For the Love of Bronze: The Body Shop Honey Bronze Collection

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Summer is my favorite season, maybe stems from the fact that I live near the beach when I was a little girl and my parents would always have a weekend trip down at the beach with their friends, tagging us along. I even have a picture of me and my childhood friend in a kiddie bikini with shades on.

I've recently acquired the latest Body Shop Summer 2011 collection, Honey Bronze, which made me feel all giddy inside. It's actually turning out to be a favorite. It's making me wish that it's summer all over again here in MNL or at least the rain would let up so bronzing up would be more appropriate..

But when was I ever appropriate anyway? Lol! Just kidding! What I meant was, I never let a simple change of season stop me from playing with cosmetics. After all, we can always find ways for things to work out for us. And the truth of the matter is, this is a tropical country! Bronzing is practically a requirement!

Do you know that body shop ingredients are outsourced in Community Fair Trade? I bet it's a bit more expensive compared to synthetic but at least, for purist out there, you know that nobody is taken advantage when using The Body Shop products. For the Honey Bronze Collection, it's main ingredient, honey, is outsourced in Ethiopia which with four buckets of honey, they get to send a child to school! Now, that is cool!

Honey Bronze Simmering Dry Oil

Fan of dry oil? I am! I am a big fan of the Neutrogena Body Oil. Looking at the bottle of Honey Bronze Shimmering Dry Oil, it's looks as if the shimmer is too strong and we'll end up looking like a disco ball worthy of a Boracay Club. It isn't. At. All.

It actually gives a natural looking tan for the exposed skin of the body and actually enhances whatever tan you've acquired. I will be surely bring this with me to Boracay this November for when we go dancing on the beach club.

This shimmering oil gives glow instead of the dreaded shimmer and has a none greasy finish. It's surprisingly easy to apply. The container looks uber fancy and the product isn't prone to spillage but its also a bit of trial to get a lot of product out so be patient when tapping the bottle on to your hands.

Apply this all over the exposed part of your body depending on what clothes you are wearing. But try not to use silk as oil and silk are not meant to interact. Or simply apply as you would your regular dry oil.

Prepare to look like a bronze goddess with Honey Bronze Shimmering Dry Oil.

Honey Bronze Bronzing Gel For Face (30ml)

I admit I was a bit apprehensive to use any liquid bronzer for fear that my application would go haywire and I'd end up with harsh lines on my cheeks that it looks totally uneven and unblended (que horror!). But when I learned as easy way to use this, it wasn't so bad after all.

How I do it:

  1. Simply place a dot cheeks or on the hallows of it (depending on where you wish to place it) using the other end of your brush, 
  2. Gently blend it on your skin using a synthetic blush brush or a stippling duo fibre brush until you get the desired effect.
  3. If it's too harsh or too strong, pat a bit of powder over the bronzer to soften it.

It's gel in consistency so it's easy to blend (just don't let it sit too long). It dries into a nice smooth finish. It kind smells like cocoa, if you ask me. Oh boy, do I love this product. :) Will show you how I use it soon!

The Honey bronze Lip Nectar Moisturising Lip Gloss in Honey brunch and Honey Beige

This may be one of the most easiest buy among the collection because everyone loves a nice moisturising lipgloss. Asian women, especially Filipinas will love the shade of both Honey Bunch and Honey Beige as it suits our skin tone perfectly. Even the scary orangeness of Honey Bunch looks natural on my pigmented lips.

Both are safe for every day look and can be intensified depending on your application. I love how this feels against my lips although it could get sticky when I apply too much. Also, there's no untoward scent. t actually doesn't have one! lol.

Honey Bunch and Honey Beige

Honey Bronze Brilliance Powder in Shimmering Copper and Shimmering Bronze

Compared to the permanent line Brilliance Powder, Honey Bronze's Brilliance Powder is devoted to providing a a nice golden glow that will surely make you the belle of the ball. Brush this on your shoulders and decolletage for a some sparkles.

The glitters of the Honey Bronze Powder of both the Shimmering Copper and Shimmering Bronze is actually the same and may be a little bit too much for many. I haven't tried this yet on the face but on my shoulders, arms and (ehem!) my cleavage, I shone like a veritable goddess! El fabulosa, I tell you. Should you opt to use this on your face, I suggest your do it sparingly and make sure it has something to adhere to. This illuminating powder can be much appreciated especially those with sunkissed skin.

The integrated brush is smooth and the products come out easily. I love the simple packaging. Although it has a tendency to fly off everywhere. If you're using this along your cleavage, chest area and shoulder make sure to apply lotion of dry oil for the brilliance powder to attach themselves to. :)

Shimmering Copper and Shimmering Bronze

Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder in 01 Light Matte, 02 Fair Matte, 03 Medium Matte, 04 Deep Matte

This has got to be my favorite among the Honey Bronze collection. I am in love with bronzers but I admit that looking for matte ones are quite hard. Now, I have four to choose from! It's love that some skin tone can even use this as a face powder!

Shades 01 Light Matte and 02 Fair Matte can act as face powders for me. The finish is soft and can be intensified with application. I use 03 Medium Matte for daytime contour and 04 Deep matte for evening contour. It's unbelievably soft and the application is flawless.

If you want to removes a few pounds or reduce the appearance of fat around your face and body, get a matte bronzer!

I do love the honeycomb design of the pressed bronzer, reminds me of MAC's Naked Honey Collection. And the it has that sweet milk-like scent. I'm near to eating it. Lol.

Bronzing Powder 01 Light Matte

Ideal for those who have cooler skintone or prefers cooler colors.

Bronzing Powder 01 Light Matte

Bronzing Powder 01 Fair Matte
Great for those who prefer warmer colors in clothing and accsories like browns, golds, reds and yellows.

Bronzing Powder 02 Fair Matte

Bronzing Powder 03 Medium Matte

Bronzing Powder 03 Medium Matte

Bronzing Powder 04 Deep Matte

Bronzing Powder 04 Deep Matte

01 Light Matte, 02 Fair Matte, 03 Medium Matte, 04 Deep Matte

01 Light Matte, 02 Fair Matte, 03 Medium Matte, 04 Deep Matte

Honey Bronze will surely make me summer ready and I do love a nice bronzing anytime, any season. It makes me appreaciate my skintone more since I'm now skilled at enhancing it by shading and sculpting it as well as illuminating it using this Collection.

I think anyone will find something they can use with Honey Bronze Collection! Although I highly suggest getting the Bronzing Powders and Lip Nectars. :)

I will try to do a video using the products featured here... :)

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  1. Scatterbraintures9/8/11 1:30 PM

    Wow, finally a matte bronzer. 

  2. i'm interested in the matte colors too :)

  3. So happy about the TBS matte bronzers! I've been on the hunt for a matte bronzer for a while -- hopefully this will be it :)

    Thanks for the review; as always, it's super helpful!

  4. that matt bronzer looks promising. I want!

  5. oh, do you think the bronzing powder is better than the bronzing gel?  i'd like to use bronzers, only, i don't think it looks good on me. or maybe, i just don't know how to use it?  i can't wait to see your next posts on how to use these products! :) 

  6. Can't wait to check out your video tutorial. I'm sort of a goof head in following worded instructions, even with a pic by pic shot of each instructions ( I tried following some of your tutorial and uhmn..failed miserably). I've lost some weight and well, it might not show on my entire body but has left my cheeks a bit sullen..Here's to hoping a little contouring and proper blush application would minimize emphasis on it. Thanks in advance Shen!

  7. OMG! The bronzer looks very promising!



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