VMV Hypoallergenics Ooh-La-Lash! Volumizing Mascara | A Product Review

During the VMV Skin Soiree last month (held September 15, date of my birthday), they gave out free Ohh-La-Lash! Volumizing Mascara if you but just walk in their store at Palanca Street, Makati. That was a generous offer I couldn't pass. I even thought of it as an accidental gift for birthday. Yes, I'm sentimental like that. I was very much in awe of this mascara when Phoebe and Jheng raved about it years past. But I got sidetracked with other makeup that it become a passing fascination.

Good thing I got to try this mascara now! For free, even! #achieve!

Here's the product description provide at VMV Website:
All the right kind of drama. 
Features a special compound that swells up and surrounds each lash strand in a tube-a physical sleeve-of its very own. 
Each application adds a new sleeve, coating each lash, building an ever-thicker cocoon of rich, beautiful color, and creating s-tube-pendous, non-smearing volume. 
Non-clumping, smear-free (and therefore skin-friendlier). Why? Because instead of applying layers of looser pigments across a swath of lashes, it creates a clean, "sealed" tube around each lash. 
Easy to remove: if one way to reduce the risk of irritation is to prevent contact with skin (via raccoon eyes), another is to avoid the need for turpentine-like removers. Dissolves in warm water-a few splashes and the tubes slip right off.

I've tried different mascaras in my years of blogging and I can say that VMV Ooh-La-Lash! Volumizing Mascara do live up to its name. It being the only mascara in the VMV cosmetic line, it tells that it's the only mascara one needs to create a number of makeup looks.

My lashes are quite long but it is a very thin. I prefer volumizing mascara as it immediately enhance my lashes.

What I love about VMV Ohh-La-Lash Volumizing Mascara:
  • The Wand! It's effectively coats all my lashes in just a few swipes and it fits my eyes just right.
  • Consistency is between dry and liquid-y makes application easy to apply but it doesn't take too long to dry.
  • Only needs one or two coats to give a nice volumized lashes
  • Cry-proof, Smudge-proof, Sweat-proof all day long (given the humidity we have in our country #IKR)
  • Helps lengthen the lashes.
  • Easy to remove with just warm water or your regular makeup remover.
  • Can be used alone without the fear of product gravitating to your lower lids
  • Curls lashes a tad bit if you happen to forget to curl them with lash curlers
  • No clumping because I don't need to apply too much coating to get the desired full lash effect I want.
  • The packaging is tres chic! The slim silver gunmetal tube already gives a hint on what a great product this is.
  • Best of all, it provides a weightless natural feel that makes me think that I'm not wearing mascara at all.

What I don't:
  • Doesn't hold lash curl effectively as other mascaras I've tried.
  • Might be expensive to others for Php1000.

The Beauty Edge of VMV Ooh!-La-Lash! Volumizing Mascara:
  • It's 100% All-Types-Of-Fragrance-Free. 100% Dye-Free. Non-Comedogenic. Non-Smearing. Patch-Tested. #award

Price: Php1000

Afraid of Mascara?

I know a lot of women who are wary with wearing mascaras for fear that it might irritate their eyes, tough to remove and may cause their lashes to thin out. I can honestly say that given the reputation VMV Hypoallergenics have for their cosmetics, Ohh-La-Lash! Volumizing Mascara are for the mascara-skeptics and phobics. This is a solution for anyone and everyone to finally get to enjoy fuller lashes achieved through cosmetics.

The Results definitely warrants Oohh-ing! #anusaveh

In the photos, I forgot to curl my lashes (note that my lashes are a bit curled to begin with). And yet, as you can you see, my lash curl improved a little.

I was able to achieve this by through the zigzag motion, moving the mascara upwards and holding the lashes with the wand for a few seconds with each swipe.

I do love the natural effect VMV Ohh-La-Lash provides to my lashes

Yes, I would recommend this mascara and I would purchase one after its 6 month shell life. Knowing that this is a much safer alternative and is easy to remove on top of it being an effective volumizing mascara, I think this is something I would want to keep in stock. Especially now that I'm getting older (and hopefully, wiser) and would need to convert to cosmetics that are safer for the skin.

Beauty Tip:

Do you know that you can use mascara as a liner? Yes, you can!

In a clean palette (or a CD you don't use), drag residue off of the mascara wand at the edge of the palette. With a slated eyeliner or bent liner, dip into the residue and apply it along the lash line and wait for it dry. Since the texture is creamier than gel liner, this may need some getting use to. At least, in case you forget to bring your favorite liner, you know you can use your mascara as an eyeliner. Neat, right? #unkabogable

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  1. "Dissolves in warm water-a few splashes and the tubes slip right off."

    sounds like Blinc mascara!

    i agree it's a bit expensive although it sounds promising. it looks natural volume for me, may be perfect for those who want natural oompht to their lashes. (^_^)

  2. great beauty tip shen.. i'll try that one..

  3. Loida de Velez-Robles19/10/11 3:41 AM

    Like the last tip!!! I never knew that!!! Thanks for sharing!!!


  4. Thanks, guys! So gald you found my tip useful! :)


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