Majolica Majorca, The No Makeup Makeup Look

It didn't take long for me to test the new Majolica Majorca loot I got. I was nearly drooling over the cute fancy packaging that at first, I refuse to use it... but of course, like a kid with a new toy, I can't help but play with it immediately.

I'm not sure if you noticed but I hardly blog about Asian cosmetics. It's because I get sort of intimidated but the doll-like features of their model, the very fair skin, no pores and really lovable doe-eyes... it's so not me. :) But I got the Majolica Majorca products, I didn't imagine how much I was missing out on!

And besides, a beauty enthusiast like myself must know how to make a product work for my features. And that is exactly what I did with my latest Face of the Day.

I opted for a No Makeup Makeup Look using the Majolica Majorca Jeweling Eye palette in A Doll's Slumber (PK722) which a combination of shimmery light purple, pink, beige and toned down brown thatgoes extremely well with my skintone. The eye shadow combination made my eyes pop.

And with the Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Frame Plus Mascara, my lashes reached new heights. :)

Of course, to achieve the doe-eye like look, I lined my eyes with a matter white eyeliner. Gives a whole new meaning to the No Makeup Makeup Look, i tell you. :)

For the lips, I applied a bit of the lip ice sheer color balm to give me rosy lips and topped it off with the Majolica Majorca Rouge Majex in BE205, a sheer peach gloss that gives me that "kiss me!" effect.

The rest of my makeup are done using products I already have in my kit. But for setting, I use my Majolica Majorca Skin Remaker Pore Cover in OC-20 for a flawless finish. It's tad dark on my skin after awhile so I think I'll grab the lighter one next time I visit SM Makati.

I really like this look. It's another take on a neutral look. Feels like I don't have makeup on but the best of my features are surfacing out. :) I honestly felt like a little girl playing with makeup. The packaging of Majolica Majorca sometimes makes me feel I am in a fairytale and I have a ball to attend...

I don't know when was the last time I felt this much for a packaging. Probably because I never really owned something as whimsical as Majolica Majorca makeup and that I'm a total sucker for anything gold and anything that shines.
But if you're not one to succumb to the allure of the packaging, I'm telling you now that Majolica Majorca makeup itself is worth a second and even a third and fourth look. :)

Majolica Majorca is available at the SM Makati. Soon in SM North EDSA and SM Megamall (Yey!)

P.S. I'm not sure about the prices, I'll get back to you on that.

P.P.S. detailed reviews of the products will be posted soon! :)

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  1. I've been waiting for it to arrive haha! Paubos na rin ang Shiseido foundation ko. I want to try this line. :D

  2. can't wait for april 5! LOL for the mega one to open :p hehehe i love your blush, so natural looking <3 aren't those shadows one of the softest you ever tried? it's even softer than stila ;-)

  3. saccharine015830/3/11 3:52 PM

    love this! you look so fresh & pretty! :3

  4. Askmewhats30/3/11 3:58 PM

    Nice to sis! :) :) :)


  6. lovely! nice mascara nila noh? pano yung wand nung sayo? iba ata dun sa sakn hehee curved ata yung sa yo and sakin flat

  7. What's the matte white eyeliner? :)

  8. You look great, Shen :)

  9. what do you use to remove the Lash expander Mascara :)

  10. Maganda ba yung powder foundation nila? Oil control, coverage, finish.


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