Monday, February 28, 2011

OOTN's: Pond's Event at Shang Palace

Teeyah of Chronicles of Vanity aka "Partner"

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Scents that Shine

Maja Salvador is the face behind Tupperware's Shine, which a collection of bath and body products: Hand and Body Lotion, Body Mist, Perfumed Body Talc and Body Spray. Tupperwre brands couldn't have picked a better girl to represent Shine as Maja has is one of the famous personas in movie and television of her generation. Her witty personality and her undeniable Filipina beauty will surely entice you to want to smell as georgeously as her. :)

To try Shine for yourself, call your Tupperware sales associate or their hotline number: 02-867-2222. :)

My Michi Calica "Christiana" Cocktail Bag

Michi Calica is probably one of the designers that exudes her love for what she does in her every designs. When you look at her designs, it's not only going to impress you but it's going to make you fall in love. Just like what happened to me when I saw this bag I won at the Styling Contest she held with her sister Marie Calica. Oh boy was my heart soaring when I finally got to see it in all it's glory when I got home.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Trying Garnier Nutrisse Cream Nourishing Permanent Hair Color

After the year '96 debacle of me playing with my one of parents' hair coloring kit, I never ever again touched another. Not until I got the Garnier Nutrisse Cream Nourishing Permanent Hair Color as a gift and I thought, "why not?". My roots were showing and it's becoming unflattering.

The Script in MNL!

Who's going? I really want to go! Desperately!!
If you still don't know them then listen to Breakeven and Man Who Can't Be Moved!
I promised myself that I will go to their concert when they visit Manila and it is frakkin' happening!!
And no one is going with me. Bummer!

Friday, February 25, 2011

SakuraBella Event at Beauty by SM, Makati

SakuraBella was officially launched weeks ago and I was lucky enough to be among the guest of the said event. SM Makati Beauty Section became a springtime in Japan as its decorated with hundreds and thousands of Cherry Blossoms and many men and women walked around in Japanese-inspired fashion.

Sakurabella is a  bath and body products of the Watsons brand that boasts of a cherry blossom scent that is very much popular in our tropical shores. Now it's a lot more affordable for us to smell like springtime! :)

Duke is Ready for Work!

Oh! My little boy is growing up! :) Look at him trying on daddy's tie!
Isn't he just adorable?

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bobbi Brown Philippines Pretty Powerful Contest!

Hi Lovelies!

Head to the Bobbi Brown Philippines Facebook Page and join this wonderful contest that I've neglected too long to share with you! But there is time to join and I think you readers will definitely enjoy what Bobbi Brown has in store on their social networking site.

You know how great of a fan I am for Bobbi Brown cosmetics so I encourage everyone to join this contest!

How easy to join! Just post your Pretty Powerful photo and answer the 3 questions posted above on the photo and you've got a chance to win a fab prize!

What are you waiting for, click, like and join the Bobbi Brown Contest! :)

P.S. Join the contest at their Bobbi Brown Philippines Facebook page, not here! :)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bed Nook

I use to want a bed nook when I was young because it look so comforting and safe. But now that I get to share a bed with the most amazing man in my life, I never felt more comforted and safe. le sigh!

But I'm sure gunna ask my daughter (one that I'll have in the near future) if she'd want one. :)

FOTD: Fantasy Blues

It's another FOTD! :) I wore this look at the Vector GPS launch. It's a nifty gadget for those who frequently get lost and it's not just for the car since it's portable. It's almost the same size as my Iphone. I'm thinking of getting the BF one for his birthday since he's a guy.... Therefore, hates asking for directions. LOL!

I Need A Doctor - a Bro or a Love Song?

Not many know this but I love hard core rap. Those that you can't dance to, really. And those you'd hardly hear playing in the clubs. One of my major influence was my cousin who introduced me to Bone Thugs, Notorious B.I.G, Tupac and Eazy E. These were the songs I was listening to along with Stone Temple Pilots, Foo Fighters and Red Hot Chili Peppers. You'd say my taste in music is pretty much diverse. I like all sorts of music, depending on their tune or their lyrics. It would really be hard to classify what really is my favorite... but one of those is definitely Eminem.

Enimem's music is pretty much straightforward and I like that about him. His style in rapping is quite different and refreshing. But while watching the 2011 Grammy's and saw him perform this song with Dr. Dre, I had to laugh a bit. It's like a love song their singing to each other. LOL! How sweet right for what seemingly machismo guys to write a song like this. Hehehe! I find it a bit funny but researching the lyrics, it was deep. I love how the two didn't give up on each other. LOL!

Well, other way to look at it is a modernized "You've Got a Friend" song! :)

Monday, February 21, 2011

FOTD: Sweet Pinks with my Pretty Palette

I used my Bobbi Brown Pretty Palette again. I've gravitating to pinks lately that its making me crazy. I feel like I should be collecting Hello Kitty stuff or better yet Little Twin Stars. But I can't. Unfortunately, living with someone curtails freedom of expressing my current faves. Sad, I know. Good thing the BF knows NEVER to mess with what I put on my face.
It's a good thing that my Pretty Palette is full of pinks on it, it's sating my cravings!

Bobbi Brown was right, natural makeup need not be just about browns and beiges. A nice twist to the usual neutral look is playing with pinks. 


The day I wore this look became such a bad day. But what I realized it that one should never lose one's cool especially when dealing with unreasonable discirminating people. I was very pleased with how the day ended. The BF and the dad came to rescue and I appreciated how great the men in my lives are.

Being Pretty Powerful is acknowledging that sometimes we do need people to help us out. It was an enlightening moment. There are things I still need to learn and many I still need to go through. It was hard feeling helpless and anger all at the same time. I just really wanted to be in my mom's loving arms and let the trouble take care of itself. It was hard because I needed to be adult. I needed to stand up for what was right.

What I learned is that the next time I run into trouble, I promise to keep my cool, not cry and just try to be more open-minded. Accidents happen and happen it shall. To worry or to fuss over it will only prolong the agony. To think for resolution is the fastest way to go.

But boy was I glad to see my makeup all in tact when I got home though. :) Hehehe! Excuse the vanity. Thank you. :)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Max Factor Xperience and How to Achieve a Natural Look by Bobby Carlos

Max Factor has just recently launched its latest collection. It's a marriage of the some of the most natural ingredients and Max Factor's famous cosmetic technology. This whole collection is all about achieving a polished natural look as seen on the runways.

Cosmetic trends have shown to be on move towards a more natural look, not overly done and gearing more on ingredients that are a lot safer for the skin. Of course, Max Factor is one of the brands that advocates this look as a front runner in cosmetics.

This gave birth to Max Factor Xperience, a whole new range of cosmetic that advocates luxe-simplicity. Experience the look of simplicity with the luxurious products that Max Factor Xperience at an affordable prize.

Bobby Carlos, sought-after Filipino makeup artist, graced the event along with the beautiful Megan Young as his muse to give us tips on how to achieve the Max Factor Xperience look that is inspired by nature and the latest trends in makeup this year. Read the rest of the post as I took photos of his step-by-step tutorial.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Thursday, February 17, 2011

FOTD: Gold Member, Red Letter

I was having a bad morning yesterday. My allergy was acting up and I literally woke up sneezing and my eyes watering like crazy. My throat felt dry from the wheezing and my nose red. What a day to spend the post-Valentine day. R felt so bad for me and gave me song allergy med. Finally come noon, it subsided and I needed to get ready work. Had to salvage the rest of the day and also get ready for a meeting. Good thing I had new dresses to choose from. :)

Monday, February 14, 2011

MAC Wonder Woman Collection

MAC Sheen Supreme Lipsticks

Coming this March 2011

MAC Sheen Supreme 

Happy Valentine's Day 2011!! (An FOTN)

Happy Valentine's, Gorgeous Ladies!! :)

What are your plans for today? As for me, I still have no clue.. So far, the last three days was Valentines enough for me. Last Friday, the BF indulged in a bit of shopping. During Saturday, we had a movie date and watched Season of the Witch starring Nicholas Cage. It was a really nice movie. R and I love period fantasy films. Yesterday, eve of Valentines, we had the annual FK Valentine Dinner. This year we dined at Grilla / The Old Spaghetti House Antipolo City. We waited for Valentine's Day at Biksa Coffee while sipping cappuccinos, ice blended coffees and yummy cakes.
I so love being my friends and I'm such a lucky girl that my BF is now a part of that group and that he enjoys hanging out with my friends' boyfriends. Really, even with a happy relationship with Ron, I can never neglect or let go of my BFFs. They are the best people in the world and nothing gets me like them. Even R knows that. :)

But enough of that. Valentines is the day I indulge in wearing red lipstick and a red dress. It's the day that wearing red is actually required. :) LOL! This is by far the best excuse to use that red lipstick gathering dust on your vanity. :)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Forever 21 Shopping Spree!

I'm not so svelte as other people out there, so pardon my physique. :) I just recenetly hauled a few dresses at Forever2. Well, it definitely shows that Forever 21 has something for everyone. :) I go crazy whenever I go inside. I was just suppose to get a pair of shoes and instead I ended up with these stuff. No shoes in tow after. LOL!

I love these haul.. best of all, all of these are R's V-day gift! :)

 These dresses I spotted are great for summer. Love the prints on the first one while I love the nautical feel of the second dress.

Friday, February 11, 2011

The Eye Primer I Can't Stop Raving on Twitter!

Oh, Eye Primers, How do I love thee! I simply can't survive without you, really!

I am most handicapped when ever I don't use an eye primer as my lids are extremely oily and my country's humidity leaves my eye shadow creasing til its almost disgusting look at. Although I can't consider myself an authority on eye primer as I've only used Smashbox, Urban Decay, Etude House and Too Faced... this recent discover blew me away.

To be honest, although mineral, natural and organic, is the best way to go nowadays... I wasn't really expecting too much from a mineral eye primer. Really, not all natural, organic and mineral works. I should know, I've been a constant guinea pig for the past 3 or 4 years with trying all sorts of natural products but only few of them made it to my fave lists. I still am a firm believer in science and how scientists and chemists come up with products that may have ingredients we could hardly pronounce but truly works. Well, that's my two cents. And the fact that I enjoy both worlds, makes me happy woman!! :)

But this time is when nature's at its best and made this eye primer truly works (at least for me it does). :)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

No Time Like Now: Estee Lauder Time Zone Night Cream

Aging is something we face every single day. For you girls who are eager to grow up, well, don't be so eager. We aging (hahaha!) women strive hard to retain our youthful looks. If you can't wait to party, drink some dom and patron.. well, you'd hardly love the dry skin, wrinkles and dark under eyes than are often associated with that.

Thank God there are products devoted in making us look younger.. And who else could be a better authority in it than the Estee Lauder? The woman who created the best anti-aging cream. Admittedly, I was really snoop when I was young and would always sneak a peek at my grandaunt's huge vanity table filled with all sorts of skin care and makeup. And among those is Estee Lauder. I would even see it inside her mine ref!

I can't believe that now I am enjoying the skin care that I've always wanted to try even age seven!

Look ten years younger is the goal of Time Zone Night Anti-Wrinkle Cream. Just in time for Valentines Day!!

I am mostly in love with the floral powdery scent of the cream that goes well with the baby powder I apply all over my body just before bedtime.

At first touch, the cream felt very smooth and velvety. Although I felt the cream a bit heavy, I notice that it was absorbed quickly on to my skin. The immediate effects are quite amazing, soft and smooth skin! Since I live with a guy who enjoys aircon all through the night (argh!), moisturizers have been my friend every night. And since receiving the Time Zone Night, I am now enjoying a moisturizer than would reduce my laugh line as well!

Studies showed that most women who tried their products experienced a much more hydrated skin up waking up. In 4 weeks, skin became more plumped and sported a more youthful looking skin!
My sleeping time may not be ideal but I make sure that I still get sleep no matter what. That's why I take night time skin care routine seriously. I make sure that when I'm about to go to bed, I devoid myself of all worries. I even practice a breathing technique that people do in yoga. I also apply a relaxing linen spray all over my bedsheets and pillows and have an aroma scented candle on. I enjoy a good book as well as to make my mind forget of work and deadlines. Definitely stress free for this girl before bed!

If you notice, heavier creams and serums are applied during the evening as night time is when our skin is at most relaxed and when we are most viable to absorb skin care a lot better. I speak of this not only of Time Zone but of all skin care products. Night time is also when our skin is not exposed to pollutant and free radicals that hinders a product from working.

When applying anti-aging creams, don't forget the neck and decoletage.. :)

Thanks to EL for allowing me try such a luxurious product! Will make sure to put this on my Birthday list this year (BF, hope you reading this)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

For Valentines: SpaRga Wellness Spa at Sunset Boulevard

It was quite clear when I first talked to Ruth Gaultier that she is a woman who wanted the feel of her home in this wellness haven at the heart of the Sunset Boulevard, Manila.

SpaRga is a culmination of Ruth's life-long dreams. She set root here in Manila to build a cafe that serves very healthy dishes that are gastronomincally engaging. And above it, a Spa that makes me forget that I am in the middle of the Manila. The house to which the spa and restaurant was built reminded me of old manila where in wearing red lipstick is an everyday occasion and women who lunched with each other and their coiffed hair are perfection, wearing what now are vintage Chanel.

Really, who knew a place like this excited just right across Manila Bay?

Best of all, the food and services are very affordable. It couldn't get any better than that, I tell you.

Hear are the photos I took when I came for a visit!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Don't Worry Be Happy (How I Conquer Bad Days)

Lately, I've been feeling low.. but I know I can't always feel this way forever. Common sense dictates that I can't let all the worries of my life and those that others try to throw at me take over me. I can't let them rule my life. I can't pretend not to feel bad and put on a fake smile... but there's always something very precious amidst all the chaos and the.. well, to be perfectly honest, all this BS.

There will always be something or someone that will try to put me down and make me feel less of the person I am. Something or someone who'll make me feel like sh*t. Something or someone who'll make me so mad that I'll rethink if I am indeed a happy person to begin with.

There will always be heart ache, rejections and disappointment that I'll face everyday. As simple as a car cutting me off because I'm not fast enough for his/her standard. A rejection is form of work and blogging. Not everyone will love this face and not everyone will understand why I chose what I do now... Many freaking questions that will make me want to implode..

Thank God that there are many people who motivate me to be happier each single day.. those that appreciate me for who I am and those that understand that love i have for what I do.

But even standing alone with no one to boost me up, I have conquered all of these. Well, probably not in its entirety but definitely not to a point that I have to put on a fake smile. It's because there is always that simple thing, I call "This, too, shall pass."

Time will come that I will re-read this post again and hardly remember the problems that urged me to make a blog post devoted to it. Everything has an end and everything will fall into place eventually. What's important is that you don't lose sight of who are. Whenever I encounter a dilemma I do a few simple things that immediately livens me up.

1. Listen to feel-good self-motivating songs

Katy Perry's Fireworks have been a constant mantra in my head lately.. There are just so many things I want to do but I admit that having the discourage alludes me because of the problems I've been dealing with lately. I try to open up my heart and see if I am indeed for that purpose and I am. I do have insecurities but no matter how big and daunting they are, I try to put them aside.

But my constant song on repeat for bad days is Stand by Rascall Flatts. :)

Mineral Makeup Need Not Be Messy!

First of, let me just say that I am head over heels over this mineral makeup foundation. Perfect Blend Loose Mineral Concealer & Foundation is on the top of my list when it comes to mineral makeup (although I haven't tried a lot) and I'm glad that it is within my reach as it made and sold here in the Philippines. Oh the joy of accessible makeup!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Revlon's Fire and Ice Nail Polish Collection Set Sparks for V-day

Oohhh!! Are you excited for Valentine's Day? I am quite fond of it myself. The BF and I have this tradition that he always "surprise" me with flowers. I'd always find a bouquet of roses or tulips by my bedside the moment I wake or waiting for me at work. I once told him before that I never did like flowers as a gift but I guess, he didn't want me to be the only girl who didn't get flowers on Valentine's day. Sweet right?

And when I saw the latest collection of Revlon, the revamped Fire and Ice Collection, the nail enamel shades reminded me of blooms that I've once received from the BF. Come to think of it, it reminded of some candies he gave me for no reason at all! :)

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Avon Smooth Minerals Lipsticks (Rosy Brown and Pink Quartz)

I don't own a lot of Avon lipsticks and now, I wonder why. So far, they keep on surprising me with how great they are.

Avon Smooth Minerals, when i first encountered it, rang bells of the MMU addict in me. Who here (all MMU addicts, I mean you) didn't wish that we finally get a chance to try mmu lipstick in the traditional form, in a tube!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Sharing Time: What Makes You Pretty Powerful?

* Bobbi Brown Pretty Palette *

A poem for the Pretty Powerful
They say that being a woman is difficult,
I agree, it really is
Often do we change our hats to fit someone's needs
Whatever we choose, we are often judged.
They say that no woman could be so tough.

Through mom, I learned it was plain and simple
Unless you try, you wouldn't know
After all, we're not just pretty... we're powerful
Inside and out, that you must know
It may often be hard to be a woman, it truly is
To struggle each day as if each will never cease
But with every swipe of blush to my cheeks
and a dab of gloss on my lips
I see that I'm not only powerful... I am also pretty
And it's easily achieved!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

FOTN: Ellana Golds and Bronzes while Mojito-ing

Playing again with my Ellana Multipurpose Minerals or what we, mineral makeup addicts, call MMP! And all this boisterous makeup for a night of Mojito with friends. :) Yup, we are already ordering summer drinks, anticipating the summer vacay's we'll all be having. :)

For the eyes:
Urban Decay Primer Potion (original)
Ellana MMP Divine
Ellana MMP Gorgeous
Ellana MMP Dainty
Ellana MMP Siren
Fanny Serrano Gel Liner (Black)
Maybelline Magnum Mascara

Avon Ideal Shade Liquid Foundation in (Nude)
Avon Ideal Shade Loose Powder in (Neutral)
Maybelline Clear Smooth Mineral Luminous Blush (N01 Original Rose)
MAC Bronzing Powder (Refined Golden)

Bobbi Brown Lipstick (Guava - Coral Cabbana Collection) (See! I want it to be summer already!)


no flash.. at all! hehehe!

See how addicted I am to gold? And I'm glad that Ellana has put together gold shades that are suitable for any makeup looks. Some people may consider gold hard to control but it isn't really, just treat is as base and smoke it out with a bronze or black eyeshadow and you've got one great makeup look. You can even use this to mix with your gloss for a little sparkle! :) And for some heavy clubbing, dust the gold mpm on your shoulders to ensure that the lights find your uber sexy bod as you sway at the dancefloor!

now, where is that Mojito again!
Ahh! There you are!

Have you tried using gold eye shadows? How'd you like it? Let's talk about it at the comment box!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ellana Lip and Cheek Palettes (pictures, swatches)

Ellana's Lip and Cheek Palette is one of latest offerings of Ellana Minerals. It composed of two mineral tinted lip color, one lip spa and a moisturizing cream blush. It's available in 4 palettes; 2 warm palette (peach based) and 2 cool palettes (pink based).

Here are my hauls from my latest purchase:

Pretty in Pink:  Fairy Mineral-Tinted Lip Color (tinted rosy coral); Bubble Mineral-Tinted Lip Color (tinted light rosy pink); Smooch Lip Spa (red pink)

Pretty When Pinched: Pout Lip Spa (pink); Impress Mineral-Tinted Lip Color (tinted red magenta); Smitten Mineral-Tinted Lip Color (tinted pink magenta); Fulfillment Moisturising Cream Blush (Watermelon peach with gold satin finish)

Sitting Pretty Under the Sun: Honey Mineral-Tinted Lip Color (tinted light peach); Passionate Mineral-Tinted Lip color (tinted earthy red); First Kiss Lip Spa (magenta); Harmony Moisturizing Cream Blush (light tan bronzer with bronze shimmer)

Pretty in Pink Palette
Pretty in Pink is what I would recommend for those with same skin tone as I am (light-medium). It's the Smooth Lip Spa is amongst my favorite, a nice lip balm for everyday use. Bubble Mineral-Tinted Lip Color is a fun pink gloss and gives that uber pink lips while the Fairy Mineral-Tinted Lip Color is very forgiving for all sorts of pigmented lips like mine. Flirtation Moisturizing Cream Blush is one of the best pink cream blush and with its high pigmentation, making it appear on almost all skin tone will be easy.

Pretty When Pinched Palette
Pretty When Pinched I recommend for for with cool undertones and have light to medium skin tones. I love all the Mineral-Tinted Lip Color. Impress is definitely something for the evening and for events like presentation. It's gloss texture is amazing to give an oomph to your everyday lipstick. Smitten is a pink lipstick you'd want hanging around with you when you're out with the girls having coffee or on a date. Dab it with the Pout Lip Spa for a little dimension. Fulfillment is amongst my favorite mineral powder blush and having this in cream form that last longer is a dream. Can work with warm undertones, too!

Sitting Pretty Under the Sun Palette
Sitting Pretty Under the Sun is definitely a peach palette. Everything here will work for all skin colors. Although I am not very much attracted to peach tones, I am very happy with how it compliments my golden undertones. Honey is like my-lips-but-better-coz-of-the-shimmer type of lip color. Passionate is amazingly pigmented and appears matte on my lips. Must remember to use First Kiss Lip Spa first that gives my lips smoothness and softness. And if there's one reason to get it, it's for the Harmony Moisturizing Cream Blush. It's very pigmented and gives me that contour I love on the hallows of my cheeks!

Check out the Close-up pictures I took and you decide which you like best!

Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink

Pretty When Pinched

Pretty When Pinched

Sitting Pretty Under the Sun

Sitting Pretty Under the Sun


Pretty in Pink: Smooch, Flirtation, Fairy, Bubble

Pretty When Pinched: Impress, Fulfillment, Pout, Smitten

Sitting Pretty Under the Sun: Passionate, Harmony, Honey, First Kiss

 Lip Swatches:

Pretty in Pink: Bubble, Fairy, Smooch

Pretty when Pinched: Impress, Pout, Smitten

Sitting Pretty Under the Sun: Passionate, Honey, First Kiss

Mineral-tinted Lip Colors: Some are amazingly pigmented like Smitten, Bubble and Passionate while the rest appears glossy like Fairy, Honey and Impress.

Lip Spa: Doesn't really show enough color, just your usual lip balms but none of the usual bad stuff like paraben and petroluem. Will definitely moisturize your lips.

Moisturizing Cream Blush: Amazingly pigmented! It's also matte so yey! for oily skin ladies like me. It's not as hard to blend as I thought it would but it's definitely not as easy compared to my other cream blushes. Nonetheless, I really love all the cream blushes! Trick is to warm the cream blush with your fingers when getting the product and lightly smooth on to your cheeks.

I really love the Ellana Lip and Cheek Palettes, that I didn't mind it doesn't come with a lip brush. But I do hope they'll come up with it though for it's more hygienic that  way. Overall, I am happy with my purchases and I will be stashing them in my kikay kit, especially when going out of town when I don't want to bring tons of products with me.

Don't forget to exfoliate your lips with Ellana Lip Scrub!

Ellana Lip and Cheek Palette are not shown at Better check out their Facebook Page for their latest catalog. You can email them or send them a message on FB for your orders. :)

Each palette cost Php280! Steal, tight?

Did you like any of the palette I posted above? Share them to me by commenting at the comment box!
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