I Need A Doctor - a Bro or a Love Song?

Not many know this but I love hard core rap. Those that you can't dance to, really. And those you'd hardly hear playing in the clubs. One of my major influence was my cousin who introduced me to Bone Thugs, Notorious B.I.G, Tupac and Eazy E. These were the songs I was listening to along with Stone Temple Pilots, Foo Fighters and Red Hot Chili Peppers. You'd say my taste in music is pretty much diverse. I like all sorts of music, depending on their tune or their lyrics. It would really be hard to classify what really is my favorite... but one of those is definitely Eminem.

Enimem's music is pretty much straightforward and I like that about him. His style in rapping is quite different and refreshing. But while watching the 2011 Grammy's and saw him perform this song with Dr. Dre, I had to laugh a bit. It's like a love song their singing to each other. LOL! How sweet right for what seemingly machismo guys to write a song like this. Hehehe! I find it a bit funny but researching the lyrics, it was deep. I love how the two didn't give up on each other. LOL!

Well, other way to look at it is a modernized "You've Got a Friend" song! :)

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