New Addiction: CoverGirl Lip Perfection Lipsticks and Liner

I think I may just have found a new addiction. It's the latest from CoverGirl and I want to collect every shade that matches my skintone! It's crazy crazy good, I tell yah!

And it's not because I love the ads of Drew Barrymore.. not at all! (although it helped a little.. hehehe!) Watch the video below.. it reminded of her constant red lips on Charlie's Angel!

Thanks to CoverGirl Ph for letting us try out the latest from their brand, the Lip Perfection Bullet Lipstick! It's amazingly pigmented and rich with Silk Therapy Complex that is enriched with sqaulene to give you silky smooth lips in 7 days!

I'm not sure yet with the moisturizing part but I sure am loving the Lip Perfection lipstick! So much so that Jheng and I went to the nearest CoverGirl counter just so we can get more colors! Unfortunately, the counter at Rob Galle has sold out most of its gorgeous shaes that I settled for the Temptress and Jheng with Tempt.

Now I can't wait to get my hands on Hot Passion bullet lipstick and Passion lip liner and the other 10 more shades that they have available here. As long as they look good on me. Lol! Omg... when is this addiction to lipstick ever going to end.

Temptress | Dazzle | Tempt

The thing about the CoverGirl Lip Perfection Bullet Lipstick is that you don't need to compromise. You know how drying some liptick can get? From expensive to inexpensive ones, it seems many of us suffer from dry chapped lips after wearing them.

The idea is... Lip Balm + Lipstick + Long wearing = CoverGirl Lip Perfection Bullet Lipstick and Liners.

When we do get our hands on moisturizing lipsticks, it's gone so fast after a sip or a bite. We might as well settle for balms. And as for those long wearing lipsticks, it's so tough to remove and causes our lips to dry out like the Sahara.

When I tried the CoverGirl Lip Perfection I was impressed with the pigmentation. And oh how easy it was to apply. They let us try the Hot Passion shade along with the lip liner and it was love i against my lips. It actually felt like a lip cream. It was intensely moisturizing!

But the surprise was the lipstick didn't come off even after eating pasta, sipping lemonade and ice tea and having a few sticks of cigs. It was surprising, really! I wondered how come this wasn't highlighted on the press release. Who wouldn't want a red liptick that moisturizes the lips and one that you need not be so conscious that there's a blank spot of your lips where the lipstick use to be. It's phenomenal!

You know that rough, almost like rubbery feel when you're wearing a matte or non-moisturizing type of lipstick? You won't feel it with CoverGirl LipPerfection. Although you'll feel that kind of film-like texture when wearing this lipstick, it usually goes away quickly especially if you're in an air conditioned environment.

And no dryness or chappy lips after removing it!

CoverGirl Lip Perfection in Temptress

Temptress is a typical bright pink lipsticks that has a tinge of coral in it. It's lighter and brighter than MAC Pink Nouveau. It's a definite scene stealer, that's for sure. I recommend apply this with a lip brush so that it would completely cover your lips. It appeared really bright on my puckers that I consider wearing this when I go clubbing! how I wish that's every night!

Temptress up close.

CoverGirl Lip Perfection in Dazzle

Dazzle is a Dame Edna like pink lipstick with a hint of purple in it. Its texture reminds me very much of MAC lustre but CoverGirl Lip Perfection in Dazzle is a lot, and I say a lot, more pigmented. This is really a nice everyday pink lipstick for me that is going to be have a permanent place on my vanity kit.

Note to self: Get a back-up.

Dazzle up close

CoverGirl Lip Perfection in Tempt

Tempt is such a vavavoom cool tone cherry red lipstick that deserves altogether a separate entry but hey, I'm way to excited to share you this that I compacted it to one. Never be scared to used a cool tone type of lipstick, road test it first with a neutral makeup look before entirely scratching it off of the list. I'm sure glad i got this on my press kit because I have way too much warm tone red lippies on stash. Tempt is almost fuchsia-esque on my pigmented lips. A very deep fuchsia if you ask me. It's really an edgy lip shade for those who like living, well, on the edge. Or least attempting to, like me. Lol.

Seduce Lip perfection liner is a pale nude peach-base lip liner. If you've been reading my blog quite a while, you'll notice that I barely use liners. Even when it's almost required when you're wearing a red lipstick. the reason I stay away is because I hate how lip liners tug my lips and warming them is such a pain. I needed to stretch my lips just so I can apply them.

It's a good thing the CoverGirl Lip Perfection Liner isn't hard to apply at all. Rather, it feels velvety smooth. And even when I've let it sit in my air conditioned room, it's not a pain to apply. And boy does it stay on for hours. I tried wearing this alone and it could pass as a matte lipstick. It's not as silky as it's lipstick counter part but it does its job as a good base.

CoverGirl Lip Perfection Liner in Seduce

CoverGirl Lip Perfection Liner in Seduce

Temptress | Dazzle | Tempt | Seduce (lipliner)

Temptress | Dazzle | Tempt | Seduce (lipliner) *with flash

the stain that Lip Perfection leaves after the swatching.
It's super pigmented that it leaves a stain on the lips. This one has its good and bad side, though. Good because you don't have to worry about retouching your lipstick immediately when eating or drinking as the lisptick can endure a few bites and drinks. Bad because the next day, you look like you ate too much cherry popsicle. But this doesn't bother at all.

The scent has a hint of vanilla but not as strong as other brands. I kinda like the scent, actually.

For Php395 each of the lipstick and Php325 for each liner, I'm all over this collection! And with the luxe packaging? Looks like I'm getting more than my money's worth. :)

Now, on to the swatches:

*lip color is more vibrant in person



I super love this commercial. Isn't she just plain hot?

As a little treat to all Shen's Addiction readers, here's something from CoverGirl Ph:

Just print this web page (make sure to get one with the shot of the coupon) and get Php100 off for every Php1000 worth of CoverGirl products, including the CoverGirl Lip Perfection Lipsticks and liners.

These babies seem to be selling out fast, so get your cute bums over at CovergGirl counters and get a hold of these lipsticks! I sure am going to, so may the fastest girl get the best shades! :)

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  1. Jennifer Fitzgerald23/8/11 6:07 AM

    I have temptress and I love it :)



  2. OMG Shen, 44 shades to choose from! You only swatched 3 and I can't even decide which one to get. They look great on you!

  3. These are all so beautiful! I think I am going to have to pick some shades up. Thank You for sharing :)

  4. LOL just when i swore off shopping till dec Jheng told me about this last saturday LMAO.  the packaging reminds me of maybelline's color sensational (pero sa states).
    i love the shades you have.  i'm sooo book marking thsi page


  5. Thanks for sharing the discount coupon here at your site, miss Shen! Will try this one. :)

  6. Care Gumin23/8/11 1:22 PM

    Thank you for the discount coupon Shen. :) I have to try this. :)

  7. Temptress looks divine! 

  8. oh my! another lipstick that will stain my brain crazy till i buy it! hahahha

  9. jamillacamel23/8/11 3:39 PM

    Very pretty colours!

  10. Issachavez23/8/11 5:03 PM

    omg! you're such an enabler!  very nice review! :) i also banned myself from buying makeup but now i am tempted to get this na! very affordable pa! :)

  11. Michelle Amoroso23/8/11 6:04 PM

    TEMPTATION! eeek. i don't know which shade to get, but i'm super excited to get a tube or two!

  12. Ang ganda lahat ng shades mare :)

  13. Thanks for the review and swatches.  These CC lippies look great and sound nice.  My favorite is Tempt on you, but they all look really pretty.

  14. PrudenceMD27/8/11 2:44 PM

    Thanks for sharing this. I think i'm going to get Dazzle. Been fixated with pinks, after a period of having reds. Haha.

  15. Thanks for sharing this! Will bookmark this for future reference :) I don't have an excuse to buy another lipstick at the moment so maybe the next time that I do, I'd check this out.

  16. Issachavez14/9/11 9:19 AM

    Hi!  I tried using this coupon but they dis not honor it at SM San Lazaro... but that branch is included on this coupon.... :(


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