Meet the newest baby we have at home. 

It's the IVO Faucet-mounted Water Purifier (Model SB151). It can filter up 1,500 liters of water - that equates to about 396 gallons!

Just to give you a head's up. In this post you'll learn the following:

  1. If the water is safe enough to drink.... even by babies and toddlers.
  2. How IVO can save you money!
  3. How easy is it to install and can you use it on your faucet?
  4. Yes! There is Free Shipping if you order via their website!


This is one of the main concerns as parents when I first realized that I didn't like the bulky containers that we have been drinking at home for the past 10 years. We live in condominiums and though space is adequate, there is a need to upgrade our appliances. My cousin who had a COVID in 2020 also uses this when they decided to limit deliveries in the home, including water delivery. Many friends and family also backed me up on this decision. Facebook group members have also vouched to using IVO in their homes. And yes, this is #LockdownReady Water Purifier system.

I looked into a few Youtube videos, read up on some on their website, and really what got me is the science behind it.

We all know that our kidney is the best filtration system and the fact that IVO contains carbon fibers used in dialyzers and artificial kidneys, I was impressed. I didn't know much about Toray Industries but a quick google search will show they are $10.3 Billion chemical industry group from Japan. They manufacture products from aircraft to pharmaceuticals. So if you think that they are a quick start-up lacking R&D, they are not. They've been around for a long time.

You can see through the filter by popping the lid. The threads will get discoloration with continued use. 

IVO is accredited by DOH-FDA, Japan Industrial Standards (JIS), S3201, and NSF (NSF/ANSI/CAN 42) and it has passed the physical, chemical, and microbiological tests required by PNSDW (Philippine National Standards for Drinking Water) -- guaranteeing 999.99% bacteria-free drinking water.

Other HEALTH SAFETY REASONS to consider:
  1. Virtually no cross-contamination because there are no other people handling your water except you and your household.
  2. Your home is assured of clean drinking water no matter the circumstance. (ie.: lockdown, quarantine, typhoon, etc.)
  3. You get to control your water supply. 
  4. No taste at all -- which water should be!

Word of mouth, research, youtube, and blog reviews -- this convinced me to get it. But what made the husband want it as well...


Considering that a water dispenser costs about the same amount or more for hot/cold water models (up to 10,000). I did the math and guess what? The initial investment of P1,980 IVO SB151 unit that makes 1500 Liters of water already saves us about P762! Our water cost alone was P2,905 for 83 5 gallon bottles? Seems cheaper until you find something that works better and costs less. I can't wait when I would just have to buy filters! Woot!

How's that for a computation? Give it a go and see how much you can save without compromising the quality of water you have.

Wait! There's more!

Making it travel-friendly and since you are not consuming plastics by the bottle, it is eco-friendly as well!

It may be convenient to easily heat water from time to time but we now have a coffee machine and electric kettle, this doesn't seem to be a hindrance from choosing IVO.


Ideal for small homes and small families.

Given that real estate developers have become more compact and condo-living has been a lifestyle for many, I like that IVO literally doesn't take space. It has now given me the freedom to reclaim space in our kitchen. The water dispenser with its bulky blue bottle has been a design problem for many while other filtration units require space in the counter. The IVO SB151 fixes all these design dilemmas that even developers now have IVO as an option for their buyers.

And so we proceed to...

How easy is it to install and can you use it on your faucets?

It's was good to know that customer service answer many of my questions even before I got a unit. As you can see from the photos, IVO comes with a number of adapters. It doesn't take a lot of effort to set up your IVO. It took only two tries to see which one fit ours. 

Step 1: Expose the threads of your faucet heads. Determine if you the type of faucet you have - Round Type, with Exterior threads, with Interior Threads (Grohe Faucets) or Others. 

TIP: Bring your adapters with you when you go to look for a faucet to fit into your IVO. We switched our faucet and took only like 5 minutes to find the one that fits one of the adapters.

Step 2: 


Upon installation of NEW or replacement filter cartridge, RUN a SLOW STREAM of water through the filter cartridge for 30 SECONDS before drinking or using. Not doing so will cause air pockets inside the filter cartridges and reduce water flow. ---- common mistake (I did this, too!)

Step 3: Enjoy!

Yes, you can immediately enjoy the water that comes from your newly installed IVO filter, that's how efficient it is. 

Here's a video of my UNBOXING and how I installed the IVO Faucet Mounted Water Purifier.

How to know when it's time to replace? When the water starts to run slowly will indicate that you need to replace the https://ivo.ph/


I haven't been this impressed or devoted to a product. I made sure that I provide you with the best review out there. It's been truly life-changing since we changed our water filtration system to IVO. ow that we're mostly at home, we have no reason to complete our 8 glasses of water a day and help our body properly cleanse and rejuvenate itself. Make it easier for you with IVO Faucet-Mounted Water Purifier. For only P1998, you get the whole system and a free filter. 

I took my sweet time to review this baby for you and truly it did not disappoint! The water tastes amazing, we freed up on space, our tummies are all in good health, and having purified drinking water amidst this pandemic gave us peace of mind. The savings alone should be enough but as you can see there is so much IVO Faucet-Mounted Water Purifier that meets the eye.

Of course, I want to treat all my readers to this amazing product and IVO Philippines have generously waived its shipping when you order via their website, IVO.PH. Use the code, SHENLOVESIVO

ENJOY THIS AWESOME GIFT until May 30, 2021!

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