The Makeup Look: Christmas Vixen (with Video Tutorial) | Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!!

It's Christmas Eve already! Christmas countdown is nearly over! It's time to celebrate Jesus' birthday! But first do enjoy this video I made for you! It's a great Christmas look but I think this look is a classic one and can be worn on any occasion. It's a look with the smokey prime eyes evoke a bit of sexiness that will definitely get some attention from the guys... and red bold lips will guarantee a kiss under the mistletoe!

Blame it on holidays but sporting red lips seem easier to pull off lately. I have several red lipsticks but I notice that when I know I'll be out the whole day, I'll be picking up the Lip perfection Bullet Lipstick from Cover Girl in Hot Passion. I didn't get a chance to blog about this certain shade. I've been told that drew wore this color on the Lip Perfection shade! And damn does it stay on like nobody's business! For anyone interested, I reviewed a few lippies from the Lip perfection line here.

And for those curious, Hot Passion is the basic red lipstick from this line. It almost has the same brightness as MAC Ruby Woo and yet has velvety texture.It glides on easy and it's so pigmented.

As for the eyes, I was never really a fun of matte black eye shadow. It can be a pain to work with but the one from the Beauty Pro Sweet and Smokey Palette was so darn easy to blend! Good thing I was able to secure its fabulousity in a video! Just look how easy it was to use!

Being the vixen is quite easy.. all you need is a little confidence, a sprinkling of spunk and a dash of attitude. Guys can't resist a gorgeous luscious with dramatic eyes. I should know.. my guy loves it when I'm all glammed up.

My hair has gotten a bit longer and since I have the thickest mane, it can get pretty heavy. That's why I keep it a bun most of the time. No need for fancy hair thinggies, I just use my trusty hairband and twist the mane into a knot and secure it like crazy!

I like wearing my hair in a bun. It makes my look a bit more elegant than I intended to be.

I'm grateful that my skin has finally behaved especially at this time of the year when partying is practically required. I can say that I'm happy i went through all the procedures that I did. From House of Obagi's Acne Cure Therapy to their TruPeel Procedure, a mandelic base peeling solution.

Then their's Belo Medical's Botanical Facial, Ice Mask and of course, the latest treatment that I've been raving on twitter, their Fraxel Laser Treatment.

I also can't say enough about Skinnovation, a derma clinic near our condo complex. Dra. Anj really took care of my skin! And of course Flawless Face and Body Clinic for an affordable facials that won't wreck the skin!

The year 2011 really brought out the inner sexy in me. Even with my plumpiness and usual grumpy mood... I feel that nearing my 30th is making me feel more of woman than a girl.. you know.. sort of cougar-ish? I think the BF (soon future hubby) is liking it.

Despite the hardships that this year has brought me, the disappointment and tears, I know I'm blessed! You know song, Count Your Blessings Instead of Sheep? That's mom's favorite song. She has a way of being nega but then would do a complete turnaround and tell me how lucky I am if only I stop and take a look. And she's right! Whenever I feel I'm in the dumps, I take a few minutes to list down things I'm thankful for and well, my life look's pretty smashing after all!

Happy Holidays everyone... and of course..
Much much much love!

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  1. Wow, you're such a pro at applying make-up! I envy your STEADY hands! Haha! Super love your foundation! What's the brand? The mousse type is to-die-for! Just love how your video is so informative! And I'm reading your blog post at 6-ish in the morning! Haha!

  2. Krysta Rivera24/12/11 7:08 AM

    Effortless sexy eyes... love it... I just hope it'll turn out the same when i do it.

  3. Your skin is looking SO GOOD these days - love the red lips!

  4. Chriselle Sy25/12/11 6:41 AM

    I loved your tutorial, it was informative. And this is definitely a nice vixen look.. your skin looks great! Now I want fraxel too >.>

  5. xoxoMrsMartinez26/12/11 10:22 PM

    love the red lipstick on you! Merry Christmas, Shenny!


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