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A Shu Uemura Makeover and my DIY Color Atelier Palette


A day of playing around cosmetics with fellow beauty bloggers, a make over and a chance to make your own palette... now, that's what i call a beauty blogger's ideal day.

I've already told you about the playing around with makeup with beauty bloggers. Here I will show you the result of my quick makeover from Patrick, head makeup artist at Shu Uemura Rockwell Mall. He used really amazing products including those I've chosen for my palette.

I was floored with the Shu Uemura Face Architect Sheer Refining Mousse Foundation that I came home with it, much to my credit card's dismay. LOL.

Here's a picture of me and Patrick, the fabulously talented makeup artist. :) I love ALL Shu Uemura makeup artist. They make you feel like a star whenever they work on you. First, Sharon, then John, and now with Patrick. They also don't pressure you on buying anything. They are just so good on demonstrating and explaining their products, that I find it hard not to get anything whenever I get a makeover.

Above photo are the products he used for this look and I must tell you, all of us there wanted to buy everything the artists used for our makeover specially the brow pencil! It was the most amazing thing that I've seen. Just check out my brows!

But enough about that, here's the infamous "The Shen Gee Palette" as Tara aptly started calling hers the Tara Cabullo palette, then I think I (we) should follow suit. :)

If you're thinking that you'll be having a hard time transferring your new Shu Uemura eyeshadows and glow-ons on to the palettes, let me tell you now that you won't! It's the easiest palette to use. No need for unnecessary magnets, glues, sticks, etc. All you have to do is pop out the pans from its plastic containers and insert it on to the palettes. No need for an engineering degree with the Shue Uemura Color Atelier. No brainer, really.

It took me only seconds to arrange my shadows and glow-on on to the case palettes.

It's light and tiny enough for my vanity kit. Have been carrying this palette around in my bag and I can say it's sturdy enough, too.

Let's talk about the color choices I made. I wanted something that I can bring with me when I travel and shadows that I will use frequently. My attention was drawn to many shades and the back of my hands were pretty much covered with swatches. There were blues and purples I was interested in, but nothing really that I wanted to take home with me. In the end, Soft Gold 335 and Light Beige 825 eye shadows were my lucky picks.

Swatch of ME Light Beige 825

Swatch of ME Light Beige 825
Light Beige provides a nice sheen as a base and highlighter. :) I can't wait to use this for my neutral and bronze smokey looks.

Swatch ME Soft Gold 335
Swatch ME Soft Gold 335
Soft Gold will make a perfect base for re-creating looks I've seen from Emma Watson, J. Lo and Taylor Swift.

Shu Uemura P Medium Red 175

I could have chosen more eye shadows but I opt to get a blush since I haven't tried any from the brand. And of course, I choose the brightest blush from Shu Uemura, the Medium Red 175. Personally, I just want something that others wouldn't normally choose.

Thankfully, my instinct didn't fail me. This blush was pigmented enough but doesn't come too strong on the cheeks. Medium Red glow-on is actually buildable. I've finally found a nice matte blush that I can see myself using frequently.

Shu Uemura P Medium Red 175

My case cost Php3580 for the two pressed eye shadows and one glow on. :)
Given the pigmentation and how long lasting these shadows and blush are, I'm sure I'll get the most out of these loot.

What's great about the Color Atelier is that you get to have the say in all the choices you make. Dare to be bold and choose wildly dark colors for some smokey look or down to earth ones with shades of browns and bronze. Why not just make a contouring palette or snap in favorite blush and highlighter? The choices are endless... and they are all yours to make.

I like how my palette turned out. But I'm sure to change this once in a while -- you know, I easily change my mind. :)

Glow on Php1095
Pressed Eye Shadow Php695
Mono Case Php450
Duo Case Php1095

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  1. You look gorgeous.  The brow pencil is supposed to be great, heard lots of good reviews.  The palette sounds great and easy.  I love Shu blushes. 

  2. your eyebrows are perfect! yun ang una kong napansin on your first photo!  ang ganda.... and i also love your Shu Uemura palette, if only I can afford it, hihihi

  3. Nice ng palette mo :) :) :) I've seen the transformation! He made all your features pop sis!

  4. love your color selection! and i like how slim the palette is. can easily be carried in bags or even in dinner handbag!

  5. love how the blush and lippy complements your coloring ♥

  6. You look beautiful! And you chose such pretty colors for your palette!

  7. Great choices for your palette! And your makeover is lovely :)

  8. The light beige eye shadow really looks good on you. It adds to beauty to your already-pretty face.

  9. I am so excited about this coming to the UK! You girls are lucky in the Philippines!

  10. Shen it sounds like a really fun day and your makeup looks amazing. Love your eye brows.

  11. I lovvvve alll the colors shen! so gorg! and you look so blooming lately huh? :)

  12. Shen Gee palette and Tara Cabullo palette is medyo lookalike! The Gold did it! :D Hihi, partners talaga tayo!


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