Pond's Golden Beauty: Tweetie De Leon-Gonzales

It couldn't be more right when Pond's introduced Tweetie De Leon-Gonzalez as the Filipina face for Pond's Gold Radiance which you've read me rave about here.

I, along with a few more beauty bloggers were invited to an intimate dinner at Makati Shangri-la with Tweetie (as she prefers to be called). I was really starstruck and believe me, I hardly get starstruck. Growing up seeing celebrities where my mom use to work, its like second nature for me to interact or just see celebrities. Mom use to take me to concerts and award shows that it grew on me already. Beside the fact that I only get starstruck with celebrities with acclaimed acting careers like Vilma Santos, Cherie Gil, Sharon Cuneta, Maricel Soriano, Edu Manzano and Christopher De Leon. In a sense, I feel I'm hard to please when it came to Filipino celebrities.

Shen gets starstruck!

But! I definitely ate my words once I saw the radiant beauty of Tweetie De Leon-Gonzalez... Oh my God did she look perfect. It took awhile for me to find words. She was simply gorgeous. It felt like I was transported back to my not-so-childhood days of watching her religiously at her famous TV sitcom, Okay ka! Fairy ko!. Suffice it to say, that she looks almost the same! I can't even consider saying she looks "mature" because she looks really really young!

Her flawless face barely even pronounced her age. She has a golden glow about her that I wish I had her morena skintone.

Did she experience skin problems in her youth?

This made me determine to find out if she ever experienced any skin problems like acne. I asked her if she experienced skin problems during her younger puberty years like most kids those age. But alas! No! During the age where we were crushing on boys and learning the techniques of makeup to cover our zits, Tweetie enjoyed a flawless skin. Never really learned the art of makeup until much later in her modeling career.

But she's eager to share that during her adult years, around her 30's, she experienced breakouts for some reason she couldn't quite figure out. Of course, she resolved it by going to a certified dermatologist which I think was the best solution. :)

What goes on in a day of Tweetie D

I was also curious on what goes on a normal day for Tweetie De Leon-Gozalez, super model, designer and wonder mom and wife. I was happy to know that she takes family and marriage life seriously. She goes to work with her husband as her office is situated in the same building as her husband's. She then works out, plays squash and then spend the evening with her children. If she and her husband could sneak out a last full show, they do so for some quality time with each other.

It was very obvious that Tweetie has a lot of passion, her kids, her husband, her fitness and her growing business. It's pretty overwhelming for me to know what she does in a day. But it was very inspirational. She inspired me to schedule my exercise as I would for a meeting. She advised that there are days that she gets very lazy to work out but it was those days she tries hard not to go off schedule. I guess for her, it's like a test of how serious one really is in their physical well-being.

What maintains her youthful looks?

When I asked how she maintains her youthful looks despite the known irrevocable aging, stress and what nots, she had an answer I think everyone will love. No magic or expensive procedures to be had. She said that as we age, we could consider having a skin care that addresses our needs. Simple, right?

Of course, it wasn't a surprise that she said she uses the best selling anti-aging range of Pond's, Gold Radiance. She said that it was a great product to use for women who have to deal with the obvious signs of aging and skin dullness.

Her favorites from Pond's Gold Radiance

When asked what were her favorites from the Pond's Gold Radiance line, she raved about the Pond's Gold Radiance Mousse that has the ability to remove foundation really well. Great news for a makeup addict like me. She also love using my personal favorite, Pond's Precious Youth Serum as it's the most potent with all the highest content of gold micro-particles.

Learn of Tweetie's beauty secret, Moms!

Of course, for my mom readers, I asked how she maintains her youthful radiance and again her advise was to adapt a skin care as early as your skin would need it. Not that she advises kids to do so but when you're already having skin issues, it is advisable tohave a skin care that will provide the needs for your skin. As for you mommy out there, that's of course having an product that will give back or maintain the youthful look that your husbands fell in love with. As for us who are still yet to catch a husband, it's to retain our glowing look.

How Tweetie uses Pond's Gold Radiance Line

I personally comply with all Tweetie's advises. I use most of Pond's Gold Radiance morning and night as directed by the Pond's SA. Tweetie's regimen is very simple, she uses the Mousse wash then the day cream. At night, she uses again the Mousse, apply the eye cream and the Precious Youth Serum alternately of course with the Night Cream which is really great for keeping the skin hydrated.

I love how she mentions that Precious Youth Serum is not oily. It's absorbed to the skin immediately that it only leaves you with a nice glow.

Fun Trivias about Tweetie

Tweetie found out from her old portfolio that she modeled/endorsed for Pond's Cold Cream!
She drinks two liters of water before noon
She doesn't wear much makeup, only lip balm or tint.
She consider the Day Cream good enough as a makeup as it gives her the glow she needs
She eats anything, but in moderation (the moderation part I got to learn for myself)
She love Sanrival Cake (something we have in common!)
She loves Benetint as it doubles as cheek and lip tint

I am just proud to be a part of this intimate dinner. I truly am. I loved how a true Filipina, golden skin and all became the image model for a best-selling skin care brand. For years, now I've noticed how Filipinas were eager to achieve a whiter complexion when the fact is that we should all celebrate our God-given skin color. The fact that they promote through Tweetie lessens the aggrevation of Filipina to have a caucasian-like skintone. It makes me proud to be a Filipina to see Tweetie on billboards promoting these products. It's not about achieving a whiter skin, it's about have a glowing, even skin that radiates from within.

That I think, is what we all should embody. Love the color of our skin and celebrate it. Just like what Tweetie does. :)

I really wish that my mom was alive and I could have come home to her and told her about this interview with Tweetie. It was really amazing to know the woman whom I've always considered a great example of elegance and beauty. I'm sure she would have been excited as well. I wouldn't be surprised if she will ask to join with us the next time (if there is a next time. fingers crossed). Really, this is one event I will always cherish. It's inspiring and humbling all at the same time.

Thanks to Pond's for the opportunity and thanks to my readers for continuously my blog. God has truly conspired with all of you to give me this blessing.

P.S. If you have other questions for Tweetie, please email them to me. I might summon the courage to interview her again if the laws of the universe will allow me. :) Hehehe!

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  1. My goodness, she's so beautiful and didn't look like she aged at all. You're so lucky you got to meet her.

  2. gosh, she's so gorgeous!!!! you look good too miss shen! :)

  3. tweetie has always been simple even when we were teenagers. we were classmates when we were freshmen in UP. she was already starting to make a name for herself through TV commercials but she was never the snooty type. she doesn't remember me but when i approached her one day (before she got married), she greeted me with a smile. tweetie looks like she never aged and it's true - she's already 44. i know when she was born. i can guarantee you that she didn't have any plastic surgery from head to toe. 


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