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October 25, 2011, Creations Salon, Glorietta 5, Makati - Selected number of women from digital and traditional media were invited for a day of pampering at Lourd Ramos' salon, Creations, with treatments and hair procedures care of Cynos, the latest beauty player in town. Derived from the word Cynosure which means to lead the way to fashion, Cynos (also translated to Cycle, Natural, Original and System) aims to be become a leader in hair care in the beauty industry.

First made in Korea then Germany and Canada, CYNOS has found its way in the Philippines, a country that is inhabited by women who takes their salon experience seriously. 

CYNOS brings a range of hair care products, treatments and procedure that are quality made but affordable to many. Quite a feat that I think we Filipinas would defiinitely appreciate.

Given that my hair has undergone a lot of procedures, from chemical rebonding to coloring, it is in a state far from what a healthy hair looks like. Filipina Ambassador of CYNOS recommended that I try to Silk Essence with Proteing Replenisher.

Silk Essense is a miracle treatment that is ideal for weak and damaged shaft much like mine. It's a seven minute process which is great for those in a hurry. Protein Replenisher brings back nutrients to the hair, leaving it soft and shiny.

thanks, Kira, for this photo!
I love getting my hair washed by someone else. I think it's one of world's most relaxing experience. I often wish I was born into royalty in renaissance time so my hair would be washed by someone else all the time. Hehehe!

thanks, Kira, for this photo!

Playing around with Kira posing as if I'm tired of my dry hair. lol!

thanks, Kira, for this photo!
Tada! Smoother and shinier hair!

As with most hair treatment, the effects are almost immediate. But of course, caring for our hair isn't a one time deal. I can say from experience that if you're happy with your hair, try not to do anything with like coloring, rebonding or curling. Rather just care for it with hair sunscreen and frequent hair conditioning. But if your hair is like mine, then you have probably tried different things to improve the texture of your hair.

And with that comes with great responsibility. With rebonding, the drem of straight long and frizz-free hair is attained but dryness could be the next assault. So care for it with not just regular conditioning but salon and home deep conditioning.

One of the suggested at home care is the Morocco Argan Oil. Morrocan oil, for centuries has been known to mositurize and repair dryness on the face, body and hair. Compared to the other moroccan argan oil I've tried, this one has the most pleasant smell and for the size, it's the cheapest at Php1,200. It looks and feels very aunthentic.

One of the CYNOS products that I like to try is the Moon Dust. Moon Dust is great for oily hair. I think I need this during those times I'm not allowed to wash my fair for a few days like when i just had rebonding treatment. Also when going out of town where in water is scarce. Actually, I just really like the feel of it. Like snow! This is sold for Php350.

My Silk Essense and Protein Replenisher cost around Php1,000.

Contact your favorite salon and ask for CYNOS treatments! Or visit my favorite salon, Creations by Lourd Ramos, at Glorietta 5, Makati!

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  1. hi! anong amoy ng moroccan oil nila? I'm a fan of the oil but not the scent. I'd love to find one that's smells bit better than the usual argan oil. Thank s!

  2. hi sunnystar!

    the argan oil smells nearly as good as a hair serum.. no oil-like scent at all. :)

  3. yey for shiny hair! how much treatment mo sis?

  4. Anthea Villanueva1/11/11 9:16 PM

    Just this weekend, my mom was telling me about Moroccan argan oil (she's concerned about my hair and scalp, because they're in such bad condition). She told me the Body Shop is supposed to have it. I'll try this brand too! =)

  5. I love what you did with your cheeks... teach me hehe



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