Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Mineral Makeup Need Not Be Messy!

First of, let me just say that I am head over heels over this mineral makeup foundation. Perfect Blend Loose Mineral Concealer & Foundation is on the top of my list when it comes to mineral makeup (although I haven't tried a lot) and I'm glad that it is within my reach as it made and sold here in the Philippines. Oh the joy of accessible makeup!

Warm or colder months, Hazelnut Latte is the shade that I favor for my skintone. I'm NC25 to 30 in MAC and Warm Beige in Bobbi Brown.

I use the Perfect Blend formula most of the time but I also am very attached to the Intensive Formula as it efficiently covered all my blemishes like cystic acne, dark spots without having to result to the use of too much concealer. Wet application methods, allows me an almost liquid foundation effect and it stays on very well. the Pure Blend Formula worked for me most specially during my good skin days. I've got the dewy look and my skin was near flawless.

But mineral makeup foundation can become quite a bother. It's rather messy and teds to go all over the place. It is most disconcerting in the least that I constantly have to wipe my vanity or leave a mess at the girl's bathroom every after application. Embarrassing, really. With common sense, I found out that there are only two simple technique as to make MMU application easier and less messier.

No. 1: Cut out only 3 to 5 holes of the sticker that covers the sifter.

This to avoid too much spillage and provide control of the product that comes out of the container. Given the fact the we tend to use MMU sparingly over pressed powder foundations, cutting out only a few holes of the sifter will make it easier for you to get the amount of product you want. More so, lesser spillage means less mess and more product to enjoy.

I use a regular cutter to cut only a portion of the sticker.


Number 2: Cover the sifter with a round one or two cotton pads.

Covering the sifter with a cotton pad or even a round sponge makeup applicatio lessens spillage for almost 80% even if you keep it on your bag and resort it to much jiggling. No spillage when you open it. No embarrasing moment at the girl's bathroom for sure.

I use The Body Shop round cotton pads or Victoria Vogue Cosmetics Round sponge (from Beauty Bar) to use as cover for the Ellana 6g Jar Container. For other jars, I resize them to fit the jar. The tighter it is, the better.

I've road tested these techniques for many number of times and they've proven to work. Less spillage, less mess and easier way to use mineral makeup foundation either at home and in public.

Mineral makeup have shown to be very good to the skin but I know many friends who opted to go back to using regular pressed powders just because of how messy jar-contained makeup could be. I shared their dilemma. But thankfully, those abovementioned techniques allowed me to enjoy MMU as much as I can, where ever I am. As I share these with my friends, It's a must I share them with you, too. But if you're as much of an MMU obssessed as I am, I'm sure you've figured out these two techniques by now!

What are your other techniques for a less messier MMU application? Share them with me, fellow makeup addicts!


hathor2 said...

ey thanks for the idea ☺

shopcoholic said...

nice tips!

www.aiecorpuz.blogspot.com said...

Good thinking! I love this idea bec im using mineral powder daily and it is really messy!

Eleanor Tolentino said...

That's my problem with mineral make up too. Thanks for the tip.

Michelle said...

I have seen Ellana around a lot! Where can you purchase this?

Askmewhats said...

I love that Ellana Mineral FoundatioN! heheh I do the same on putting a cotton rounds :D Thanks for sharing

Lee Shen Gee said...

you can get them at www.ellanaminerals.com or check out their facebook page. :)

Lee Shen Gee said...

great minds think alike? hehehe! :)

Lee Shen Gee said...

you're welcome! :)

Lee Shen Gee said...

IKR! :) hope these tips will help you out!

Lee Shen Gee said...

no problem!!

Ida said...

Great tips Shen. :) I've been using mmu for more nearly 2 years now, don't know why I never though of doing that! Would've saved me a lot of spillage.

Theresacarbonel said...

Great suggestion shen! :D

Aya said...

Nice tips! Thank you! :D

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