The Body Shop's Extra Virgin Minerals Cream Compact Foundation | A Product Review

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The Body Shop Extra Virgin Minerals Cream Compact Foundation SPF 15

I am in love! I've been using the The Body Shops Extra Virgin Minerals Cream Compact Foundation on and off for the past few months (more so lately in order to cover my pimples!) and I can tell you that this is one makeup product that will remain on the vanity table. I usually feel guilty using cream foundation as it feels as if I'm piling on too much product and clogging my gigantic pores with it. But this one is one of the best cream foundations I've tried sans the clogging!

Naturally, you know this is going to be a rave product base on my superlatives above. But hold your horses, I am not done. First, I would like to talk about why I love a cream compact foundation which most think that are best suited only for dry or normal skin. Quite the contrary, Cream foundations provide high coverage that can easily hide your acne marks, fine lines, and other "tsismis" as we fondly calls our blemishes without much need to use concealers. The downside with oily girls like me when it comes with cream foundation is the heavy feel of its texture. Add to that the oil we produce, there is a mask-like feel whenever one would chance upon using a cream foundation.

Quite frankly, I only relied on my Shu Uemura Nobara Cream Foundation when I am in need of a heavier coverage without having to go through my concealer to magic away my blemishes. It is my holy grail product cream foundation hands down because of how easy it is to apply. But why the rave on The Body Extra Virgin Cream Compact Foundation (Phew! That was a mouthful!) when I already am in love with Shu's Nobara Cream Foundation?

It's because of the weightless feel! Imagine a cream foundation without the thick feeling texture! Although Nobara hardly have a weight as well, I am happy to say that for those who want a weightless cream foundation that is mineral-base will find it in TBS's Extra Virgin Minerals Cream Compact Foundation. I can't express enough how light this cream foundation is.

Although the coverage is not at par with traditional cream foundation, you don't need to have a perfect skin to enjoy good coverage with this product. It easily evens out redness and hide green veins with a few swipes. The brush it came with it (Yes! It comes with a synthetic foundation brush!) is the best way to apply this foundation, partly covering all blemishes.

The packaging do remind me of Smashbox Cosmetics PhotoFinish cream foudnation and Makeup Forever's Duo Mat Powder Compact. 

Don't be intimidated in the shiny look of the cream foundation as what you can see on photos below. It is not all like that when you start using it. It's not really oily as it seems.  The texture is quite lovely, sort of smooth and silky.

I have with me the Golden Ivory and Rose Ivory, when mix this two shade match my acidic skin perfectly. But since I'm too lazy to mix the two together, I settle for the golden ivory which have a strong yellow undertone that works well enough for my skin.

Extra Virgin Mineral Cream Compact Foundation in Golden Ivory

Extra Virgin Mineral Cream Compact Foundation in Rose Ivory

Golden Ivory and Rose Ivory

Synthetic Foundation Brush

What I love about The body Shop's Extra Virgin Minerals Cream Compact Foundation with SPF 15:
  • It's one of the first mineral makeup cream compact foundation.
  • It provides a medium to heavy coverage depending on application.*
  • It's lightweight.
  • It's cream to matte finish (no kidding)
  • Partly covers blemishes, fine lines, wrinkles and broken capillaries
  • Minimizes the appearance of pores (although doesn't completely cover them)
  • Doe not clog my pores compared to other cream foundations.
  • Non-irritating or doesn't cause further breakouts (it's fragrance and paraben free!)
  • It has a cool feel to it (must be because of the cold-pressed extra virgin oil. I really don't know.)
  • It's has SPF 15.
  • Staying power is really good for those with dry, normal to combination. I can't say for really oily skin. For me, it lasts a good 3 to 4 hours, but I need to blot my extremely oily nose in the second hour already
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil helps to moisturize skin
  • Has wide selection of shades to choose from
  • Come with a really usable, washable synthetic foundation brush (and animal cruelty-free!)
  • Compact comes with a servicable mirror. Not too big but you can definitely use it when you're lacking a larger mirror.
  • Packaging let's you see the shade of cream compact foundation.
  • Easy to travel because of the compact and the brush it comes with it.
  • This compact will last quite awhile.
  • It's only Php1695 with a nice brush!
What I don't about The Body Shop's Extra Virgin Minerals Cream Compact Foundation with SPF 15:
  • If you're extremely oily, staying powder is not so good. Better use a powder foundation to set this cream foundation for lasting power.
  • Super blemished girls and those with depressed scars will need a much heavier coverage that this cream compact foundation can't provide.*
  • Php1,695 is still a bit too steep for many girls I know.

The Body Shop Extra Virgin Minerals Cream Compact Foundation with SPF 15 are best suited for girls like me who have blemishes to cover but don't want to pile on too much concealer and foundation. I love how my scars almost disappear when I set this with a powder with medium coverage.

Check out how The Body Shop Cream Compact Foundation diminishes my acne and dark spots around my skin and cheeks. It's still there but at least it's not as invisible. And I don't hurt my skin since this is a mineral makeup product and safe for the skin. I used the Golden Ivory shade and topped it with Clinique's Super-Balanced Powder Makeup. These two are meant to be together if you have blemishes such as  acne scars.

I'm really loving the result. I get the benefits of mineral makeup with really great coverage. The light weight feel is such a bonus for my uber oil mine face. Although it doesn't last as long, well to be honest nothing really last too long if you have an extremely oily skin as mine. I've been there and done that with a few products and this cream compact foundation really exceeded a bit of my expectations.

Yes, I will definitely repurchase!

The Beauty Tip:

No Concealer? Mix your cream foundation with some oil control powder in a 3 to 2 ratio. Mix them well until you get a harder sort of resembles a concealer-like consistency. Et Viola! A make shift concealer! I've tried this, I mixed the Extra Virgin Minerals Cream Compact Foundation with my Ellana Minerals Intensive Coverage Foundation and it performed well in covering some acne marks.

To ensure that foudnation applies evenly and smoothly on your face, remember to exfoliate once or thrice a week to get rid of nasty deadskin cells. And prior to makeup application, properly prep skin with the cleance, tone, moisturize steps. Blot off excess moisturizer is there is any.

You know what?

The Body Shop frequently have promotional SALE on their makeup products. Befriend their SA and ask for first dibs when this cream compact foundation goes on Sale. They usually slash 20 to 30% off from the original price. Plus, sale is another excuse to buy more stuff. :) #enabler

They also launched their new Love Your Body Membership Card. I got one with my recent haul (will show em to you soon) and it came with Php300 voucher on skin care. I'm not sure if this a permanent thing though. But worth a try if you're grabbing this foundation. I was able to finally buy me another Tea Tree Oil with the voucher and paid only the difference, which is only Php145! Sweet!

Have you tried anything from the Extra Virgin Minerals line? Was it rant or rave? Share them with me through the comment section below! :)

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  1. Wow!!! Imma gonna get this one!

  2. Carla Regina Gumin19/10/11 9:09 AM

    you look so flawless!! After I finish my graftobian, I'll check this one out :)

  3. Jamillacamel19/10/11 12:19 PM

    Thanks for the review! The foundation looks great!

  4. I love using this...I won my set at the bodyshop extra virgin  make up challenge....:) it really does get oily after awhile....but I agree with you that it is so lightweight compared to other cream your reviews...<3

  5. great to hear this works for you sis! i tried this at a TBS branch and it does feel light. i got turned off though 'cause the one assisting me seemed like she doesn't know what shade to suggest to me. :-/ oh well, i tried hehe. on the subject of cream foundations, what i want to try is laura mercier silk creme. have you used it na?

  6. looks good on you, Shen!


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