Must Try: Clinique 3-Step Program

I finally gave in and bought myself Clinique's 3-Step Program at Rustan's Makati. Actually, just the soap and toner. But the sales associate gave me a sample of the dramatically different moisturizing gel. Thank you!

clinique 3 step program by you.
Facial Soap - oily skin formula with dish
Clarifying Lotion 3
Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel

In the past, I got a chance to use Clinique Toner 2, thanks to my mom's stash. But clearly, it wasn't for me when I had a skin consultation at Clinique's counter in Rustan's. Using their table (i'm not sure what they call it), the SA was able to determine the products that will work best for me. In less than a minute, I was recommended the facial soap, clarifying lotion 2 and the moisturizer gel.

It was an easy purchase for me and although I was quite short for the moisturizer, the SA provided me with a sample that will last me a long time. It was quite sweet of her. She even said that it would be better if I had all 3 to experience the difference. I promised her then that I'll be purchasing the full size as soon as I'm done with the sample.

In controlling my oilies, this 3-step program really helped me. My skin is really testing Clinique's effectiveness. I love the clean and refreshing feel it gives me. The soap has a cool minty feel which is mild at the same time. The Clarifying lotion rids of the excess dirt that the soap left and exfoliate my skin. The moisturizer gel is very light that it leaves my skin soft and primed, ready for makeup or just a goodnight sleep.

Do you know that Clinique has an intensive research and testing protocol? That even if one person among 7200 subjects reacts with their product, they will reformulate?Now, that's what I call really taking care of your skin.

Got oily skin? Let Clinique take care of it!

much love,

You may experience Clinique's free skin consultation at their counters in Rustan's Shangri-la and Makati.

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