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I can't stop using Snow Skin Whitening Lotion. I've been using these for months (almost a year actually) and the results are just amazing! Going to Davao last July left my skin patchy with tan and my cheeks and nose bridge got toasted. Took only a few months to get rid of the sun damage along with evening out my skin.

If you're wondering what's up with Snow and why a lot of us beauty bloggers and vloggers are loving this product, it's because it contains 7 healthy doses of safe and effective skin lighteners. There's science behind these products. And as a mom, I try not to use harmful skin products that can transfer on to my child's skin.

I remember my Pedia once told me to avoid using lotions since it may contain estrogen that makes skin smoother but can be harmful to babies causing skin inflammation and irritation. Since then, I've been really picky with what I use on my body. So far Snow Whitening Lotion and cream are the only ones I feel I'm hiyang with.

Snow Skin Whitening Lotion is a relatively new product, you might have seen her sister, SnowCaps in billboards. What sets them apart from regular whirtening is the 7 Elite ingredients they have in each bottle.

  • Alpha-arbutin - promotes lightening and an even skintone on all skin thpes
    • Minimizes liver spots 
    • Can reduce the degree pf skin taaning due to UV exposure
    • Popular whitening ingredients found in most whitening beauty and personal care products
  • AlfaflorGigawhite - derived form Alpine plant that has tyrosinase-inhibiting activity. Proven to be effective and results are immediate. 
  • BetaGlucan or SymGlucan - a natural product derived from oats that contains moisturizing and anti-aging effects. It resulted to smoother and softer skin just in less than 4 weeks.
  • IBR TCLC - this tomato colorless carotenoids has a lot of benefits! It provides sun protection, antioxidant and even has anti-inflammatory. It's so effective that it even boosts other active ingredients it comes across with. 
  • IBR Snowflake - an ingredient derived from Summer Snowflake bulbs that has been proven to slow the signs of aging and targets muscle contraction! And yes, it is still a skin lightening ingredients.
  • BearBerry Extract - or Melfade-J  is derived from bearberry leaves and when combined with magnesium acorbyl phospate is yet another ingredient that effectively inhibits tyrosinase.
  • Pheylethyl Resorcinol or SymWhite - a breakthrough ingredient that is proven to be the most potent tyrosinase inhibitor. It is safe to use and unlike other whitening ingredients, it doesn't burn or sting.
Don't get me OC on tyrosinase! OMG! I did spoke about this in length on my previous post about Snow. But if you want me to light on the discussion.. you neee to focus on tyrosinase-inhibitor ingredients because it will stop you from darkening. And the 7 ingredients above? They are great inhibitors that's you will see immediate results.

So even if you don't pop pills to whiten your skin, it's totally fine. I know breastfeeding moms fidn it iffy to drink anything for fear of affecting their milk.

It's also not sticky or icky which we all hate. There is not a downside (well, except probably the price if you're on budget) to this lotion.

Snow Skin Whitening Lotion | P799

The lotion is my favorite but if you're really looking for an immediate effect, get the cream. The cream is more moisturizing and more potent in my opinion. This is what I use on my trauma area like groin and underarm and it does the job of lightening it. It's not a miracle cream but you can definitely see a difference. Oh! Most importantly, you can use this as a face cream!
Snow Skin Whtiening Cream | Php1,500

It's really not that hard to look for good whitening lotion here in our country. The Philippines is actually brimming in whitening products. But it's nice to see that brands continue to innovate and I'm glad to have come across Snow. I've never been attached to a lotion as much as I am with Snow Skin Whitening Lotion.

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