No Time Like Now: Estee Lauder Time Zone Night Cream

Aging is something we face every single day. For you girls who are eager to grow up, well, don't be so eager. We aging (hahaha!) women strive hard to retain our youthful looks. If you can't wait to party, drink some dom and patron.. well, you'd hardly love the dry skin, wrinkles and dark under eyes than are often associated with that.

Thank God there are products devoted in making us look younger.. And who else could be a better authority in it than the Estee Lauder? The woman who created the best anti-aging cream. Admittedly, I was really snoop when I was young and would always sneak a peek at my grandaunt's huge vanity table filled with all sorts of skin care and makeup. And among those is Estee Lauder. I would even see it inside her mine ref!

I can't believe that now I am enjoying the skin care that I've always wanted to try even age seven!

Look ten years younger is the goal of Time Zone Night Anti-Wrinkle Cream. Just in time for Valentines Day!!

I am mostly in love with the floral powdery scent of the cream that goes well with the baby powder I apply all over my body just before bedtime.

At first touch, the cream felt very smooth and velvety. Although I felt the cream a bit heavy, I notice that it was absorbed quickly on to my skin. The immediate effects are quite amazing, soft and smooth skin! Since I live with a guy who enjoys aircon all through the night (argh!), moisturizers have been my friend every night. And since receiving the Time Zone Night, I am now enjoying a moisturizer than would reduce my laugh line as well!

Studies showed that most women who tried their products experienced a much more hydrated skin up waking up. In 4 weeks, skin became more plumped and sported a more youthful looking skin!
My sleeping time may not be ideal but I make sure that I still get sleep no matter what. That's why I take night time skin care routine seriously. I make sure that when I'm about to go to bed, I devoid myself of all worries. I even practice a breathing technique that people do in yoga. I also apply a relaxing linen spray all over my bedsheets and pillows and have an aroma scented candle on. I enjoy a good book as well as to make my mind forget of work and deadlines. Definitely stress free for this girl before bed!

If you notice, heavier creams and serums are applied during the evening as night time is when our skin is at most relaxed and when we are most viable to absorb skin care a lot better. I speak of this not only of Time Zone but of all skin care products. Night time is also when our skin is not exposed to pollutant and free radicals that hinders a product from working.

When applying anti-aging creams, don't forget the neck and decoletage.. :)

Thanks to EL for allowing me try such a luxurious product! Will make sure to put this on my Birthday list this year (BF, hope you reading this)

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  1. Haha, same here! I used to spy on my mom's creams and Estee Lauder was one of them. Although I never really had the urge to use them until my late 20s na. :D

  2. I've heard so much about this product. I never saw my mom using Estee though. LOL

  3. hi shen,

    would like to heck if you can share how much the Estee Lauder Time Zone Night Cream costs?



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