A Power Peel Session at Belo Medical Group

Happy 11.11.11!!

Just last Friday, I had one of the best facials and peeling! This Friday, I'm spilling the details for you!

Belo Medical Clinic at SM Megamall Atrium

Make no mistake, it's always a good thing whenever I go to Belo Medical Clinic. The promise of luxury and quality services and all smiles staff is something to look forward too. I love how they are straight forward with their treatments and how it will affect you and the possible results after. I love how important I feel whenever I visit Belo Clinics.

I initially wanted to try the Oxygen facial which among the top 3 favorite of ZsaZsa Padilla. Unfortuantely, for my skin type, it is not the best as I'm oily and the facial is much more appropriate for those who needs moisture. I was quite disappointed but they told me that I could get a Power Peel instead, which Dr. Carlo thinks would work wonders for the skin. Given that I have acne marks and uneven skin tone, Power Peel is a much better treatment and procedure to try.

Meet Dr. Carlo!

My aesthetician Yna, started off my Power Peel with a soothing lavender aromatheraphy.

Then a facial cleansing to make sure that my face is well prepped for the treatment that's about to happen. I love the scent of their facial cleanser.

Yna then placed a hot towel on my face and proceeded to wipe off the cleanser and give me a much cleaner skin.

She then applied a solution to promote skin exfoliation for the Power Peel ahead. I can't wait!

Steam time. I do like this part because steaming helps open up my pores and makes the extraction of whiteheads and blackheads a lot less painful.

I do like extractions because my enlarged pores can accumulate a lot of dirt that usually leads to acne, cystic ones. I make sure that I get my face cleansed and a monthly facial would immediately eliminate a chance of me acquiring pimples.

Yes, it's painful. But pain tolerance differs from person to person. This is where the saying "No Pain. No Gain." comes into place, for me. #lol. 

Fortunately, Yna have a light hand. It didn't hurt as it usually does. There's always something about "more expensive" facial clinics. Their people are trained well and you get the same result every time. It being my second time in Belo, both times, extractions were tolerable. I have very low pain threshold and I wouldn't mind paying extra for someone who's really skilled at what their doing and gives me a much less painful experience at that.

After extraction, laser comes and this is my favorite part of my facial! I love the buzzing sound, the scent and the fact that this tightens the pores and has anti-bacterial effect, so fitting after extractions. I wish there's a treatment that they can so this to me for an hour. But it's not healthy so I take in this few sessions and enjoy it!

And now for the Power Peel! If you've tried microdermabrasion or diamond peel... THIS IS NOTHING LIKE IT. (sorry for the all caps)... POWER PEEL is waaayyyy better!

With the Power Peel skin treatment program, you can see immediate changes in your skin with noted improvement in age spots, fine lines and flaking skin. This unique approach exfoliates dead and dull skin and stimulates the production of fresh new skin cells and collagen. It is the ultimate advancement in non-invasive, non-surgical skin conditioning and can even reduce appearance of stretch marks and acne scars. 
The Powerpeel, also known as microdermabrasion, is safe to use in all skin types and color. With the aid of corundum crystals vacuumed through a delicate handpiece and held at a precise angle to the skin, the aesthetician effects a superficial skin polishing. It is better than the diamond peel because it is more hygienic since the crystals used are disposed off immediately while the latter makes use of a reusable tip. Skin will be softer, smoother and more glowing. Results are seen after the first treatment and continually improve with succeeding sessions.

As you can see by the photos below that the machine is different. It's not painful at all or dragging to the skin. It feels good actually, I could feel my the dry dead skin being removed by the small crystals. This machine is so effective that you'll definitely feel a smoother and softer face afterwards.

See the whitish powder on my face? That's dead skin! Eeeeww, right?

What I love about Power Peel is that it doesn't have down time. You can already go back to your usual routine the next day. No intensive peeling either afterwards. You're only left with a nice soft skin, much improved than before coming in to the clinic.

I have a few acne marks and a pimple near my right eye, getting a facial and Power Peel os exactly what I need at that time. By removing the outer layer of my skin, I reduce pore clogging that results to cystic acne. I'm also letting my skin breathe more by getting a facial and Power Peel as my skin is cleaner and a new skin is showing off its natural glow. No dull looking skin no more!

This is an hour after the treatment with no makeup whatsoever (isn't it obvious? hihihi!) As you can see, my face doesn't look reddish or traumatized from the extractions. I actually find my skin looking a lot better compared to days before.

I wasn't prepared to be blown away with the Power Peel procedure. But apparently, every one who raved about it was saying the truth. It's the best lunchtime peel. Although my heart goes for chemical peels like Blue Peel, TCA, Mandelic and Glycolic, I'm happy that I have a new addi(c)tion to the list.

I highly recommend this to those with oily skin, people who are dealing blemishes and dark acne scars.. those who pretty much needs to renew their skin. Especially if you feel you have uneven and dull skin tone.

Why do we need peeling treatments anyway? Having known that our skin sheds unevenly, not only to take comfort with exfoliating products, but given the state of my skin, peeling procedures are heaven sent! It reduces the chances of giving me more pimples, lighten my skin and gives birth to a new more softer, cleaner surface!

I seriously can't think of a negative thing to say about this treatment. It doesn't hurt, it gives immediate results and you're assured of good skin for days (depending on how well you take care of your skin of course).

I read some where that there is no ugly women, only lazy ones. For the lazy ladies out there, you might want to haul yourself down to clinic for some Power Peel session. Because seriously, all you have to do is lie down and wait and you'll be up in no time with a beautiful skin.

Thanks to the beautiful, Denise, for accompanying me and for being my photographer that day. Love yah!

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  1. wow, your skin looked great afterwards! i always look so red and sore after a facial, eek!

    how much is the power peel, shen?

  2. oh nice! I should try that. I've been looking for a gentle peeling procedure (no violent peeling and redness after, that is) and this must be it. Thanks for sharing!  :)

  3. hi! i just had to say...i was there 2 days ago for my glycopeel facial and Yna was my aesthetician too. it was so nice to see your photos so now i know how the treatment was done. maybe i should try power peel next. i agree, your skin looks good and not reddish after the extraction. thanks for sharing.

  4. Jamillacamel11/11/11 3:14 PM

    Your skin is looking really good these days!

  5. wow, looking good Miss Shen!  how much is this treatment?  I am interested in this one! :)

  6. white thing on your face is the micro powder and not the dead skin. powerpeel and diamond peel is the same thing  it exfoliates your skin the difference is that powerpeel is more hygienic since it uses crystal powder to shed off dead skin while diamond peel machine has a diamond tip that exfoliate skin while suctioning dead skin. just imagine how terrible it is if they don't sterilize the diamond tip.

  7. How much was it?

  8. you do look radiant sis!

    i was also advised to undergo this peel but i said i'd try it next time. can't wait now!

    agree on Belo clinic treatments and personnel, i'd rather spend a bit more to get high quality service and results! i also did not walk out of their clinic with a reddish face - i love it!

  9. Had so much fun!!! Hello everyone, Glycopeel Cleaning is Php 1,120.00 and Powerpeel is Php 2,800. Vat IN. you can book an appointment by calling 819-BELO (2356) or thru our website, www.belomed.com

  10. Shenny! Flawlessly gorgeous!


  11. whitelightermd18/11/11 8:25 AM

    glad you liked it shen! hope to see you very soon!

  12. Dying to see some
    reviews of this, looks really interesting, never seen anything quite like it!


  13. how much is it po? :)

  14. Alex Gagar13/2/13 4:18 AM

    Awesome to this really and i wish that i could approach you for this treatment! Can I know that this kind of external medication have any side affects or not?

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