2011 Year-End Favorites | The Makeup Edition Part 1


Here it is, ladies... the beauty conclusion of the year! 

Is it the end of 2011 already? This year was a whirlwind of trials and happenings! I can't believe I survived it! But all in all, it's been amazing! As per tradition, I'll be sharing some of my top favorites for this year and some of my noted makeup discoveries that are not necessarily released this 2011 but made it to the top of charts.

But it's in no particularly order. I'm going to divide this post in two parts so you won't be overwhelmed.  The photo below though will certainly give you an idea on what's going to be on the list. I'm also going to a separate post for my favorite skin care and those that I found really worked for me this year. So stay tuned for that...

In the meantime, here's Part ONE!

Makeup brushes are important part and I believe that if we don't invest on good ones, it's quite useless to buy makeup. To be honest, I didn't experience the full potential of all my makeup before I acquired better brushes. I started off with BareNaturals, then on Coastal Scents then the much expensive MAC brushes. With all the experimenting, I got dud ones that I wish I never laid eyes on... I even bought sets that I regret getting. I sold them instead... Those that made an impact stayed. Yes, I'm talking about my MAC, Ellana's and of course, my Charm Essential Makeup Brushes.

This year, Charm came up with really worthy ones that didn't have a hard time making it into the top of my favorites:

Although I did say that Charm Travel Pro is a Holy Grail brush set, the Charm Essential Pretty in Pink 14 Piece Vegan Brush Set crept its way into my heart. It's almost like a makeup artist's brushes! For me, this brush set is a dream come true for mineral makeup lover and those that hates scratchy brushes!

Charm Dream Brow Duo
Taming the brows and defining them can be quite a bother that we often skip this part. The Charm Dream Brow Duo certainly made it easier for me to tackle my monster-like brows. Want to have brows like Kim K? This is my recommendation!

Oh! This has got to be my most favorite brush of them all! This brush is all you ever need for retouching! At least it is for me. This one never leaves my bag. I love it to bits. You can use this brush for powder foundation, blush, highlighter and even bronzer! I even used it for liquid and cream makeup! That's what you need to look for a brush, how versatile it.


Now, on to the makeup! Makeup comes and goes in my opinion. I determine my favorites by the frequency I use it. That usually means that it has great pigmentation, easy to use, blends easy, has great coverage, has dual puporse or withstand the weather and my oily skin. Simple qualification, really.

Year 2011 gave me a lot of opportunities to try and fall in love with a lot of products... Who makes the cut? Read on!

Beauty Pro Cosmetics in Sweet and Smoky Palette and Crazy Colour Palette
There's something about seeing a friend's dream come true but it's another thing when you experience it for yourself. I felt that when I tried Beauty Pro Cosmetics for the very first time. What lovely makeup palettes these two are! If you're still iffy about getting other palettes, let me assure you that the Beauty Pro Cosmetic palettes are the best bet!

Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Palette
Acquiring this palette was probably one of the best investment I made in makeup. The Urban Decay Anniversary palette have unique new shades that aren't found in other Urban Decay palette. It may not have a free primer but it certainly have a nice selection for creating various makeup looks! I can honestly say that you can skip getting other Urban Decay Palettes (if you heaven't gotten any) and just get this one!

I got a question on my Cbox on what contouring powder I prefer, and I guess this is it. After losing my MAC Bronzing Powder in Refined Golden, I was thankful to have this with me. It really works well as a contouring powder that I got a spare! For a sample on how it look, click here.

I fell in love with this Bronzing Gel when I brought it with me to Boracay. I was first scared that that it would be hard to blend. But I knew that this type would be better for when going to the beach.. and it was! It was easy to apply, gives that natural contouring to my cheekbones and really brought out the bronze goddess in me!

The Body Shop Tea tree Concealer
Do you sometimes feel that you're worsening the condition of your skin by covering your pimples with concealers? I do! I do! When I purchased the Body Shop Tea Tree Concealer, it guilt went away because this one has tea tree it which helps heal my acne. This is a must have for girls who have tons of pimples and need coverage and further healing. This is also great for guys!

One of the best shopping decisions I've ever made is to get me the Body Shop Brow and Liner Kit. I practically use it everyday. It gives me the right amount of color and it's one of the easiest palettes to use in creating perfect brows.

Mineral makeup lovers will love this cream foundation. I adore everything in the Extra Virgin Minerals line but this one topped the charts. If you want medium to full coverage of a cream foundie, better get a hold of this. It comes with its own synthetic brush, easy to blend and spread without worries that you'll clog your pores. Enjoy a matte effect especially when topped with your favorite powder foundation.

VMV Tarte-a-Tan Antioxidant Bronzing "Coco" Powder
It's quite apparent the love I have for bronzers! This one made is on the list because it's dye-free and ultimately safe for the skin! It's incredibly pigmented and even serve as a face powder for those with morena skin.

Whenever I would wear this blush, I would always get compliments on how nice it is and how it gives my skin a nice lovely flush. The nicest thing is, its my friends who aren't as into to makeup as I am who notices it.It's amazing what a blush can do to the skin. looking at it in the pan, it looks too orangery, but I'm glad it works well for my skintone!

Mascaras are a girl's best friend as much diamonds and a little black dress. If you can shell out a few more bucks for a mascara, I urge you to get this one if you're the type who worries about chemicals and going for all-natural no-allergen type of makeup. You're doing your skin justice when you grab this tube asap. Not only will it give longer, more volumized lashes... it isn't a pain to get rid off.

Clinique Derma White Bright-C Liquid Makeup
I am so in love with this foundation that I hardly use it. I only use it on special occasions for fear that I might use it all up. But you would just need a little of it to get medium to heavy coverage. It being a part of the Derma White skincare, I love the dewiness it gives as it contains a good amount of Vitamin C. Great thing is this is a great foundation for all skin type. It may come with a high price tag with such little bottle but this is one great liquid foundation.

Clinique Superbalance Powder Makeup
Who wouldn't love mineral makeup that is freshly-shaved, controls oiliness, relieves skin dryness and doesn't need buffing. Just smooth the powder with the soft brush that come with the compact and you're set! This is one powder makeup that every mineral makeup enthusiast would love. I should know, I'm one!

Bobbi Brown Lash Glamour Extreme Lengthening Mascara
This mascara creates a nice clean application and provides lengths that is natural. Apply a bit more swipes and you'll have that Glamour Extreme that it claims. the plastic brush wand gives a precise application and it's easy to remove. No clumps with this as far as I'm concern. :)

Bobbi Brown Lip Color in Red
When I first saw this shade on Karrot of Bobbi Brown, I fell in love. She just looked so sophisticated in her fashionable black dress and this lipstick made quite an impact to her whole look.  All I can say is that all Bobbi Brown fans out there should have this is their collection. it glides on smoothly, great for all skintone and really makes a statement.


That's it for Part One! Making these year-end post was quite harder than it would. :) It's a good thing that I've already reviewed many of these already and you can just click on the name to read more about each product. I find it hard not to just say, "I love this. Period!" #lol

So stay tuned tomorrow for Part two... then for the SkinCare faves. I'm excited about that! :) I hope you, too!

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