FOTN: Ellana Golds and Bronzes while Mojito-ing

Playing again with my Ellana Multipurpose Minerals or what we, mineral makeup addicts, call MMP! And all this boisterous makeup for a night of Mojito with friends. :) Yup, we are already ordering summer drinks, anticipating the summer vacay's we'll all be having. :)

For the eyes:
Urban Decay Primer Potion (original)
Ellana MMP Divine
Ellana MMP Gorgeous
Ellana MMP Dainty
Ellana MMP Siren
Fanny Serrano Gel Liner (Black)
Maybelline Magnum Mascara

Avon Ideal Shade Liquid Foundation in (Nude)
Avon Ideal Shade Loose Powder in (Neutral)
Maybelline Clear Smooth Mineral Luminous Blush (N01 Original Rose)
MAC Bronzing Powder (Refined Golden)

Bobbi Brown Lipstick (Guava - Coral Cabbana Collection) (See! I want it to be summer already!)


no flash.. at all! hehehe!

See how addicted I am to gold? And I'm glad that Ellana has put together gold shades that are suitable for any makeup looks. Some people may consider gold hard to control but it isn't really, just treat is as base and smoke it out with a bronze or black eyeshadow and you've got one great makeup look. You can even use this to mix with your gloss for a little sparkle! :) And for some heavy clubbing, dust the gold mpm on your shoulders to ensure that the lights find your uber sexy bod as you sway at the dancefloor!

now, where is that Mojito again!
Ahh! There you are!

Have you tried using gold eye shadows? How'd you like it? Let's talk about it at the comment box!

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  1. Aw...I have a lot of unused Ellana gold shadows. I think I used some of them once and haven't had the chance to do so again...

  2. pretty shen! loved what you did with the golds and bronzes! <3

  3. ganda mo sis! lalo na dun sa last pic mo! love your FOTN!

  4. Joannepalad3/2/11 5:56 PM

    I've always liked how perfectly done your eye brows are. Do you have a tutorial for that?

  5. awww, ning, it's suits your complexion ^_^

  6. Askmewhats3/2/11 8:16 PM

    Sisterhood! I love your eyeshadows! galeng galeng! I haven't been playing much with colored eyeshadows lately! tinatamad na siguro coz I've always been puting on other people..kaya on myself, TAMAD mode!!! :)

    Happy Year of the Rabbit sis! see you soon

  7. super nice shen!! i love your lipstick here.. :D


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