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Product Review: MAC Penultimate Eye Liner Rapid Black


DSC_0598 copy by you.
With the up coming MAC Style Black Collection, I feel it my duty to inform you guys of my opinion about the MAC Penultimate Liner in Rapid Black. And finally, after months of having this, I will now do a review. :)

I have to tell you that I L-O-V-E Love it! :)

That should end my post, right? Not really. I should justify why I love it and worth the extra few bucks that you may have to pay for should you decide to get one.

1. It's MAC! I know there are more products that is a miss in MAC's history. But nevertheless, MAC has been known to give great products. That alone could entice a makedup addict like me to purchase it.
2. No other tool needed. No need for brushes or clean up.
3. Easy to travel with. Since it is just like any normal pen, it can fit in your purchase or pencil case even.
4. No sharpening required. In gigs, I find the using the Penultimate cuts the time in half.
5. Pointy tip gives precise application. I can't be more descriptive enough when i say the tip goes where you want it go.
6. Tip won't tug the eyes. the tip won't hurt as your line your eyes even if you press it further. I have shaky hands so i get to blance my hand and tip that causes me to press it harder on to my lids and it doesn't hurt even a bit.
7. Last a long time, I've been using this product quite often and I still don't see any sign of it emptying.
8. The tip of the pen doesn't change shape or bend. Its still the same after a few months of using it.
Only "con" i find in this product is the price. I got this during the Chill Collection at P1,200.00. A lot more expensive compared to its US price (w/o tax) and it will be much more expensive when it comes back with the Style Black collection because of MAC Philippines' price increase. Boohoo...

Here are more pictures:
DSC_0602 copy by you.DSC_0603 copy by you.
see? the tip still looks new! :)

DSC_0608 copy by you.
gives great control for lining... even with shaky hands, like me!

There are many felt tip liners out there but this one tops my list by far. :)
What's your favorite felt-tip liner?

much love,

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