Thursday, October 23, 2014

Love Swaddling with SwaddleDesigns | Now in the Philippines

Hello, I'm wearing my Mommy hat today! :)

Yes, recently I have been invited to a few mommy events that showcase new and wonderful things for our little bundle of joy. I do like wearing this hat and I sure think it fits me fine. Thank you! :)

Even with all the poops, burps, and feeding I deal with everyday, I sure love being mom! When people ask me how I am now and how's motherhood treating me, prepare for a loooong monologue. I love talking about mommyhood and my baby #CamillaClaudette (yes, she has a hashtag! Hahaha!).

But I won't bore you with all the details. I'm here to talk about this really fine brand that I got to know over sumptuous lunch at Society Lounge just last week. SwaddleDesigns finally launched here in the philippines and made many flourishing online shops its home. Now, not only A-List celebrities (by the likes of Angelina Jolie and Gwyneth Paltrow) get to enjoy what SwaddleDesigns has to offer, us too!

But let's talk about swaddling first! Swaddling was a lifesaver! It is! If you're a new mom, pregnant or just contemplating about having a baby, swaddling is one of the things that you need to master and you'll have easier time taking care of your bundle of joy. Believe me, this is definitely one of the reason why I barely had late nights with Claud. 

Why? Swaddling imitates the comforting feel and warmth of a mother's womb. Naturally, babies are not use to the open space after being so well taken care in a dark warm womb, the bright lights and coldness of our surrounding is just too much for them. These cause them to be fussy, with you ending up with sleepless nights trying to calm your baby. Babies also have involuntary reflexes that cause them to wake up easily from their nap. Swaddling them and securing them in a soft blanket limits these reflexes and allows them to sleep much longer. And since we can't be there all the time for our baby, learning this comforting technique will be invaluable to you. I know it was for me.

More importantly, Swaddling is also one of the best way to avoid SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome), for it limits the chances of babies to move around and finding themselves in the tummy position that sometimes causes suffocation. It's amazing how swaddling saves your child's life, too!

SwaddleDesigns came in to resolve issues of limitation of really good swadddling blankets in the market. I have to admit that I came across problems of finding really good swaddling cloths. Blankets are either too big or too small (mostly small) and it did not have the right thickness that I wanted for our weather and lifestyle. "It (SwaddleDesigns) was designed with mother and child in mind," shared Joy Sy-Sim. She's the official distributor of SwaddleDesigns. She's the preggy lady in the purple dress found in the photos below. "And we believe that caring for your baby is all about embracing every moment and embracing the lifestyle of living in a modern world. Products like Swaddle Designs are helping each parent embrace that moment.", Joy added.

All of which I completely agree with. Swaddles really are just huge square cloth, but SwaddleDesigns catered to moms like me who is looking far more than just a piece of clothing. For us who wants something extra special for her child, SwaddleDesigns has us covered.

Truth be told, Swaddling wraps are the first ever product that we purchased for our baby Claud. It helped us ease into becoming parents because we wanted her to always be secured.

SwaddleDesigns are one-stop-shop for everything you need to keep your baby secure, snug and stylish. They have wide array of swaddling blankets of different designs, thickness, cloth and what nots. Their designs by far are what I think suits the modern moms best.

During the event, we were intorduced better to the brand. :)

Joy wanted to interact with her guest so she challenged some of us in a little bit of swaddling contest. It's been awhile since I last swaddled Claud but I was up for it! I wanted to try out SwaddleDesigns and thought this to be the best opportunity.

 Thankfully, I was still good at it! Yey! Not great but still, I was able to wrap this cute doll properly. And oh! I didn't have to think back on how to swaddle before because SwaddleDesigns  blankets come with an an easy 1-2-3 instruction! Yey!

There was also a fashion catwalk to showcase how moms can make use of the products under SwaddleDesigns, showing us, too that moms can be fashionable! Yes, all the models are mommies like me! :) So pretty, noh?

And then we had another game! It's how to maximize the use of swaddle cloths! I partnered up with Rina's Rainbow and weturned the SwaddleDesigns marquisette cloth into an origami skirt to cover spit up and other boo-boo's babies might cause. Some of the guests turned the cloth in hair bands and hair pieces which are quite ingenious, too!

And for the much awaited part of the blog, here are the products available here from SwaddleDesigns!

These are the Ultimate Swaddle Blankets and it's incredibly soft. A must-have for every baby. And the more the better. We currently have about 20 blanket and I find myself wanting more. I think it's time for me to collect SwaddleDesigns. And ain't the designs just beautiful?

SwaddleDesigns also has other things a mom will need to take care of her baby. There's the softest Hooded Towel, burpies, baby lovie, and wash cloth. Seeing all this on the table makes me wish I have all of it! They are all soo pretty. :)

Marquisette Swaddle Blankets are my favorite because of the thin and light texture that makes this ideal for all sorts of use. It can be a swaddle, blanket, stroller cover and also as a nursing cover! It can also be a changing blanket in case you don't have any.

Baby Lovie's are.. love!! They gave one to baby Claud and she's taking to it just fine. She loves touching it because it's soo soft! I, actually love touching it. :)

Swaddles also comes in packs in different fabrics and designs. There's the SwaddleLite that contains 3 Marquisette Swaddling Blankets and there's the SwaddlDuo which has Flannel Blanket and a Marquisette. These are great gifts for baby showers, Christening and of course during the Holidays! Believe me when I say that a baby can never have too many blankets! It has sooo many uses! :)

I'm quite taken with SwaddleDesigns and their take on swaddling and luxury and quality fabrics for our love ones.  And there is an accomplishment in learning the right way to swaddle. So don't get scared or daunted. It's part of motherhood and one of the best part, I must say!

Happy swaddling!

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Friday, October 17, 2014

#BeautifulScience Experiment | Stop the Static, Stop the Frizz

We've really come to a point where there is no fooling us. Especially us, beauty mavens. We're more discerning and well, some has gotten more skeptic whenever they see a new product. We're not easily swayed by a pretty face, celebrities and camera tricks. Nope! We know better. And I do hope that I'm part of the reason why you guys prefer to purchase better performing products because I get to show how they fare here on my blog before you try them out.

Well, I've got something interesting to share with you! Last October 14, Pantene launched their latest video. They understand our sentiments on how we won't take anymore BS and want the real deal. And guess what? They are giving us what we want! Results, not fancy flashes.

And what better way to us show how their new innovation but by way of a science experiment (the Sheldon Cooper in me doing a happy dance!). Watch this video quick!

You'd think that there'd be camera tricks but there is none! If you've been to Mind Museum, you probably got to try the Static Generator ball that caused fun and excitement when all your hair stood up. As much as they look great to share on #Instragam, in reality your hair might just be damaged! Yikes!

To explain the science behind why this happens, Shean Lim, Senior Technologist for P&G Hair explains, "When a person touches the metallic ball of the Static Generator, the negative charges from the generator transfers to that person." And since damaged hair shows to have higher negative charge density, our hair causes to rise when it comes in contact with the static ball. They use this science to measure the amount of damage in one's hair. Que Horror!

And with that experiement they were motivated to create Pantene Daily Intensive Conditioner to give women healthy, beautiful hair that resists static electricity. In short, no more dry, frizzy locks!

I certainly hope that I'm not boring you with all this nerdy talk about a conditioner. But really how would we know if we don't talk about it, right? So, please do indulge me. The geek in me is very much intrigued with how this goes.

Truth be told though, we don't need a static ball to measure whether we have damaged hair. If you know that you  expose your hair to UV rays (beach bums gals!) and heat-emitting gadgets, uses chemical-ridden products, let your hair go through chemical procedures like coloring and abuse it with so much shampoo, you know that your hair ends up with frizzy, dry and unmanageable. Welcome to my world!

Perhaps it is possible to have smooth silky hair with the right conditioner. Let's see how Pantene battled out this problem. Those hard to tame frizz may not always be part of our day after all

The way Pantene sought to resolve this dilemma of frizz is to give Pantene Daily Intensive Conditioner a fresh makeover! They added 80% conditioning ingredients compared to previous Pantene conditioners and made sure that it delivers protective layer to resist static electricity. These new conditioning ingredients are also positively charged to neutralised damaged hair. Making it easier for us to say sayonara to frizzy hair!

More so, they created conditioners that are designed for specific hair concerns. Because let's be honest, we want variety especially for us women who like to experiment with different conditioners. There's one for those that shows signs of damaged hair, for fine har, and colored and permed hair.

Pantene Total Damage Care Daily Intensive Conditioner is designed to address ten signs of hair damage: tangles, dullness, brittle strands, split ends, hair fall, dry hair, rough feel, weakness, frizz and unmanageable hair. This is the conditioner for women who already have damaged hair or whose lifestyle and habits expose their hair to damage.

This is what I've been using lately and I must admit that my hair is far less damage-looking. Many have commented on how nice my hair is. :) I love how I can go out and not worry so much about my frizzy hair. And such an added bonus is how fresh-smelling this variant is! :)

Will be reviewing more of Pantene's newest lines in the coming days so watch out for each review! :)

Pantene Aqua Pure Daily Intensive Conditioner gives hair the nourishment it needs without the excess weight, making it perfect for women with fine hair. The Pantene Aqua Pure system’s Clean Rinse Technology delivers conditioning but washes clean and fast. With no added silicone, dye or paraben, it leaves hair with virtually zero weight for a feeling of lightness.

Pantene Color and Perm Daily Intensive Conditioner helps keep colors vibrant and curls intact. Chemical treatments like coloring and perming make hair very damaged, and the Pantene Color and Perm system helps restore the health of hair. Its unique conditioning actives prevent water from entering and exiting hair cuticles so that color pigments don’t run and curls don’t loosen.

It is possible after all to have beautiful hair without all the spectacle. When a brand is serious about giving the best solution to our faily hair care needs, they do achieve the results and able to be straightforward with us on what they can truly offer. No muss, no fuss. Just great looking hair.

What can you say about the new Pantene Daily Intensive Conditioner commercial? :) Impressed by it so far? Would you be giving it a try? :)

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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

What’s new and hip at Collezione C2

I paid another visit to Collezione C2, this time at their Power Plant Mall branch in Rockwell Center. I know my taste in clothing has changed a great deal. I’m not sure if it’s mommyhood that made it so but I prefer my clothes to have a classic appeal than the usual trendy one. I gear now more on pieces that will suit my lifestyle as a mom and a PR practitioner. Nothing too glamorous but rather more subdued with an elegant feel.

I’m not surprised though because I grew up seeing my mom collect polo shirts. She wore them all the time and sh had tons of it! Many of which I still wear to this day. There’s nothing more comforting than being in crisp polo shirt, a pristine white shorts and comfy wedges. It’s my go-to attire lately.

When I got inside of Collezione C2, I was floored! Sooo many great choices. They have two massive rows of shirts in all colors and designs anyone could think of! I particularly like the clean display of the polos that allowed me to check out each design carefully.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Calyx by Clinique | Exhilirating Scent from Nature

I welcome your Sunday with a refreshing scent that I have been enjoying for the past couple of weeks. It's the new Calyx from Clinique.

A nature-inspired scent that makes me feel like lying on a bed of grass, wriggling my toes on it. I swear I could feel the sun of my face and the wind caressing my cheeks whenever I use this scent.

Calyx is a actually a throwback from 1986. It was the days when fragrances that were popular had bold notes in them. Calyx was the proverbial Molly Ringwald in that era, challenging the Madonnas. It's fresh and clean scent stood apart and it was rightly given the attention and in the end became the Homecoming Queen!

Now in 2014, Calyx is once again rediscovered midst all the bolder scents that are flooding the mainstream. It's fresh and modern. But most of all, the scent allows me to go back to earth... to make me feel the dirt on my toes. It's the right fragrance for the person that I am becoming right now. The scent calms me to no end, it settles my mind and makes me look forward to the day that I'm about to have.

Curious what's in it?

Top notes: grapefruit, mango, passion fruit, papaya, mandarin, guava, green leaf
Middle notes: freesia, muguet, rose, neroli, jasmine, lily, marigold
Bottom notes: oakmoss, orris, sandalwood, vetiver

It is definitely something that Filipinas would enjoy, don't you think? After all, we really do like subtle fruity florals that makes us think of nature. Legendary perfumer, Sophia Grosjman, came to create this scent like visiting family in the Mediterrean. The aroma of the grapefruit and orange tree are intrgiungly uniqe when combined.

With a little experimenting, Sophia was able to balance the sweetness of fruits and tartness of the other notes that made Calyx a refreshing, effervescent fragrance.

Did you know that Calyx is the protective covering of a flower bud? It's that part that envelopes the flower before it blooms. After knowing this, it made sense that the scent had that encompassing feel unlike other perfumes.

I'm in love, really. For a cosmolitan woman like me.. I'm so into the nature-filled scent of Calyx. Wearing this transports me to simplier times making me more stable and yet so energetic through out the day.

Fancy how a scent can touch your life by just a few spritz.

Get this at your favorite Clinique counter. Calyx is 3800 (100ml) and PhP 2800 (50ml).

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