Monday, October 24, 2011

Loving My @AvonPH Black Manzzini Tote

Avon Philippines (@AvonPh) recently launched their first premium Manzzini Bag Collection. Named after the famous fashion street of Italy, Via Manzzini, this collection aims to resonate the same luxe the street evokes to men and women who visits it.

In this post, you'll see one of the two new premium bags of Avon, the Manzzini Tote with Mini Purse. It's a very roomful bag that can carry the rest of my life: 2 kits with my makeup and meds, wallet, card holder, eyeglasses, phones, camera, etc.. It has several compartments and you can choose to remove them!

Love that it has 3 straps. It can turn into a shoulder/body bag, tote or sling.  You know I'm a sucker for anything gold so the hardware on this bag is definitely up my alley.

I love that it is neither too small or too big. Just the right size... I don't usually go for black bags, but when I started toting this one it has made it to the "Exception to the General Rule" List. #lol

Isn't she just pretty?

And i do love the zipper details on the bag. So edgy. :)

Avon Manzzini Collection will be available on December 2011 through your favorite Avon Lady, priced at Php1650. Don't have an Avon lady? Visit and find out how to  get in touch with one. :)

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Jhengpot said...

I love it :)

herroyalbleakness said...

oooh, a convertible tote! neat! You look so pretty Shen, the bag totally complements the entire look :D

Chez said...

i love your blog


Eilana Manalo said...

super love it,,can't wait to have that gorgeous bag............

Galaxia said...

pretty cute!

Issachavez said...

it is so pretty!  love it! :)

MrsMartinez said...

Sossy bag sha ah!


MariaKristela said...

So classy! :)

Kicker_chicgurl said...

Love the bag and outfit too!

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