It's A Golden Beauty: Charm Retractable Kabuki Brush

Happy Monday, Lovelies!

It's yet another week and I hope that this one will be a lot less stressful for everyone. I still feel weak as I write this. Weekend was unforgiving and I was bedridden the whole of Friday and Saturday with upset stomach and fever. It's a good thing that the hubby was very nurturing and despite his super manly ways, he managed to take care of me over the weekend. But I couldn't resist taking photos of some of my new stuff.

One of those latest acquisition is the Charm Essentials Retractable Kabuki Brush! Every single time, Charm has a way of impressing me like no other. I'm happy that this brand of brushes have sated me for all my brush cravings. I've practically stopped hoarding other brushes. I even stopped lemming for MAC ones. That's how I seriously I'm crushing on these brushes.

Really loving the all the new Charm brushes all boxed up in cute pink packaging with fonts TDF!

find out more about this oh-so-fab-oh-so-new brush after the jump. :)

What I love:

It's GOLD!
It's GOLD!
It's GOLD!

So yeah, I'm a sucker for anything that is gold and I do love anything that glisten like sun! I really don't understand why many women are wary of such color. It's the most luxurious shade ever! And though my former Hot Pink Charm Retractable Kabuki Brush came with me where ever, it will certainly take a backseat because its Gold version is much more up my alley.

Doesn't it look a fancier? And it resembles more of a kabuki brush, worthy of all mineral makeup lovers. I especially like how it gives me the right amount of coverage whether I'm using it with my The Body Shop All In One Face Base or my Ellana Intensive Mineral Foundation.

And when I manipulate the brush by pressing my thumb against the bristles, I can use this as serviceable blush and contour brush as well. How great is that right? Multi-tasker, indeed.

The diameter is just right as it reminds me of my favorite kabuki brush from, guess what? Charm, yet again. :)

And the side view isn't so bad either? Just look at how photogenic this brush is.. and let me tell you, that it's looks sleeker and chic-er in person.

What's great is that it retains its shape even after I washing and drying it. Even when it takes a bit of time in drying, it's definitely worth it. What I do is wash it with a my reliable Dr. Bronner's Castile Liquid soap and let it fan dry, hanging downward, overnight. Most often than not, I can use it already in the morning. Do not by all means cap it when it is still wet to avoid molds forming and contamination. Please wait for it to fully dry.

It's obvious that I'm gushing way too much over the new Charm Retractable Kabuki Brush. It's because I have every reason to! It's my dream brush.

It's Gold!
It's synthetic!
It's a great kabuki brush
It's travel-friendly
It's a multi-tasker!
It's super soft and will remain so... forever.
It's available here in the MNL, PH
It's only Php580!
I can get it via online at Beauty and Minerals
I can buy it at the following stores where Charm Essential brushes are available:
     Crossings  The Ramp, Shangri-la Plaza Mall, Mandaluyong
     Pure Beauty at Serendra, Taguig
     Beauty and Geeks, Eton Life Building 1, Ortigas.

Did I say I love the box it comes with the brush? It gives you an insight of what this brush can do and best of all, on the side, there's an instruction on how to wash it which takes the pressure off of using a brush like this one. 

So what are you waiting for? I am definitely inducing, influencing and totally recommending that you get this this if you're on a look out for a chic, worthy-of-a-beauty-connoisseur, travel brush. :)

The Charm Retractable Kabuki Brush will definitely come with me and Charm Travel Pro Makeup Brush Set V.3 when I go to the Tagaytay with the girls in September. :) But then, I doubt this will ever leave my side ever. :)

Addiction rating is positively off the charts! 

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  1. it looks pretty! :) pinas is keeping up with international brands..way to go! :) 

  2. MyrtedCaldona15/8/11 8:49 AM

    Looks like the retractable kabuki's promising. Must try that one out. :) Thanks Ms. Shen!

  3. HANGKYUT nito no sis? gold pa! SUSYAL NA SUSYAL!!! :)

  4. mark van buladaco15/8/11 2:20 PM

    This could be a great gift for my sisters.

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  5. Beautynomics15/8/11 2:54 PM

    this has been my new favorite myself, like I'm leaning towards this brush more than ever LOL!

  6. this looks so pretty! i want one too! :)  ang galing ni Miss Sophie! :)

  7. Sounds like a great brush, looks very full and dense.  Super cute gold packaging too and I like that is has a cover so it's keeps  clean/hygienic. 

  8. Christine Dacanay17/8/11 3:42 PM

    I like the white and pink bristles better :)
    Still.... so cute

  9. I think I saw this on display in Crossings Shangri-la if I am not mistaken...



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