Share Your Favorite Clinique Experience | Be My Date for the Clinique Real Women Party!

But first let me share mine!

Listing down my favorite Clinique products are easy. Everything. I love their 3-Step Program (I'm in the number 3), their Moisture Surge and Acne Blemish Solution Clarifying Moisturizer. I still find it fascinating that Clinique is one of the brands that have made re-think my thoughts on moisturizers and it's the first that doesn't insist on selling numerous products. It actually believes that you only need to use those that your skin needs.

I grew up in household that consisted many women and I would usually see atop their vanities Clarifying Lotions, Dramatically Different Moisturizers and Moisture Surge. I would also see lipsticks in green seek tubes, compact powders and of course, the popular Clinique Happy scent. My cousin use to hoard Clinique Happy and would only use this perfume even when going to school!

As for me, I admit I was a late bloomer. So late in fact that it was only a few years ago that I got re-acquainted with the brand and actually tried a whole collection for myself. Thanks to a beautfiul enabler, Nikki of Askmewhats, I finally visited Clinique and did a personal skin consultation. Then, I purchased my very own Moisture Surge and Liquid Facial Soap. Before beauty blogging, my experience with Clinique only consisted f me sneaking to my mom's vanity and borrowing her Clarifying Lotion and makeup remover! I can't believe that I now have a vanity filled with Clinique products!

As for their makeup, I am a such a big fan. There is always something very comforting with Clinique cosmetics as it is a skin care first and then, a makeup. With Clinique, their makeup seem to have dual purpose, caring for your skin then making it beautiful in an instant. 

During the Clinique Party we held last August, I was introduced to their Superbalance Makeup and their DermaWhite makeup products.

I first bought the Derma White Bright C Liquid Makeup. You know I've got this weird obsession for liquid foundations. I can't seem to go out of the house without applying it. I wanted to try this out because Mira, the brand manager fro Clinique Philippines, told me that it resembles the matte finish Superfit Foundation has with the benefits of Vitamin C. I love Vit C and I love them on my skin care. She said, that being part of the Derma White line, this liquid foundation also helps with lightening the skin. Not as potent as the whitening skin care but at least your skin is aided with this foundation. I was sold!

The scent was the first thing I noticed, reminded me of concentrated Vitamin C. Then the super  liquid-y texture of it. Using a thin foundation brush, this provides a coverage in between medium and heavy. I noticed that the foundation feels light against my skin. As if I wasn't wearing any foundation at all. 

Derma White Bright-C Liquid made it to the top of my favorite Clinique products because:
  • It provides medium to heavy coverage enough to hide blemishes and fine lines.
  • lightweight feel of the foudation makes me think I'm not wearing any foundation at all
  • Smooth even application.
  • It has whitening properties which helps speed up whitening or lightening process of the skin.
  • Cancels out redness effectively.
  • Provides a matte finish quite similar to their dscontinued Superfit Foundation.
  • Stays on for good few hours and even with my extreme oiliness, my skin looks dewy instead.

Next was a special gift, the Clinique Superbalance Powder Makeup.

Clinique Superbalance Powder Makeup with SPF 15 Mineral-Rich Formula

It quite stole the spotlight, the Superbalanced Powder Makeup. It's the most amazing mineral makeup out there if I may say so. Goodbye to "Swirl, Tap & Buff." This powder encased in a grinding compact is super handy for me. I just tun the knob and the right amount of product comes out with no worries of making too much of a mess. What's best is that it provides a flawless finish, ideal for oily skin like mine.

What's to love with Clinique Superbalance Powder Makeup:
  • The convenient packaging of the grinding or shaver case with a decent brush and a good size mirror.
  • Provides an even flawless application.
  • Can be used alone as an alternative to liquid or cream foundation forms (but doesn't entirely cover blemishes)
  • Ideal for most skin types (even for those with dry skin. Although flaking might become visible with use)
  • Creates a smooth finish even without the buffing usually required with mineral makeup.
  • Ideal for touch-ups as it feels lightweight.
  • Doesn't cause any breakouts
  • Tames redness around my nose and chin area.
  • Amazing texture!
The Results

When used at the same time Clinique's Derma White Bright-C Liquid Makeup and Superbalance Powder Makeup gives me that sort of matte with a slight dewy look. I love the results and many have complimented me with it I shocked beyond words given how bad my skin is right now.

I've very picky when it comes to foundations. I tend to be a bit of a brand snob even. That's just because my skin reacts to foudnation quickly. I tend to breakout with products that are in the lower price range. And I sincrely envy girls who can get away with local cosmetic brands. But I know many women who suffers with a skin like mine. 

My advise is, always ensure that you give your skin the best. I know several friends who opt not to use makeup at all because past experiences with makeup have failed them and did damage to their skin. I'm happy that with some attestation from yours truly, they are now contemplating on using makeup but getting only those that have been known to care for the skin as well. One of their choices, of course, is Clinique, given that is a skin care first before it is a makeup.

Here's something that I know you'll be so excited about!

Now it's your turn to share your Clinique experiences and you could have the chance to become my date for the Clinique Real Women Party on November 5, 2011*.

Write about your favorite Clinique product/experience on the comment section below. Please include your email so I can easily reach you! One entry per contestant.

Send in your mobile number to shensaddiction(at)gmail(dot)com with subject head "Joining Clinique Real Women Party, Contact me if I Win"

Before joining, please be sure that you are available on November 5. I don't want to go there alone! :)

Deadline of entries are on November 3, 2011 (11:59pm)

The chosen one who will attend the Clinique Real Women Party with will be announced on November 4, 12noon or earlier and details of the event will be announced via blog post, twitter, and facebook. So be sure to follow and subscribe!

Addendum: To be fair and unbiased, I will ask the BF to choose the best comment of all those who joined. :) Believe me, nobody is more unbiased that the BF who is so analytical in everything. :)

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*This event is only open to Metro Manila residents who can make it to the Clinique Real Women Party on November 5, 2011. Winner will be announced and will be informed as soon as possible. I will be giving an ample amount of time for your response. If you no response for at least an hour, I will choose another winner. I hope you understand this. :)

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  1. Martha Sta. Barbara27/10/11 9:03 PM

    Hello Shen! :D

    Why should I be your date? Hmmm. Because I miss you! LOL!

    Kidding aside, I've been a mineral makeup head lately and I want to see for myself what Clinique has to offer. :) I also want to expand my knowledge about different brands out there in the market, as I've been feeling that my knowledge about brands is quite limited to my favorites.As a Beauty Blogger like you, I have to gain more knowledge, and expand my horizons so I could impart more useful info to my dear readers.

    I have to be honest and say that I haven't used Clinique for quite a looong time. But I remember one of my first encounters with the brand. It's with their High Impact Mascara. It was one of my first makeups, and I remembered using it up until the gunk inside the tube turned rock solid! I didn't want to throw it away because it really gave my lashes that 'oomph'! I think that tiny tube of mascara was one of the products that paved the way to this passion (and addiction!) of mine. :D

    That's all. :)

  2. hi Shen :)

    My fave Clinique product is the Clinique happy scent. its smells so nice. Its a nice pick me up scent. Its my perfect everyday perfume/cologne spray :)

  3. So blooming, Shen! I wish I could join but I already commented on Lauren D's :) Pretty much coz she blogged about it before you did, haha. Napaka unfair ko kung salihan ko kayo lahat :D

    Just couldn't help but comment on how lucky you are on bagging Clinique makeups that matched your skintone so nicely. I'm always windang on their shades. Snooty attendants' fault primarily. I don't argue about how off the shade matching is that's why I end up paying for the wrong bottles and compact :(

  4. oh my!! i use to experience the same with other brands naman. With clinique naman (even before they approached me to do events and things like this), their SA's are accomodating naman. when i first bought the clarifying lotion and facial bar soap, nice naman si SA at binigyan pa niya me ng sample. And she didn't know i was a blogger.

    but with experiences like this, i learned to be assertive talaga. di naman ako mahirap so i won't take it if they treat me like it. hehehe!

  5. I have yet to experience using products by Clinique.  One of these days, I will try to save up for some of their goods. My friend recommends their eye cream.

  6. Chryztyne Hermoso28/10/11 9:19 AM

    Too bad, I won't be available on Nov.5.. :( But I want to try that Superbalance Powder Makeup. Thanks for the nice review.

  7. Honestly, I have the littlest knowledge of Clinique and its products before I attended Ms. Nikki's Clinique Party. Ang alam ko lang, basta Clinique, mahal. Totoo! Kaya tanggap ko na hindi ako magkakaroon ng kahit ano na Clinique (unless na may mabuting loob na magbigay). Good thing, I got sample sizes of Clinique's facial wash, moisture surge and mascara as part of the party. 

    I hesitated to join this contest because the only experience I have on Clinique's  was those of the sample sizes. Nakakahiya mag-share ng mga experience kung based lang samples. Maniwala kaya sila? Anyways, here's my take (GO lang!), bahala na!

    My skin was tested during the party and I was told that it is very dry. I actually noticed it even before. I was asked if what kind of moisturizer was I using then and I answered, "just random moisturizers in Watson's". I know that those 'random moisturizers' will never be enough for my dry skin but what can I do? Those 'random moisturizers' are what my savings can afford (Kawawang nilalang?!). The consultant applied DDML on my face and at that instant, I saw and felt the difference. There was even a lady who complimented my glowy skin after the party. I was really excited to see moisture surge inside the loot. Different from DDML but worked wonders on my skin. I think the sample size lasted me 3 weeks, tinipid ko kasi. Haha. For 3 weeks, I felt my skin was at its best condition. It was glowing and smooth. Napansin ko pa ng na hindi nagke-cake ang makeup ko. If only budget was never a factor, I might have gotten myself a bottle and a backup. Pero hindi e. Now, I am saving up for a DDML. Malayo pa ang iipunin ko pero at least meron. Sana by December meron na. May mararating ang pa-isa-isang daan ko na ipon per week. Haha!

    My experience with a sample size may look crazy when compared side-by-side with those of experiences with full sizes. But then again, that was what I experienced and I feel it is worth sharing. Malapit ko na rin i-share yung pang-full size ko. :)

  8. best wishes to the Clinique party! you look fabulous with the foundation/powder combo!

  9. OMG shen, same tayo. I super love love love Clinique DermaWhite Liquid Foundation. It's my HG so far, though I haven't blogged about it yet :)

  10. Assertion is something i need to practice! assert, assert, assert. That'll top my 2012 Resolutions list :)

    Kilala ko yung SA na yun ng Clinique (she used to be in Shang pero now nasa Gateway na ata) kaya pagpapractisan ko sya para mas maging assertive ako ;)

  11. I was sixteen the first time I tried Clinique. I received sample sizes as gifts from my best friend on special occasions. Little did I know that he would ask for these from his mom whenever she went to the US; his mom got the full-sized bottles, all the samples were his, to give to me. I married my best friend eight years later. Clinique was only one of the wonderful ways he showed me his love, even at a time we didn't even know of it yet.

    I am now 44. I have been using Clinique for the last 28 years.. I rely on Clinique for my skin care and I use their cosmetics on a regular basis. My friends say I look young for my age and I always counter that fat has no wrinkles, but I believe Clinique has had a lot to do with it too. That, and my wonderful husband's love for me.

  12. Hi Shen, my favorite clinique product would be- the Clinique color palette. It's travel friendly. I blogged about it before. It has a blush, 2 eyeshadows, a brush and most of all it has a mirror. For me its the perfect kikay companion. Its light, small and it doesn't hurt that the silver compact looks stylish too. I bring it with me all the time.


  13. Yes, Clinique's eye creams are fabulous. I especially like all about eyes. :)

  14. thanks, sis! i would love it sana if you can join but you're not here.. sniff!

  15. Shen! Love the new lay out and design of your blog.. so fresh!

  16. hay same here! i want to join join join! meron bang dyip pauwi pinas? hehe! sayang!

  17. Chelle Obligacion-Gray3/11/11 6:18 PM

    Hi Shen! 

    I learned about you and the Clinique Real Women Party through a good friend who highly speaks about your blog. 

    My first comment to her when she said I had to write about my fave Clinique product is do I really have to pick one?! LOL Anyways, I heart Clinique products! First time I purchased my first Clinique set was back in 2000 on my first business trip in Singapore. I just wanted the cute turquoise and lime green "free" bag at that time and was thinking I'll give the beauty products to my mom. I ended up using one product - Clinique's All About Eyes. Since I was a party girl at that time, I know I'll need it to reduce circles and puffs =D I made the right choice because it's very effective. I've been a fan of that product ever since  and I've recommend it to friends up to this date. 

    In late 2009 I was lucky to be sent to the US for a business trip so I save up my per diem so I could buy goods to bring back home. I hoarded a bag full of Clinique products - a big box of 3 step set for my mom, Clinique Happy Heart perfume and body cream for me and 2 sets of mini make-up kits (eye shadow, eye liner, mascara and 3 step samplers). 

    Even if I'm a single mom and works on a budget I made sure to take care of my skin and save up for my fave Clinique products. I'm actually looking forward to getting my 13th month so I can buy another All About Eyes Cream and try the All About Eyes Serum De-puffing Eye massage =)

    Hope you get to pick me as your date and I'm excited to mingle with other Clinique fans and beauty bloggers =) 




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