Fanny Serrano Long-Last Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner | A Product Review

Hello ladies and Gents, just a few more days and it's year 2012! Oh my! How time flies! :) I'm so excited!! But just before the year ends, here's a product review for you all. :)

It's really impossible to leave SM Department Store or Watsons without buying anything! But getting this eyeliner was practically a no-brainer when I saw it on a sort of pen holder on the Fanny Serrano counter. I've been searching for a liquid eyeliner pen that is reasonably priced and very pigmented. There's a lot of those from The Face Shop, Tony Moly, Kate and other Korean makeup stores but those that I've tried didn't really pan out for my oily lids. So sad, cause these korean makeup brands are affordable. I gave up on those brands when it comes to liquid eyeliners.

The ones that only worked for my eyes are MAC Penultimate Eye Liner and Maybelline Impact Express Felt Tip Liner. Both are very pigmented and does stay on the lids. My favorites, actually, that I hardly strayed.

I'm not really a liquid liner girl, I think I am more of a gel liner person. Not that I have anything against liquid liners, but I find that gel liners are easier to use.

But that's about to change! I'm now a convert to the Fanny Serrano Long-Last Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner! When I tested it on the counter, I could already tell that it has great potential.

Fanny Serrano Long Last Waterproof liquid Eyeliner resembles almost like MAC Penultimate Liner in Rapid Black (the first one that came out). It has the same fine pen tip that is great for wing tip application. It even have that same shiny patent look. Applying eyeliner is not as tedious to use compared to the usual liquid liner with brushes that one could hardly control especially with shaky hands. 

It's been awhile since I last used the Penultimate Liner. I've tossed that one after its last breathe. I've switch to the Maybelline Impact Impress Smooth Felt Liner which has a bigger (almost like a marker) tip. Which in truth is so much easier to use and gives a fine application, too. For beginners, I would probably recommend this one. But of course, Php399 is still a bit too much to shell out for an eyeliner that you're not even sure if you're going to use again, right?

Here's a photo comparison between the Fanny Serrano Long Last Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner and Maybelline Impact Impress Felt Liner:

Fanny Serrano Long Last Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner exceeded my expectation. For only Php195, I am seriously getting more than what I paid for! I hope they don't increase the price after we rave about it.

What I  love...
  • Super affordable at Php195!! Now, there's no reason not to try out pen-tip liquid liners!
  • Pen-like liners gives you a better hold and control than the regular liquid liners.
  • Incredibly easy to use (especially if you have shaky hands like me!)
  • Totally pigmented! (which is a must to avoid running the liner over and over and tugging your lids in the process)
  • Provides a nice precise line even with shaky hands
  • Since its cheap, you can practice all you want and get that lining application down to T!
  • Stays on even without a primer (i have moderate to heavy oily on the lids)
  • Easy to remove with an oil-base or silicone-base eue;iner!

What I don't...

  • Nothing so far!

For me the only 2 cons that a liquid liner could have are the following, if it's not pigmented and if it's not long-lasting. Great to know that Fanny Serrano Long Last Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner is neither of the two. Yey for great products!!

Yes, I've gone crazy with this new liner. :) #lol

Why convert to pen-tip liquid liner?

  1. No need for brushes!
  2. Easy to lug around on your vanity kit or when travelling.
  3. Long lasting (especially if you use either the Fanny Serrano Long Last Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner, Maybelline or MAC)
  4. It's easier to create winged tip eyes with a pen-tip liner (which is probably one of the reason why you're buying a liquid liner in the first place.)
Tips on using liquid liners:
  • Don't be discouraged on your first or 100th try!
  • Just practice, practice, practice!! I promise you it will be easier every time you use your liquid liner!

Good Luck!

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  1. angelamhiere28/12/11 10:23 AM

    Winged liner really looks fantastic on you, Ms.  Shen! ^__^

  2. wow for a liquid liner lover (recently) like moi, I haven't tried both of your faves!!! I need to finish up my current ones and see how these goes! :) Thanks sisterette for the review!

  3. oh my thank you for this in depth review. I've been looking for a pen eyeliner for a while now, and yes I  also love the maybelline impact express. I've also been using the San-San Waterproof eyeliner pen, it really stays and it's definitely waterproof, the only thing I didn't like about it is it dried up quickly. I've also tried the pen eyeliner from elf, it's so so but not good. I'm currently loving the Wet n Wild H20 proof felt tip eyeliner.  I'll definitely give this a try, I hope it also works well for me.

  4. Getgorgeous1428/12/11 9:07 PM

    wow!!im gonna get one! ! ive tried using the maybeline one but i find it expensive :D..this ones waaaay cheaper! yey now I know what to get! THANKS for the great review! 

  5. getgorgeous1428/12/11 9:08 PM

    wow!!im gonna get one! ! ive tried using the maybeline one but i find it expensive :D..this ones waaaay cheaper! yey now I know what to get! THANKS for the great review!

  6. chrisellesymua28/12/11 9:23 PM

    I'm going out to buy this tomorrow. Haha! You convinced me..the quality of this eyeliner looks really great!

  7. Ellen Rose Saturnino28/12/11 10:44 PM

    ok, I said I wont buy anymore make-up this year. . . so mayber next year? haha in a week or so. Thanks for sharing!

  8. i totally want to try this! thats after i finish my liners T^T 

  9. I used the Maybelline Felt Tip Eyeliner before and I agree with you! I love love love it! Haven't tried the Fanny Serrano liner though, but I'll give it a try! :)

  10. i want this.. i will get this one s0on...

  11. Super like! Been having a hard time lining my eyes with the brushes and I usually end up with jagged lines on my lids in the morning - not a good sight! This is great, and very cheap too! :)

  12. Hi Ms. Shen, where could i buy this eyeliner? Looks nice as compared to elf.

  13. pwede kaya to sa waterline? at pang tightline?

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