our condo complex. Dra. Anj really took care of my skin! And of course Flawless Face and Body Clinic for an affordable facials that won't wreck the skin!

The year 2011 really brought out the inner sexy in me. Even with my plumpiness and usual grumpy mood... I feel that nearing my 30th is making me feel more of woman than a girl.. you know.. sort of cougar-ish? I think the BF (soon future hubby) is liking it.

Despite the hardships that this year has brought me, the disappointment and tears, I know I'm blessed! You know song, Count Your Blessings Instead of Sheep? That's mom's favorite song. She has a way of being nega but then would do a complete turnaround and tell me how lucky I am if only I stop and take a look. And she's right! Whenever I feel I'm in the dumps, I take a few minutes to list down things I'm thankful for and well, my life look's pretty smashing after all!

Happy Holidays everyone... and of course..
Much much much love!

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