The Makeup Look: MAC Ruby Woo | 1950's Inspiration

Thanks to my gradeschool and lifetime BFF, Cam, I am now a proud owner of not one, but two, MAC Ruby Woo! The best red lipstick ever! But don't fret, MAC Philippines has Ruby Woo in stock for only Php1000 a pop!

Lipstick is something we whip out a lot. We whip it out at public restroom, in our office desk, inside a moving vehicle or even at the dinner. Just like a pair of nice shoes or a fancy bag, lipstick for me is an investment (if not for the color or pigmentation). As much as I like my drugstore brand lipsticks, when I'm out and doing something fancy with the girls or on a date with the BFF (even when in a meeting with the big shots), I make sure that my lipstick is up par, too. A little trick I learned a long time ago to complete your whole look. And really, wouldn't you want something fancy to go on your puckers?

I don't need to have several expensive lipsticks, but if you're a beauty addict like me, then you would know that with an expensive lipstick... you are getting your money's worth!

And the BFF surely did get hers before she got me the ressest lippie that compliments my skin tone! I swear, I'm forever indebted in her for getting me this. :)

As expected, I did a classic neutral to go with MAC Ruby Woo, obviously inspired by the 1950's vintage makeup look. I often wonder how women those days prettify themselves, how they prep up and how they manage to keep their red lisptick from smearing. I wish I could interview someone and ask her about their day and night beautification rituals. If you know anyone, please message me. I'm highly curious, seriously.

Because now, we have all sorts of things like different brushes, long-wearing lipstick, all sorts of foundation and also primers!

Naturally I would use the Beauty Pro Cosmetics Sweet and Smokey palettes. I love this palette with a vengeance and yes, I totally recommend you getting it. It may be costly compared but like a MAC lipstick, you get your money's worth. It's like only Php120 per eye shadow for this palette!

It has the perfect shades for reviving the 50's look practically right on the dot!

I also used the True Brown eyeshadow of the Sweet & Smokey to define my brows. Then set it with MAC Brow Gel in Girlboy.

I kept it simple for the face but making sure I get an even texture and tone. I've been breaking out a lot due to stress and bad eating habits (shoot me now, please!).

But that's the wonder of makeup! It's the best confidence booster for pimple-ridden girls like me! It instantly masks away all imperfection. With just a few strokes of a brush!

I used Clinique Dermawhite Liquid Foundation for the whole face to help speed up the lightening of my pimple scars. And to diminish the appearnace of my cystic acne, I use The Body Shop Tea Tree Concealer. It's a makeup/skincare that helps with acne. Love this a lot!

I am in love with MAC Ruby Woo! I will forever have this in my stash! It's the perfect vivid coral-baser matte red lipstick. Now, there's big reason for me to wear red lisptick everyday.

I encourage you to splurge! Instead of having your daily Lady Starbucks, save them for a nice fancy lipstick! And believe me, the caffeine withdrawal and sacrifice will be worth it!

Don't you think you deserve something fancy, too?

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  1. Super pretty! I'm still looking for the perfect red lipstick for me.. Any recommendations? :)

  2. Truly an inspiration... love the red lips!!!

  3. Makes me want to buy Ruby Woo ASAP. :P

  4. Beauty Venture27/11/11 1:14 PM

    What a lovely red lip color! :)

  5. Love the make-up!!! Will put that Ruby Woo lipstick on my Christmas wishlist! <3


  6. saccharine015827/11/11 2:30 PM

    love the eyeliner! such a classic look that always work. ;)

  7. Ang cute the last photos Shenibabe! You're rockin Ruby Woo!

  8. You finally got Ruby Woo!!! Haha! Looks great on you :)

  9. I love Ruby Woo!! it's my fave red so far!!! 

  10. whats with your nose? it's so distracting!! get it fix or cleaned before you keep spending so much on make up.


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