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Looking So Plump Don't Stop me from Dressing Up


Sorry to show you guys photos of me, so early on a Monday morning. :)

I've recently come to terms that I am now a member of the plump society. Of course, naturally, I was depressed when I realize how "fat" I was getting. People tend to be mean with their comments when they see me and I can't help but feel hurt. But lately, I've embraced my new body type.

Since I know I gained this weight by letting myself go, I'm trying to find ways to lose the excess pounds by eating healthier and exercising. But I am in no hurry. What's important now is to just be healthy and eat a balanced diet (oh how hard that is!!!). 

For the past week, I've been invited to a few events that sort of requires for me to dress up a little. Of course, it was a bit hard fitting into old clothes. Thanks to Spanx, Inchess Off, Maidenform and Wacoal, I can still manage to wear some old dresses I have in closet. I should be conscious with all the fat in my arms, chest and tummy, but I'm hardly feeling anything. Eh ganun eh. Mataba ako ngayon. I can't stop living my life just because I gained 20 pounds. What would happen to me if I feel sorry for myself?

And I can't let my weight dictate what I have to wear! No, sir! I can't!

At Salon De Ning, Manil;a Peninsula for an Avon event

dress: forever 21; shoes: trunkshow; bag: fendi; bracelet: shen's addiction accessories; watch: rolex; earrings: avon accessories

At Opus, Resort's World for Shu Uemura x Wong Kar Wai Event

jumpsuit: pink manila; belt: forever 2; bag: fendi; shoes: so! fab (not seen); bracelet: shen's addiction accessories; necklace: forever 21; earrings: forever 21; watch: rolex

Looking at how I dress now, I'm definitely not the girl who use to settle for plain shirts and jeans. I'm quite proud of myself to be able to summon the confidence to don these clothes.

It took a while to gather spunk and self confidence but thanks to few inspirations like Oprah, America Ferrera, The Plump Pinays and Santana Lopez, I have no reason to think that I'm limited to frumpy outfits.

What's important is that I'm enjoying my life, having fun with friends and getting to feel at ease with my own body!

So if you're like me... don't feel bad at all. Instead, let the world know that you won't let the excess pounds stop you from living your life.

Happy monday, peeps!! :)

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