Shu Uemura X Wong Kar Wai Holday Collection 2011 Launch at Opus Lounge

October 21, 2011, Opus Lounge at Resort's World, Pasay -- I was invited to the launch of Shu Uemura's latest holiday collection for this year in collaboration with Wong Kar Wai, acclaimed Chinese film Director. The theme of the launch has a 1920's China vibe to it. As Alex suggested, it did reminded us of Wong Kar Wai's 2046 film. All the guests were dressed to the nines, the food and drinks overflowing. It was a night to celebrate.

The launch includes a makeup show that features the talents of Shu Uemura makeup artists and their interpretation of the Shu Uemura X Wong Kar Wai Collection. I'm amazed with all the results and how avant garde the looks have become.. and yet still seem to be wearable. The models seemingly coming to life from a film of Wong Kar Wai. It's full of drama, bedazzles and elegance... 

I don't know, somehow.. This collection makes me feel as if I'm floating on air... like the beggining of falling in love. You know that feeling, I'm sure.

Patrick in his masterful creation on Patricia Prieto

John Pagaduan and Sharon created what seems to be a woman in flight...

Here's a more neutral but exceedingly full of of drama from Angie.

Another dramatic look from Mickey See, worthy of a Wong Kar Wai heroine.

They say that eyes are the windows to the soul... wear a mask and still the true emotions will still surface... I'm now understanding the film Wong Kar Wai created and how it interacts with this year's Shu Uemura Holiday collection.


Here are the ladies who were with me at the launch, drinking champagne, nibbling on bite-size steaks and in tranced with all this collection has to offer.

With Earth, Rowena, Nikki and Teefany

With Phoebe, Nina of Shu Uemura Ph, Earth, Rowena and Nikki. We miss you Sophie and Tara!

Phoebe and Jane

Earth, Rowena, Nikki and Teefany

Phoebe, Jane and I!

Phoebe and I... doesn't feel complete though with the rest of Team E!
Nikki was busy dancing. lol!

Elaine, Nicole and Nicole of OK! Philippines Magazine. Missing Frances!

 Cosmopolitan Philippines' Regina and Trixie with their friend.

Quirky Rowena and Nikki (I think Katy Perry was in the background music)

And look who made it to the StyleBible.Ph this time? That's me!

Thanks to Nina for inviting me to this wonderful launch. Also my thanks to Sandro for taking the photo.

Shu Uemura X Wong Kar Wai Collection will be available at all Shu Uemura November 2011.
Reserve your picks now!

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  1. All of the makeup looks lovely, including the lashes.

  2. I love your outfit, so classy.

    I'm dying to get something from this collection because I love Wong Kar Wai, but hindi talaga kaya ng budget. :( Hanggang tingin na lang ako. I particularly love the cleansing oil and eyeshadow palettes, so nice!

  3. Jamillacamel30/10/11 12:57 PM

    You go to all the best events! You look so chic! Thanks for the pics!

  4. ganda and sexy mo Shen! congrats for the style feature!


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