Don't Worry Be Happy (How I Conquer Bad Days)

Lately, I've been feeling low.. but I know I can't always feel this way forever. Common sense dictates that I can't let all the worries of my life and those that others try to throw at me take over me. I can't let them rule my life. I can't pretend not to feel bad and put on a fake smile... but there's always something very precious amidst all the chaos and the.. well, to be perfectly honest, all this BS.

There will always be something or someone that will try to put me down and make me feel less of the person I am. Something or someone who'll make me feel like sh*t. Something or someone who'll make me so mad that I'll rethink if I am indeed a happy person to begin with.

There will always be heart ache, rejections and disappointment that I'll face everyday. As simple as a car cutting me off because I'm not fast enough for his/her standard. A rejection is form of work and blogging. Not everyone will love this face and not everyone will understand why I chose what I do now... Many freaking questions that will make me want to implode..

Thank God that there are many people who motivate me to be happier each single day.. those that appreciate me for who I am and those that understand that love i have for what I do.

But even standing alone with no one to boost me up, I have conquered all of these. Well, probably not in its entirety but definitely not to a point that I have to put on a fake smile. It's because there is always that simple thing, I call "This, too, shall pass."

Time will come that I will re-read this post again and hardly remember the problems that urged me to make a blog post devoted to it. Everything has an end and everything will fall into place eventually. What's important is that you don't lose sight of who are. Whenever I encounter a dilemma I do a few simple things that immediately livens me up.

1. Listen to feel-good self-motivating songs

Katy Perry's Fireworks have been a constant mantra in my head lately.. There are just so many things I want to do but I admit that having the discourage alludes me because of the problems I've been dealing with lately. I try to open up my heart and see if I am indeed for that purpose and I am. I do have insecurities but no matter how big and daunting they are, I try to put them aside.

But my constant song on repeat for bad days is Stand by Rascall Flatts. :)

2. Have a passion for something.

Makeup and writing have always been my passion. I may not be great in doing both but it doesn't make my passion any less than Picasso did for artworks. I am as devoted to this craft as much as any artist is with their medium.

Feeling strongly about something somehow set my feet on the ground keeping me steady. Like a light at the end of the tunnel. For example, when mom died I poured out my heart in this blogging. From what was a sorrow now bloomed into something that is very integral part of me...

I even joined the Bobbi Brown contest and posted my attestation to that. Check it out here!

click photo to see how my love for beauty helped me survive my mom's death

3. Have a strong support group.

Having the best people who understand me but still have the guts to be painfully honest with me is very important. As humans, we need others to help us out once in a while. Someone who'll make us feel better and console but someone who's also there to tell us when we're being the worst version of ourselves. Sometimes we need to be told we're being stupid or an pain in the neck. Sometimes, we need to put in our place. And who better to tell that than the people who knows you best.

4. Faith

I am not  religious person. I hardly practice any of my religion's teachings. But knowing there is Someone out there who is far greater than me and the problem I am facing soothes me immediately. My mom use to tell me that He will never give me anything that I can't carry... And if He does, He'll be there to help me carry the burden. So, when I feel like unmotivated to a point of giving up... I leave it all up to Him. I know He can get busy sometimes will all the people He needs to tend to but I always have faith that He'll share my problems with me.

5. Take a few deep breaths..

Simple, right? A yogini friend once told me that breathing clear the mind almost instantaneously. I kinda like feel the influx of oxygen in my lungs and in my brains. So when I feel when I'm about to explode and ready to shout explitives... I take a few deep breathes and it immediately calms me.

6. Sleep

Especially when troubles tend to creep in when I'm at most vulnerable. In Eat, Pray, Love, there came an epiphany to Elizabeth that tells her to sleep. I kinda get that. Somehow, the problems that plague me during day waking hours quite disspates or seemed easily solvable after a good night's sleep.

There's an adage that goes something like "Let the problem, problems itself".. well, I feel that way in the morning. I somehow feel wretched after making such a mountain what really was just a molehill...

Six simple things that makes me feel alive again.. Six simple things that makes difficult things seem easier. :)

On that note, let me leave you something that my dad use to sing to me when I was young. He told me that its the only song that makes me go fall asleep. Funny, right?

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  1. Thanks. I needed this...(although sleep seems impossible for me right now. haha)

  2. I agree with numbers 2, 3, 4 and 5. :) I love the before and after photo as well! :)

  3. i'll keep this in mind. thanks sis!

  4. Askmewhats8/2/11 11:06 PM

    Sis, there will always be down moments but you're right, you try to stand up and understand what or who gives you the power to be alive and happy! From there, you will find peace of mind!

  5. In life, we experience ups and downs. Just think of the problems as blessings because God will not give you problems that you can't handle. And there will always be a lesson to be learned, just keep on praying and He will give you comfort. Here's a big big ♥hug♥ for you!

  6. I'm really not the praying type. Ever since I was young i thought of God as a very busy person and I always think my problems are too petty for him to be bothered with... :( there are more thing He could do with his powers that worry Himself with mine.. something like that. But maybe this is the time i should really start praying.. :)

  7. thanks sis for those wonderful words. I believe those as well. i'm glad you're my friend.. that's a big blessing for me already. :)

  8. we all should, i think! :) hehehe!

  9. awww! glad i was able to share this at a time you needed it.. :) i sometimes think that we are all alike... problems may differ but the emotions are very much the same.. and what we need is something that gets us through all of it and not just one.. :)

  10. Simplyshane_039/2/11 11:06 AM

    thank you for this post, Shen!


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