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I realize that i've been remiss on my skincare reviews. This blog is full of makeup posts but little about skin care. But since this is a personal blog above it being a beauty blog, the skin care I will be posting are those that worked on my skin.

I've tired tons of skin care over the years but I hardly share them to you. Quite frankly, they are tedious to write about and seriously, what works for me may not work for you (vice versa). Sometimes, I get desuaded to write about them fearing that you won't find them useful anyway. But I get a lot of inquiries about what skinc are I use and what to do with oily skin, acne and the marks it leaves behind.

So here I am, taking my chance and hoping that you do find something here that might be an answer to your problems.

What I think of skin care...

The day I started with a complete skin care was the day my mom notiuced that my skin isn't going to heal itself. She took me to a DermClinic and there she purchased a whole range of skincare devoted to reducing and healing all my acne. It was very expensive and she wasn't happy paying more than Php6,000 at that time. But it had to be done.

Get a clue here, ask your parents to take you to a certified Dermatologist before trying to do anything to your skin on your own. Should this post be helpful, show this to your mom or sister (whoever) before buying anything. Also, do more research before acquiring any products.

I try to keep my skin care within the same family whenever I use it. But let's be realistic that most of we tend to jump from one skincare to another. This is not a good practice. Try to keep everything within the same brand when buying skincare especially if its for Acne treatment. Try not to overlap brands for acne concerns.

Take for example when I tried Belo Prescriptives. Jheng first introduced me to this skincare when she told me that her skin improved after just about a few weeks using the whole range. And for the total price of Php3,000 for the whole Acne Care Set, I thought that I should try it.

But then I first visited Belo Medical Clinic first, consulted with their dermatologist before committing to this set. --- Yes, please consult first before buying anything. Can't stress this enough, seriously.

I was happy that Dr. Carlo recommended exactly what Jheng was using.

Belo Prescriptives Modified Acne Control Kit with DLC

There's the Pore Minimizer, Chat 2%, TOG Soap Skincare, DLC Peeling Cream, Tyrosinase Inhibitor Cream 5%, Sunblock Gel.

1. TOG Soap (Php280) - this is a clear soap that helps remove excess oils, dirt and dead skin cells. Result after using a feel of well-cleansed face, smooth and squeaky.
  • Use this twice daily, morning and evening.

2. Pore Minizer Toner (Php420) - a great toner in removing excess oil dirt and dead skin cells that the soap left behind. It also has properties to help close pores. It does not entirely minize the pores but at least it removes impurities really well.
  • Use this twice daily, morning and evening.

3. CHAT 2% (Php672) - contains Clindamycin, Hydroquinone, Alum and Tretinoin that great in treatment of whiteheads, blackheads, and mild to moderate acne. It also helps in healing skin pigmentatons.
  • This toner-like medication is a star product for me. It has all the important components in reducing acne, drying up pimples and all-around protection for the face. The price of this may be steep but definitely worth it!
  • Use this twice daily after the Pore Minimizer. DO NOT RUB, just gently tap it on to the skin and the parts where you have acne flairing up.
  • Apply this when you feel that an acne is about to surface out or have signs that it will acquire a huge zit.
  • Does not immediately reduce acne swelling especially for very ripe acne.

4. Tyrosinase Inbihibor Cream 5% (Php369.60)- this is my most favorite! This really lightens all my acne marks! I can't stress enough how well this cream works. It is like a spot treatment for blemishes but you can use this all over the face.
  • Acne marks lighten after a week or so. It disappear after a month of use.
  • Use this on very dark pigmentation.

5. DLC Peeling Cream (Php1,232) - contains 0.05% Tretinoin which is a great exfoliating a to treat skin pigmentation, it protects against premature aging and against blackheads, whiteheads anand mild to moderate acne. 
  • This works instantly! You'll notice that your skin is slowly peeling (not scary peeling) on the part where you apply this. This is ideal for those who have serious skin pigmentation and lots of acne marks that they want to disappear!
  • Avoid on the sides of the nose and eye area since our skin there is thinner and more sensitive.
  • Mix DLC Peeling Cream (1/3 of a finger) and Tyrosinase Inhibitor Cream 5% (1/3 of a finger) together, then apply all over (avoiding lips and eye area) after the CHAT 2%

I don't often use the DLC Peeling Cream since I often get actual facial peeling procedures from my dermatologist but this is definitely great 

6. Sunblock Gel - this is the best sunblock for those who have oily skin. It's clear and easy to apply. It's absorbed easily and it even makes a good makeup base.

The big question, does this skin care work?

Yes, in a week or two, with regular facial included, this Modified Acne Control Kit worked and did reduce my acne and my skin felt much improved after one a month or so. I still did get acne during hormonal days, but this set really gave me that much needed care.

What I love about this kit is that it helps with acne and then lighten marks. Not many acne control skin care have that double advantage. I know how many of you feel about acne marks while still dealing will icky cystic acne and I can definitely relate. That is why I feel that these would be ideal for those who have less time to spend at clinics for peeling procedures.

Products take awhile to finish. First one to run out is the soap and pore minimizer toner (cheapest among all the products listed).

It's not only me who loves this line, most of my friends who have tried this (like Jheng) loves this line as well. And the price isn't so bad, either.

Although I switch my toners and facial wash and soaps all the time, I kept Tyrosinase Inhibitor Cream 5% and  CHAT 2% because of how well these two works. I'm both on my second purchase and still getting the same results when I use it.

I definitely recommend this set! But I sincerely advice that you go and consult with a Belo Medical dermatologist first before buying this set. Your skin may not be as worst as mine or that your skin may need a different skin care set than this one. :)

I purchased this set exclusively at Belo Medical Clinic for a total of Php3,343.20.

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  1. hi shen! this is carizza, a fashion blogger. I got really curious about the pore minimizer! i now have a pimple because of sleeping late. maybe these products would help me a lot :)

  2. im curious with pore minimizer.. i dont have much problem with pimples.. they usually came out during my period days.. 

  3. Ruth santiago21/2/12 11:45 AM

    i am a fan of Belo soap, the pink one :)  i would love to try the sunblock gel & those products you featured here in your blog.

  4. I wonder if tyrosinase inhibitor cream will work that well for me too. My acne is not much of a problem lately, but these stubborn acne marks won't leave me. :( So, will try that product! Thanks for the info! xx

  5. I vouch for CHAT 2%. I have one from another clinic though but this stuff works.

  6. Best Acne Treatment16/3/12 2:09 PM

    acne control kit is effective on an acne prone skin type. I am using it since
    2 weeks and my skin is almost clear now. I would suggest this kit  to people having acne.

  7. RachaelElise14/6/12 2:10 PM

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  8. SecretB5StopsAcne18/6/12 4:48 PM

    Thanks for sharing your experience here. I also have acne
    problem from past few days. And I have used many products but there is no
    effect I can see. If you have some home remedies for acne then please let me


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