Monday, October 31, 2011

Watsons H Bella Bath and Body Care Winners!

Sorry for the delay!! Don't be mad!! Didn't realize this has been sitting on my draft! Boo me!

Here are the winners of the H Bella Collections!

Belle B (candycoatedpaw) - Rose and Mixed Berries
Christina Sunga - Pomegranate and Ginger
Apol (abril_trese)- Strawberry and Cinnamon


Please email at shensaddiction(at)gmail(dot)com with subject "I won H Bella Giveaway.", your name, address and contact number. :)

If you could meet me either at SM Megamall or Shang. I'd appreciate it (So I can save on the shipping fee). :) Hehehe!

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CYNOS | Inside Hair Care Here in MNL

Happy Halloween!

October 25, 2011, Creations Salon, Glorietta 5, Makati - Selected number of women from digital and traditional media were invited for a day of pampering at Lourd Ramos' salon, Creations, with treatments and hair procedures care of Cynos, the latest beauty player in town. Derived from the word Cynosure which means to lead the way to fashion, Cynos (also translated to Cycle, Natural, Original and System) aims to be become a leader in hair care in the beauty industry.

First made in Korea then Germany and Canada, CYNOS has found its way in the Philippines, a country that is inhabited by women who takes their salon experience seriously. 

CYNOS brings a range of hair care products, treatments and procedure that are quality made but affordable to many. Quite a feat that I think we Filipinas would defiinitely appreciate.

Given that my hair has undergone a lot of procedures, from chemical rebonding to coloring, it is in a state far from what a healthy hair looks like. Filipina Ambassador of CYNOS recommended that I try to Silk Essence with Proteing Replenisher.

Silk Essense is a miracle treatment that is ideal for weak and damaged shaft much like mine. It's a seven minute process which is great for those in a hurry. Protein Replenisher brings back nutrients to the hair, leaving it soft and shiny.

thanks, Kira, for this photo!
I love getting my hair washed by someone else. I think it's one of world's most relaxing experience. I often wish I was born into royalty in renaissance time so my hair would be washed by someone else all the time. Hehehe!

thanks, Kira, for this photo!

Playing around with Kira posing as if I'm tired of my dry hair. lol!

thanks, Kira, for this photo!
Tada! Smoother and shinier hair!

As with most hair treatment, the effects are almost immediate. But of course, caring for our hair isn't a one time deal. I can say from experience that if you're happy with your hair, try not to do anything with like coloring, rebonding or curling. Rather just care for it with hair sunscreen and frequent hair conditioning. But if your hair is like mine, then you have probably tried different things to improve the texture of your hair.

And with that comes with great responsibility. With rebonding, the drem of straight long and frizz-free hair is attained but dryness could be the next assault. So care for it with not just regular conditioning but salon and home deep conditioning.

One of the suggested at home care is the Morocco Argan Oil. Morrocan oil, for centuries has been known to mositurize and repair dryness on the face, body and hair. Compared to the other moroccan argan oil I've tried, this one has the most pleasant smell and for the size, it's the cheapest at Php1,200. It looks and feels very aunthentic.

One of the CYNOS products that I like to try is the Moon Dust. Moon Dust is great for oily hair. I think I need this during those times I'm not allowed to wash my fair for a few days like when i just had rebonding treatment. Also when going out of town where in water is scarce. Actually, I just really like the feel of it. Like snow! This is sold for Php350.

My Silk Essense and Protein Replenisher cost around Php1,000.

Contact your favorite salon and ask for CYNOS treatments! Or visit my favorite salon, Creations by Lourd Ramos, at Glorietta 5, Makati!

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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Burning In Water | Shu Uemura X Wong Kar Wai Holiday Collection 2011

They say that the bluest of flame burns the hottest and the brightest.

Taking inspiration from the poem of Charles Bukowski entitled "Burning in Water, Drowning in Flame", Shu Uemura and Wong Kar Wai built the Holiday Collection 2011 in a whirlwind of colors and emotions with the ever beautiful Sadrinne Pinna as canvass. The 45 second film entitled "Mask" as directed by famous and acclaimed director, Wong Kar Wai, exudes the a cinematographic elegance that he is known for along with a touch of artful grace that of Shu Uemura has always evoked in all of its collections.

Shu Uemura X Wong Kar Wai Holday Collection 2011 Launch at Opus Lounge

October 21, 2011, Opus Lounge at Resort's World, Pasay -- I was invited to the launch of Shu Uemura's latest holiday collection for this year in collaboration with Wong Kar Wai, acclaimed Chinese film Director. The theme of the launch has a 1920's China vibe to it. As Alex suggested, it did reminded us of Wong Kar Wai's 2046 film. All the guests were dressed to the nines, the food and drinks overflowing. It was a night to celebrate.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Share Your Favorite Clinique Experience | Be My Date for the Clinique Real Women Party!

But first let me share mine!

Listing down my favorite Clinique products are easy. Everything. I love their 3-Step Program (I'm in the number 3), their Moisture Surge and Acne Blemish Solution Clarifying Moisturizer. I still find it fascinating that Clinique is one of the brands that have made re-think my thoughts on moisturizers and it's the first that doesn't insist on selling numerous products. It actually believes that you only need to use those that your skin needs.

The Body Shop Brow and Liner Kit | A Product Review

I've always wanted to get me grubby hands on The Body Shop Brow and Liner Kit in 02 since God knows when  So when it went on sale for 20% off (i can't remember exactly how much, silly me!) But I'm sure around 300 was cut off the original price. This is what I like about The Body Shop, their constant sale promos. :)

Why 02

I got the 02 Palette which is a lighter version from the 01, which had a black and dark brown powder on it. I got the 02 because I've seen several makeup artists of The Body Shop Philippines, use the darker shade of brown in the 02 palette on me. I know that the darker shade is intended as a liner while the lighter one as the brow color but since the darker shade matches my brows better, I bought this instead.

Brow Talk

Brows are such an important part of the makeup look especially if you have sparse or bushy eyebrows. Brows frame the face and with the right definition, you can give yourself a makeover just for grooming your brows.  To date, I think I have 5 brow products in my stash. Having really unruly and bushy eyebrows then having it groomed made me realize how different and so much better looking I am when my brows aren't all over the place.

How I do my own brows
  1. Pluck the stray hairs around the eye lid area.
  2. Start filing in your brows from the arch instead of the edge of the brows.
  3. Use the darker shade of the kit to define your eyebrows.
  4. Fill in your brows with the lighter shade of shadow on the kit.

What I love:

  • The shades with wax are very pigmented which makes using this kit a lot easier.
  • The shade lasts all day even with changing temperatures of the weather.
  • It's incredibly easy to use (especially if you have The Body Shop's slated liner brush)
  • The packaging of the palette is so nice!
  • Really shapes the brow and keeps it in place.
  • How natural my brows look even if I pile on the product and create a really incredibly defined look.

What I don't:

  • they can do away with the brush included in this kit. For me it's a bit awkward to use. Better use a slanted liner brush. I like Charm's Duo Brow Brush.

The Result, Before and After Photos

I really don't regret getting The Body Shop Brow and Liner Kit in 02. It matches my brows perfectly and achieving a well-defined brows is a breeze.

Brows still not groomed | Before Photo

Filled in brows with The Body Shop Brow and Liner Kit | After Photo

I have a quite a collection of favorite eyebrow products, The Body Shop Brow and Liner Kit is definitely on the top three. Worth the money, indeed! And definitely high on my recommendation list.

I can even say that this has replaced my HG Eyebrow Palette, ModelCo Eye Browz Designer Kit.

Beauty Tip: 

Want to be able to groom your brows on your own? Visit a brow place like Browhaus and get your brows threaded by them. So far they have the most accurate way of giving you a really natural looking brows. Once you've seen how your brows should look like (sans stray hair etc.) practice filling it in, day and night. Soon, you'll be able to do your brows on your own since you've sort of memorize how it is shaped and where hairs should actually be.

Key word is Practice. So be patient. Sooner than you think, you'll be able to do your own brows, even inside a moving car. :)

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The Body Shop Brow and Liner Kit is available at all The Body Shop Store. I got mine at SM Hypermart.

Browhaus is located Serendra and Greenbelt 5.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pimple-Buster: VMV Hypoallergenics Simple-Gentle Skin-Saving Toothpaste

For the past few months, I've been having pimples around the mouth area and it's been making me crazy ever since. It's been a problem for me since Day 1 and I can't help but feel vulnerable against the acne attack.

I went to my dermatologist at Skinnovation for KI shots (steroid shots for acne to reduce swelling and speed up healing), she told me that I might be dealing with Peri-oral Contact Dermatitis  (Acne and rashes around mouth and chin area). She recommended that I use a gentler toothpaste for the meantime. To check if my current fave toothpaste might be the reason for the breakouts.

I didn't tell her I smoke which I think is one of the major reason for the acne invasion (although I think it's quite obvious that I should stop that either.).

When I asked her what toothpaste I should purchase, she told me about VMV's Simple-Gentle Skin Saving Toothpaste. So off I went  and bought myself one at VMV Hypoallergenics boutique at Bonifacio High Street.

The Simple-Gentle Skin Saving  Toothpaste is not your regular toothpaste. It has no minty flavor at all. To be honest, it sort of taste like Nestle Cream! It has a cream texture. At first I had trouble with the "no minty feel" because it makes me think I didn't brush my teeth at all. But I had to come to terms with it if only to ease my Peri-oral Contact Dermatitis.

I didn't really think it was possible but with the first few days I was using this, my acne has sufficiently lessened! And currently, I only have a bump or two around the chin area!

The concern I have was if I was really getting my teeth cleaned. So what I do about brushing my teeth? I touch my teeth and feel if it's quite squeaky and smooth. Good thing it is. But it definitely took a while before I got used to the taste of this toothpaste.

I love that this toothpaste only have a few ingredients. It really assures me that it is safe for the skin.

I didn't realize until I got acquainted with this brand that Halogens, Fluorides or Dyes can cause acne and can really cause damage  to the skin. Sigh... Unfortunately, many girls like me suffer from this. It's a good thing that there's VMV to help me out with this problem.

Pam of VMV showed me that they have another variant of VMV Simple Gentle Skin-Saving toothpaste for those who want the minty aftertaste, the Skin-Sensitive Fine Fresh Toothpaste with natural peppermint. I've been using this every morning to rid of my AM breathe and to have that fresh feel in my mouth.

The minty feel is very subtle and it lathers really well. It also cleans my teeth same as their other variant. If I'm in the mood for that familiar taste of a regular toothpaste, this one does the job. It's not too strong nor too much.

Although this can never replace the overall feel of regular toothpaste, I'm glad there is a option for us who are constantly hounded by Peri-oral Contact Dermatitis.

If your skin is a lot more prone to Peri-Oral Contact Dermatitis, choose the Simple-Gentle Skin Saving Toothpaste. But if you just want to maintain your skin free from pimples, then the Skin Sensitive Fine Fresh Toothpaste with Natural Peppermint is a nice choice.

To be honest, I still use my regular toothpaste but not as often as I use to. I pretty much still love how it freshens my breathe but since my skin is too sensitive, I'm glad I have VMV to thank for creating toothpaste that heals and targets my acne problems.

So if you're like me, suffering from acne around the chin and mouth area, consider getting a gentler toothpaste. It might be the cause. Better yet, visit your dermatologist so she can help you with your acne problem.

Other things to consider if you have acne around chin and mouth area:

1. Eating too much spicy foods.
2. Cuddling with your pets.
3. Bacteria's from your cellphone (especially if your pimples are on the sides of your face)
4. Change your bedding and change your detergent to a milder one.
5. Wash your face with gentler facial soap or cleanser.
6. After brushing your teeth, wash your mouth area (where toothpaste foam have come in contact with) with facial cleanser to wash off toothpaste residue.
7. Limit your regimen to a simplier one and avoid using serums for the meantime.
8. Avoid unnecessary touching your face or resting your hands on your chin (your unsanitized hands might be causing the breakout.
9. Ask the BF to shave his beard or use a gentler facial soap.
10. Avoid making "beso" for the meantime until you've tamed down your acne.

Right now, I'm pretty pleased that I have won the battle with my Peri-oral Contact Dermatitis. But living a life free from acne is too far-fetched for me. I know that it's a permanent deal that I will have acne for the rest of my life. I'm quite lucky though, that I have many products, treatments and procedures to help me out with this battle.

Hope this post helped you out! If you have any questions, just feel free to ask me through the comment box below! :)

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Monday, October 24, 2011

Loving My @AvonPH Black Manzzini Tote

Avon Philippines (@AvonPh) recently launched their first premium Manzzini Bag Collection. Named after the famous fashion street of Italy, Via Manzzini, this collection aims to resonate the same luxe the street evokes to men and women who visits it.

In this post, you'll see one of the two new premium bags of Avon, the Manzzini Tote with Mini Purse. It's a very roomful bag that can carry the rest of my life: 2 kits with my makeup and meds, wallet, card holder, eyeglasses, phones, camera, etc.. It has several compartments and you can choose to remove them!

Love that it has 3 straps. It can turn into a shoulder/body bag, tote or sling.  You know I'm a sucker for anything gold so the hardware on this bag is definitely up my alley.

I love that it is neither too small or too big. Just the right size... I don't usually go for black bags, but when I started toting this one it has made it to the "Exception to the General Rule" List. #lol

Isn't she just pretty?

And i do love the zipper details on the bag. So edgy. :)

Avon Manzzini Collection will be available on December 2011 through your favorite Avon Lady, priced at Php1650. Don't have an Avon lady? Visit and find out how to  get in touch with one. :)

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Looking So Plump Don't Stop me from Dressing Up

Sorry to show you guys photos of me, so early on a Monday morning. :)

I've recently come to terms that I am now a member of the plump society. Of course, naturally, I was depressed when I realize how "fat" I was getting. People tend to be mean with their comments when they see me and I can't help but feel hurt. But lately, I've embraced my new body type.

Since I know I gained this weight by letting myself go, I'm trying to find ways to lose the excess pounds by eating healthier and exercising. But I am in no hurry. What's important now is to just be healthy and eat a balanced diet (oh how hard that is!!!). 

For the past week, I've been invited to a few events that sort of requires for me to dress up a little. Of course, it was a bit hard fitting into old clothes. Thanks to Spanx, Inchess Off, Maidenform and Wacoal, I can still manage to wear some old dresses I have in closet. I should be conscious with all the fat in my arms, chest and tummy, but I'm hardly feeling anything. Eh ganun eh. Mataba ako ngayon. I can't stop living my life just because I gained 20 pounds. What would happen to me if I feel sorry for myself?

And I can't let my weight dictate what I have to wear! No, sir! I can't!

At Salon De Ning, Manil;a Peninsula for an Avon event

dress: forever 21; shoes: trunkshow; bag: fendi; bracelet: shen's addiction accessories; watch: rolex; earrings: avon accessories

At Opus, Resort's World for Shu Uemura x Wong Kar Wai Event

jumpsuit: pink manila; belt: forever 2; bag: fendi; shoes: so! fab (not seen); bracelet: shen's addiction accessories; necklace: forever 21; earrings: forever 21; watch: rolex

Looking at how I dress now, I'm definitely not the girl who use to settle for plain shirts and jeans. I'm quite proud of myself to be able to summon the confidence to don these clothes.

It took a while to gather spunk and self confidence but thanks to few inspirations like Oprah, America Ferrera, The Plump Pinays and Santana Lopez, I have no reason to think that I'm limited to frumpy outfits.

What's important is that I'm enjoying my life, having fun with friends and getting to feel at ease with my own body!

So if you're like me... don't feel bad at all. Instead, let the world know that you won't let the excess pounds stop you from living your life.

Happy monday, peeps!! :)

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Friday, October 21, 2011

Revlon ColorStay Acqua Mineral Makeup | A Product Review

Revlon ColorStay Aqua Mineral Makeup has been one of the mineral makeup products from mastige brands that I've been wanting to try. First, because of the word "Aqua" got me intrigued. Second, I loved the brush the frist time I tested it at the Revlon Counter.

What Revlon Website has to say about their ColorStay Aqua Mineral Makeup:

NEW Colorstay Aqua™ Mineral Makeup delivers a burst of hydrating coconut water and an instant cooling sensation upon application. The result: your skin looks luminous and its texture smoother. With a shine-free formula that’s made with water, not oil, this lightweight powder gives you a fresh, flawless finish that lasts all day. 
Fragrance free and non-irritating. 
Provides medium coverage in 8 beautiful shades, with SPF 13 protection.

Thanks to an angel, he gave a me sample of Revlon ColorStay Aqua Mineral Makeup to try. Unfortunately, it was way too light on the skin. So how can I review and sharE my experience with this product with you, right? I was at a lost for some time and then I realized, I can use this for something else!

The Beauty Tip:
If you happen to buy a foundation that is too light for your skin, you can use this as an undereye setting powder. This will lighten your under eyes effectively and will make your undereye concealer stay longer.

I already gave the beauty tip early on. I hope you still remain for the rest of the review! :)

The Packaging

I am in love with the packaging! I love that the brush is integrated in it and that brush is synthetic. The brush alone makes buying this foundation worth it because it's incredibly soft. Its placed atop the jar and you can easily slide it. The brush is retractable which makes this it all the more handy. Personally, I'm really impressed with this one. I think I might even find away to reuse this after I finish this up.

Opening the jar, the sifter is deep enough to cradle some powder without having much of a mess. I like this part since mineral powder tend to go all over.

The Experience

Even with how light Revlon ColorStay Acqua in Light is compared to my skin tone, I tried this powder for the sake of this review. How come that mineral makeup released by many beauty brands usually have shimmers in them? The shimmers that are too obvious I felt as if I was using a highlighter all over my face. Not really something my oily skin needs. Rather, it accentuated how oily skin is.

It's a good thing that I like the cool feel upon application of the Revlon ColorStay Acqua. It's as if I'm doing a wet application of mineral makeup. The texture feels nice against my skin sort of dry but with a bit of hydration in there. Coverage range is light to medium. Not really the type to cover blemishes. Definitely the foundation for those who just want something light for their skin.

What I love about the Revlon ColorStay Acqua in Light..

  • Cooling sensation upon application
  • Staying power is pretty impressive.
  • Nice to use as a setting powder for liquid foundation.
  • Has 8 shades that can fit even Asian Skintones
  • The powder feels incredibly light against the skin
  • Powder is finely-milled
  • Packaging is amazing!
  • Can be used as a highlighter
  • Great for touch-ups.

What I don't...

  • It only provides light to medium coverage.
  • There are shimmers in the mineral makeup and they are quite noticeable.
  • Expensive at around Php1000 approximately.

The Verdict

As a highlighter and under eye setting powder, I love my Revlon ColorStay Acqua in Light. I've been reaching for this lately to set my under eye concealer and the results are quite amazing! It gives that dimensional look and the shimmer helped my brighten my under eyes. Now I don't need to purchase a product to set my concealer as this one will suffice and quite exceeds the expectation. I'm in love with the cooling feel since I think it gives my the skin under my eyes the hydration it needs for the rest of the day. And the staying power was quite impressive.

Overall, I don't think I will get another Revlon Colorstay Acqua. I'll probably grab some other ColorStay products since many from this line are more appropriate for my skintone.

So, no, it's not like I don't like this. Revlon ColorStay Acqua Mineral Makeup is not just the right makeup for my skin type.


I recommend this to those with very dry to normal skin will definitely enjoy the dewy and glowy effect of this foudnation. not to mention that the cooling sensation felt utterly divine on the skin.

I hope they come up with matte version of this Acqua Mineral Makeup Line. I'd definitely be grabbing that if ever.

Will you be giving Revlon ColorStay Acqua Mineral Makeup a try? Have you already? Care to share your experience with it?

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Revlon products are available at all leading department stores nationwide. I prefer to get mine at SM Megamall and Watsons at SM Hypermart Pasig since both are conveniently located where I live.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Human Nature Mineral Blush in Rosy Cheeks | A Product Review

When I attended the Read The Label event by the Pinoy brand, Human Nature, I was so excited. I've heard really good things from the brand and some of the products I've tried have impressed me. But what I was really curious of was their New Mineral Makeup Line. Human Nature prides themselves by using ingredients that are safe for the skin and for the environment.

Like most people, I find myself wondering if I could really convert to "good" makeup. I am not a tree-hugger, I love city lifestyle and all its conveniences. Like I said many times over, I appreciate the wonders of chemistry. But if there is a way I can enjoy a makeup sans the bad ingredients, then who am I to say no, right?

Human Nature Mineral Makeup line enticed me because their makeup comes in traditional forms. I made a review of their latest eyeshadow palette and I shared there how pleased I am that they provide a pressed palette. Mineral makeup have become a fad but what we didn't know is that some mineral makeup company do not test all their ingredients. I've recently found out the mineral oil, given that it is mineral (so it's natural) was never actually tested by any cosmetic company nor the regulations board of any country. I'm not sure exactly why. But apparently, mineral oil can cause bad skin reactions.

Human Nature made sure that every ingredient in their product are safe. To a point that it can even touch a baby's skin. 

As you can see, the description says that this mineral blush is 100% No Harmful Chemicals. No chemical preservatives, parabens, mineral oil, articifial dyes or other toxic substance. Human Nature makes one think how serious we really are with what we use on our face. Do we really want the best for it or we want to just enjoy the immediate perks of cosmetics?

Right off the bat, I wasn't all too happy with the pigmentation when I swatched it. The texture is a little bit chalky. But do I hate it? No, I don't. With a nice synthetic brush, I use my Henri Calayag face brush, the color immediately transfer on to the cheeks. And contrary to the swatching, it is pigmented enough. 

I've used this on several occasions and it gives a really nice flush. Very au naturelle. With my fair to medium skintone,  it appears as if I do have as the name suggests, Rosy Cheeks. With the brush, the powder isn't chalky at all. It even have a nice clean scent to it.

By and by, I am okay with the Human Nature Mineral Blush in Rosy Cheeks. It's probably one of the safest makeup out there in the market and quality wasn't too compromised. Yes, I am pretty shocked to find this out myself. You know me as the girl who tried different types of makeup and I am used to products that are really pigmented and easy to work with. I'm glad that this mineral blush doesn't disappoint.

Many women like me (who are addicted to makeup), wants a product that delivers more than it's packaging or the price. Happy to say that Human Nature Mineral Blush is a good alternative.

What I love about Human Nature Mineral Blush:
  • It's Mineral Makeup!
  • It's pressed means no mess!
  • Provides a really natural looking flushed cheeks
  • Affordable at Php225
  • 100% No harmful ingredients!
  • Safe for the most sensitive skin
  • Lightweight feel
  • Comes in 4 shades that really compliments Filipina/Asian skintone (3 mattes and 1 with shimmer)
  • Proudly made in the Philippines!!
  • Product will last awhile
  • There is stamp at the back of the blush palette that shows the expiry date.

What I don't:
  • Pigmentation is sheer (you need to apply more product if you want your cheeks to pop)
  • This is really just for achieving a natural makeup look.
  • Staying power is about 2 to 3 hours (with how oily my skin is. But I'm sure those with dry to normal skin would enjoy more hours.)

How to get the most out of your Human Nature Mineral Blush:

  • Use a synthetic brush as it grabs more color and transfer them all to your cheeks so you don't need to work too much on building the color.

I love the Rosy Cheeks shade since it similar to how I naturally blush. It's also matte so it doesn't enhance my skin's oiliness.

Human Nature Mineral Blush in Rosy Cheeks

Overall, I like this blush but I don't think I'd be a convert just yet. I still love my traditional cosmetics and would continue using it. Maybe when epiphany or motherhood hits me, I'd be more conscious with using safer cosmetics. Until then, I'm glad this one is in my stash. This would have a place in my makeup kit since the packaging makes it travel-friendly.

They also launched their Read The Label app on Iphone, which is dictionary of ingredients that tells you whethere an ingredient is safe or not. Check the labels before you purchase makeup to ensure that whatever touches your skin is indeed safe. Download app here or just type Read The Label on the Search tab of your Apple App Store.

How about you? Are you thinking of switching to safer makeup? Are you conscious with what's in your cosmetics?

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You can purchase Human Nature Mineral Blush at their website, click here.

To know more about the brand, visit their Facebook page:

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