FOTD: Pretty Little Liars Inspired Look | Obagi TruPeel Update and Obagi 360

When the girls and I were invited to spend an evening getting to know the Obagi 360 event at M Cafe, Makati. I was excited to finally get to play around with smokey eyes. It's an evening event and the girls and I plan on having drinks afterwards, only fitting that I do smokier look. I was really happy to see these wonderful girls whom I connect with not just about beauty but also in life. I do have friends ourside beauty blogging which I spend the most time with but being with beauty bloggers are just one of best experienced ever.

Fact is, we never talk about beauty, blogging, stats, traffic and anything blog-related when we are together. After an event, we usually find time for us to spend a couple of hours chatting away about our lives, funny antics and just sharing everything that are outside our blog. I guess in nearly four years of knowing some of these ladies, I can say that some of them have become my BFF's. Someone I can run to whenever I'm feeling crappy and unsure of myself. And whom I can be vulnerable with without judgements whatsoever.

Pretty much like the girls of Pretty Little Liars, I see some of my blogger friends someone I would be truly loyal to. Speaking of Pretty Little Liars, this look is inspired by the said top rating TV Drama Suspense series. I love how the girls of PLL pulls off smokey looks so easily. My favorite looks are Aria's, second would be Hannah. But Spencer's character is my most favorite. I just love how Troian Bellisario plays Spencer Hastings.

Either way, here's an inspired makeup look from the show Pretty Little Liars. If only I can pin town the curls. But hey, who am I to have everything?

The girls of Pretty Little Liars wear a lot of smokey neautrals but with definition of their eyes. Colors you'd usually see are dark browns, blacks, bronze and golds. That usually means waterlining, defining lower part of the eyes and lots and lots of lashes. There's a lot of bronzing as well for defining those young cheekbones and all around face. Blush is kept to a minimum but the lips were made to look kissable.

I used the Urban Decay Naked Palette to accomplish this look concentrating on the shades Buck, Creep, Gunmetal, Hustle, Virgin and Half Baked. I used my Fanny Serrano Gel Liner to water line my eyes. I didn't want to use false lashes, I relied on the mascara the gives me the longest lashes, Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Frame Mascara in black.

If anyone asks, my favorite blush of all time is my my NARS Blush in Orgasm. It's the best blush ever for neautral looks on my Asian skin tone. It gives the right amount of peach and pink. That's why I made sure to whip out again my NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Stockholm that looks to be NARS Orgasm's mate for life. See how much it compliments each other.

For bronzing, I'm raving on how pigmented and buttery smooth the The Body Shop Bronzing Powder in 03 from the Honey Bronze Collection. Totally the best shade of bronzer for my medium fair skin.

This is really an easy makeup look to do. Brushes I used are all from my Charm Travel Pro Brush Set

For the eyes:
  1. First, create a false crease using a brown shade closest to your skin tone, I used Buck from the Urban Decay Naked Palette and sweep it along the upper portion of your lid. This serves as your outline on where to apply your more darker shadows.
  2. Second, top of the brown shade with a silver eyeshadow (Gunmetal), sweeping it liberally on to your crease. Remember to create that half of V effect on the edge of your eyelids. I use a scotch tape to guide me for this look.
  3. Darken the crease of the edge of your eyelid with a deep gray eyeshadow, here I used Creep. Use a pencil point brush to make application easier.
  4. With a golden bronze eyeshadow, like Half Baked, pat on this shade on the rest of your lid and softly blend it out with the dark gray and silver.
  5. Use a highlighter shade closest to your skintone, mine was Virgin, and accentuate your brow bone.
  6. Apply the bronze gold eyeshadow on top the half of your lower lid and finish it all the way to the edge with the dark gray eyeshadow to complete the whole look.
  7. Last is to waterline your lashlines and apply mascara liberally on to your lashes.

For the face:
  1. Apply a thin layer of foundation, concentrating on parts of your face that usually reddens like your cheeks, chin and forehead. Don't forget the corners of the nose and mouth.
  2. Set your foundation with a mattifying powder.
  3. Define and set your brows!  This is a must especially for smokey look to avoid looking washed out.
  4. Sweep a peach pink blush to compliment the bronze and silvers of your eyeshadows.
  5. Contour your cheeks and sides of your face. Don't forget your nose if this needs contouring.
  6. Lastly, swipe a touch of a nice peach lip color to complete your whole look.

On Obagi TruPeel and Obagi in General

It's amazing how my skin has changed since my Obagi TruPeel and how my life has become easier because of it. My makeup application has been cut into half. I barely use concealers and my skin is smoother than ever! With aid of Obagi Clenziderm MD Acne treatment, my skin is at most behave. And I'm not even taking any roacutane! My face came back to its usual oiliness but at least my acne has tamed down to about 95%!

And oh how incredibly soft my skin has become! I can't even begin telling you how even my skin looks like. Now I'm just taming acne that come out during when I have period.

The sacrifice of having a red sunburnt face and skin peeling for more than a week was sure worth it! If you ask me, I will do it again and again and again!

So if you could spare four days of your life and a week and a half of skin peeling, maybe you should finally take a chance on intensive skin peeling. It's cheaper and lot more effective than lunch time peels especially if you really have many skin blemishes that you want to remove.

I recommend Obagi Blue Peel and TruPeel for those with visible darkspots, acne problems and those who just wants to rid of oiliness. As for those who just want to look radiant with no downtime at all, try Obagi Blue Peel Radiance!

My thoughts now is whether I should get the new Obagi 360 skin care which is their now complete skin care regimen. This certainly merits another post for sure! Will need to research first on this. :)

The new Obagi Nu-Derm 360 System, though, looks mighty luxurious with the addition of Professional-C Setum and Elastiderm Eye Treatment Cream. Goddess grace, my wallet is in danger!

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  1. Love the smoky look! I'm going to try that gel liner. I think it's high time I replace my pencil liner.

  2. jamillacamel22/8/11 4:50 PM

    Your skin is looking better and better! I love you with pale lips.

  3. I love your pout in the last photo. Diva!


  4. ms. shen you look uber gorgeous! that pic is surefire hit! the first reaction of mine was like, "wow! parang pangbillboard!" still a fan through the years! :D

  5. I have heard so many things about Obagi products but I have yet to try them. What are they made of exactly? BTW, amazing interpretation of Pretty Little Liars look!


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