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Tea Tree Mask: Soothe Acne-ridden Skin ASAP (DIY Tea Tree Mask and The Body Shop Tea Tree Face Mask)


I've been dealing with breakouts lately and because I was sort desperate, I opened up my chest of beauty products and looked through it for some acne regimen. And look what I found! My Body Shop Tea Tree Mask. I remember, Frances of, reviewed this on her blog (or did she tell me in person? I can't remember. Lol!) that this is a good mask to use that's why I got this then.

But my face was pretty much behaved at that time so I didn't get around to using this so much. This time though, I need it as badly as it needs to be used.

My online research shows that Tea Tree Oil has a lot of skin care benefits especially for those suffering from acne as it is effective as benzoyl peroxide. Tea Tree is an essential oil derived from an Australian plant called Melaluca plant. Tea Tree has been proven to be a strong antiseptic, antibacterial and antifungal in treating athletes foot, skin rash, blisters, burn and cold sore. One research even shows how it efficiently heals mouth sore from AIDS patients.

Applying tea tree essential oil daily and using face masks twice to thrice a week will help lessen the appearance of pimples and help prevent newborn acne from erupting. Since Tea Tree has strong acti-bacterial properties, it eliminates bacteria that causes zit to occur. It also lessens the redness from a cystic acne and help it dry up faster.

The best thing about all of this is that Tea Tree is natural healing medicine for the type of skin conditions I mentioned above. It does not contain chemicals that can cause further skin reactions, most especially for those with very sensitive skin. best of all, it doesn't burn the skin that results to hyperpigmentation compared to benzoyl peroxide. 

You can find Tea Tree essential oil at Homeopathic stores, Healthy Options, herbal shops, The Body Shop and Zenzest.

To create a simple acne facial mask, you'll need the following:

  • 1 table spoon of honey (for it's antibacterial and antioxidant properties)
  • 1 table spoon of baking soda (for its exfoliating properties)
  • 2 table spoon of water (purified or distilled)
  • 4 to 6 drops of Tea Tree Oil (to lessen inflammation and dry up acne)

Option: add lemon essence to lessen pigmentation from the acne scars.

  1. Mix all ingredients in a sanitized bowl.
  2. Cleans skin with your favorite acne facial wash and toner.
  3. Apply the mixture with a clean spatula all over your face, avoiding eye are and corners of the lips.
  4. Leave it on for 20 to 30 minutes or until it looks dry.
  5. Wash mask with tepid or lukewarm water. Use a towellete to easily remove the mask but be very gentle.

Do this thrice a week. If you're acne doesn't lessen, consult a doctor.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Face Mask

But to make your life easier, there are a number of skin care that are sold in the market nowadays. And it can often to be found in skin care that targets acne. One of the most popular is the Tea Tree Skin Care line from The Body Shop. They have a complete range of Tea Tree skin care solutions from facial wash to tea tree masks. This is an easy way to get your tea tree fix without having to resort to DIY masks.

Tea Tree Mask contains a good amount of Tea Tree Essence and Kaolin Clay that lessens oil production. Kaolin Clay is a main ingredient found in mineral makeup to control oil. Clay based mask provide more adhesion to the skin and "cleanses the skin drawing out impurities". This mask also contains Glycerine which balances out the skin's PH balance and avoid it getting to dried up from the clay. It has mentholated feel to soothe and cool problematic skin. This mask also has lemon essence.

Application of the mask is easy. With a sanitized cosmetic spatula or a tongue depressor, smooth over a thin layer of this mask all over the face, apply more on the affected areas. Leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes (I leave mine for 20 minutes) and wash it off with tepid or lukewarm water. Do this twice or thrice a week depending on your skin needs.

Results show that it has has helped dry out my mega cystic acne on my chin and it did feel soothing. But in prevention, I don't think this mask is enough. With prolong use though, this product will surely show a lot of promise.

Last time I went to The Body Shop SM Hypermart Pasig, Tea Tree skin care line has a 10% less on all products.

This mask I have was a previous formulation. They have a new one now called Tea Tree Oil Face Mask.

This is how it will look like once the The Body Shop Tea Tree Mask after a 20 minutes. But the mask doens't completely. Prepare to be a cast in Shrek for with the Tea Tree Mask.

Hope this post helps with those who have acne problems! :)

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Jennifer Fitzgerald12/9/11 8:21 AM

    I wanna try this!

  2. fab post :D reminds me of Queen J. Mint Mask ^^ and nice mask recipe i was thinking to add some lemon into it hmmm

  3. How much is this? :) Thank you for providing stores that has tea tree. Been looking for it! :)

  4. Megan McMahon13/9/11 5:12 AM

    I have tea tree oil at home because it gets rid of the nose bubbles I get from my nose ring. I will definitely be making this makes for my face! God knows I need it! 

  5. great to know tea tree oil works on you! sadly, i've tried one TBS tea tree oil product and it broke me out! T_T you still look fab with green mask on lol. and how cute that your polish is also green! ^_^

  6. Now, that's something I need to try. After giving birth, I've been having pimples and bumps which I havent had for a long time. Hopefully this works. Thanks Shen!

  7. I haven't tried this, but my friend told me about it sometime ago and she loves it!

  8. Interesting. Does this product act as a moisturizer as well?


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