Wednesday, September 17, 2014

24/7 Pinoy Pride with Collezione C2 Philippine Flag Polo Shirts

I know it’s a bit late celebrating Independence Day or Linggo ng Wika, but I recently discovered a great way of celebrating Pinoy Pride every chance I get. Especially now that our talent, skills and beauty are getting recognized all over the world with us doing so well in lots of competition like the FIBA World, International Dragon Boat Tournament, International Football competitions and of course, Miss Universe and other beauty pageants. Pinoy Pride is innate in all of us. We love celebrating our heritage. I for one love this country with all my heart. I can’t see myself leaving it and going abroad. For me, Philippines is the greener pasture.

Collezione C2 feels the same way and so they created a line of shirts that makes it easier for us to celebrate our Pinoy Pride. Collezione C2 is like Philippine’s very own Ralph Lauren. You can’t get more American while wearing a Polo shirt and that same goes with Collezione C2 Philippine Flag Shirts. I visited their Mega Atrium branch, I was impressed with how minimalist the look of the store is, giving their colourful shirts the chance to shine.

Then I gravitated to the nicest chicest totes with Philippine map on it. For women who bring their whole life in their bags, this is for us!

 But what attracted me the most are the newest collection of Philippine Flag shirts in blue, white, and red patterns.

And look! They’ve got designs for women and children, too!

These shirts are made with quality cotton materials to withstand frequent use.

I know a friend who would love the bright yellow tote bags and I'm sooo loving this bright yellow Philippine map shirt.

Cute shirt for future toddler, Camilla Claudette! :)

I had so much fun trying on their shirt! It really felt comfortable… and oh! Their shorts are the best!

Now I know what to give my relatives in the States this Christmas! :)

Visit Collezione C2 at the 4th floor Mega Atrium. To find out more about the brand, visit and like their facebook page.

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Belo AcnePro Before and After Use | #GoodbyePimpy

Let me introduce Pimpy. Pimpy is the bane of most Filipina's existence. Pimpy is the kind of thing that comes out when you least expect it. It seems to manage to come up at a time to look your best! Sometimes Pimpy doesn't come alone, it come with other Pimpies, too. Yes, it’s a Pimpy Takeover, a que horror moment that takes over your life almost every month (or daily if you’re like!)!

Pimpy or Pimpies are a pain. And for weeks after giving birth, I've been experiencing a Pimpy Takeover. I was hell-bent on going to back to work and being in PR, it is unacceptable to have Pimpies to take with me to work! So I decided to give Belo Essentials AcnePro a try. This new line promises to get rid of Pimpies in no time with a special ingredient that is very new! It contains Purified Bee Venom extracts that promise to treat mild to moderate acne and an effective anti-inflammatory treatment. And you know me, I like trying out new things!

I followed the 3-step Clear Skin Regimen, which really is quite easy. Take a look!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Finding The Right School The Second Time with iACADEMY

Friends from iAcademy Philippines wants me to share this with you all, they want me to let you know how easy it will be for you should you wish to transfer school. I know it's not beauty related but I definitely think it's highly relevant for my readers in college. :)

While I was reading the press kit about their Transferee  program, I can't help but look back to the time when I almost wanted to switch to a different schools for a program that I wast interested in. I was a Psychology major but my heart truly was in Communication Arts. But during my time, shifting was a major no-no. There's a stigma attached to students who switch courses and schools. But how can a 16 or 17 year old really be sure with what course to take? When we step in college, options are just overwhelming. Meeting new people, and getting exposed to a lot of interesting things could often change our minds and make us realize that we excel in other fields.

Another reason that students put up with the course they are in is because of the cost. Shifting or changing school may mean retaking subjects they already took just because the school you want to transfer to don't credit the units. Which deter students from pursuing their passions and parents unsupportive due to the unnecessary cost, making their children put up with their first choice.

iAcademy realized this and so made an effort to to make it easier for transferees to explore other educational options. “We have managed to simplify this process by putting prospective students or transferees as the priority. Interested applicants may send in their application forms with their transcript and we can get back to them within 24 hours with an assessment. We also have a team of trained counselors who can guide them through the process of identifying their major as well as academic consultants who can discuss their next steps in detail.”, said explains Mr. Mitch Andaya, Vice President for Academics, iACADEMY.

It's that's simple. What's great is that iACAMEDY provides the Lucrative and highly relevant course offerings aligned with modern student  interests. They also take pride in 100% employment of their graduates which makes their institution more attractive to high school graduates and transferees.

Looking as how as a mother, I have to think of all this in the future for Claud, I'm glad that I'm more open-minded now than parents before. Because as a parent, all I really have to be is supportive to my what my child truly wants to do for the rest of her life. :)

I miss school all of sudden.. oh, the memories.. :)

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Bagong- Ganda, Bagong Pag-Asa | The Power of Exfoliation

Alexis' video testimonial brought me back to past when people would make comments about my skin. For a long time, I let my acne-ridden face rule my life. I kept comparing myself to my classmates, to my friends who had much better skin, asking how come I can’t be the same as them. I’m sure most of us counted how many pimples we got on our face, too!

It hurt my confidence more when I joined a declamation contest in high school and somebody asked me if I was seeing a dermatologist for my acne. I was the girl “na pimple na tinubuan ng mukha.” So I could definitely imagine Alexis’ frustration having to deal with acne marks while she pursues her dream of becoming a famous singer and how hard it must have been for her to always cover up her pimples with makeup whenever she performed. Even with a great talent as hers, there is an expectation to look presentable when performing.

It's a good thing though that she got introduced to the right way of clearing up a bad skin using Maxi-Peel. Because the truth is, we really don't have to suffer and wait for a miracle to have clearer renewed-looking skin. Our skin’s future is not dire, there is hope!

All we have to do is exfoliate our skin! Yes, it’s that easy. Exfoliation is natural process that our skin goes through. Unfortunately, when we age this process slows down which causes dull-looking, uneven skin tone and scars take longer to lighten. This is where we exfoliate using Maxi-peel to help with renewing our skin.

If you've tried all the tricks in the book save for exfoliation then you're in for a treat. Like Alexis, this is the only way I got great results. Maxi-peel is a concoction of Tretinoin and Hydroquinone, two ingredients that are scientifically proven to effectively heal acne. It kills the pimple-causing bacteria, reduces inflammation, helps dry up the acne, remove dead skin cells for a lighter, renewed skin. I can't tell you enough what wonders a good exfoliation treatment can do to your skin.

When going through this treatment expect the following three steps to occur:

Remove: you'll feel a stinging sensation after application of the solution. The mixture of Tretinoin and Hydroquinone are the reasons for this, all normal I promise. Just apply the right amount. This actually tells you that the solution is working to treat your skin. Don’t go overzealous and soak your cotton ball with the solution. A little always goes a long way.

Renew: Redness comes after, maybe hours or a day or two, from application of the Maxi-Peel solution. Again, totally normal, your skin is reacting to the ingredients. This is the start of the renewal process of the skin. Stay away from the sun at this point since your skin will be slightly sensitive. So no trips to the beach please! Sunblock is a must! Apply during the day.

Reveal: Soon you’ll notice peeling will occur, a day or two depending on your skin's tolerance to the solution. Mine usually peels after two days. Avoid picking on the skin that’s coming loose. That’s when you get scars. Allow it to naturally peel off. Be gentle when washing your face. Avoid applying too much makeup. If you must apply makeup go with mineral makeup to avoid skin irritation.

With these easy 3-step system, Alexis got to see her true beauty. Her skin became clearer and lighter. And if you notice the way she carried herself and how she spoke at her testimonial, she definitely got her confidence back! So you see there is hope for all of us. With proper skin exfoliation, you can have what Alexis has: Bagong Ganda, Bagong Pag-asa.

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