Trying Garnier Nutrisse Cream Nourishing Permanent Hair Color

After the year '96 debacle of me playing with my one of parents' hair coloring kit, I never ever again touched another. Not until I got the Garnier Nutrisse Cream Nourishing Permanent Hair Color as a gift and I thought, "why not?". My roots were showing and it's becoming unflattering.

While looking online for reviews, I only found positive ones and I was happy to know a lot were satisfied. And looking at the instruction, it looks so easy to do.

How I used it:

I, of course, followed the instruction to a T. Which I would recommend everyone do. If it's your first time to use a permanent hair coloring kit, then heed the warning on the package and run the skin sensitivity test first, 48 hours before using the kit.

Step 1: Wear gloves!
Step 2: Pour the Nourishing Permanent Hair Color (green tube) on to the Developer Milk (white bottle)
Step 3: Close the cap tightly and shake it like its nobody's business until the mixture looks even.
Step 4: Snap the white tip of the cap!
Step 5: Apply the mixture starting from the roots to tips.(I was winging it during this part since I was very very very very think mane. It's crazy)
Step 6: Wait 25 minutes for the color to show up. Wait 35 minutes if your hair is a bit resitant to hair colorants.
Step 7: Rinse hair with a little bit of water and massage hair when colorant is still in.
Step 8: Wash hair until water runs clear.
Step 9: Apply all the After Color Nourishing Conditioner and let it sit for 2 minutes (I let mine sit for about 10 to 15 minutes.)
Step 10: Dry hair and style as usual!

What I love:
1. It's not runny!
2. The conditioner is love! And it smells oh so nice.
3. Although there was a strong colorant scent, it wasn't like the typical hair color. It actually smelled nice! Strong nut nice. Smelled fruity!
4. Easy to use. :) No repetition of the '96 debacle.
5. Made me a convert to the at-home hair coloring.
6. Affordable compared to getting your hair colored at the salon.
7. No stingy feel. I was surprised about this.
8. No frying. I agree with many ladies at Makeupalley. This seem to be one of the mildest hair color kit I know.
9. The conditioner brought the softness back to my hair after letting it sit with the hair colorant.
10. Color result was amazing! No more grey hair, regrowth and my hair color looked even now.

What I don't:
1. Nothing really..

But.. you may need two bottle for very long and very thick mane. :)

Honestly, I can't wait to try another box or two! :) I'm really happy with the result given that it's something I was afraid to do in the first plays. :)

  • If you have had rebonding or perming treatments, please wait 3 weeks to a month before getting your hair colored.
  • If your hair is extra dry, use a deep conditioning treat like Kerastase Oleo-Relax Slim after the After Color Nourishing Conditioner for added hair care. Repeat this 3x a week until you see improvement, then reduce it to once or twice a week.
  • Avoid hot water for showering or bathing to avoid fading.
  • Use hair products that are specifically for colored hair like Pureology shampoo and conditioner.
  • Use hair serum to protect the hair from split-ends and the ends drying like Kerastase Elixir Ultime.

How about you? Have you tried hair color kits at home? How did it go? Share your experience below at the comment section! :)

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  1. your hair looks great! I like this brand as well, this used to be my go-to brand for hair colors until i discovered something cheaper and worked pretty well - the ones from HBC!!! :)

  2. Hi Nina! Will look into that. I love how the Garnier smells. :)

  3. I like using this on my mom too! We usually have at least half a dozen boxes in different shades as back-ups.

  4. I think will be stocking up on it too. :) Light browns for sure. :)

  5. Beautynomics26/2/11 5:14 PM

    though the color payoff is really nice, it won't work on my gray hair e! :( so i need something more potent. Trying Kolours tomorrow. :)

  6. Askmewhats26/2/11 9:55 PM

    Naks, darker hair na sis! Can't wait to see in person I'm sure it'll make you look younger pa

  7. hi shen. i'm about to embark on this endeavor... :) did you just use 1 box/set of hair color? you mentioned kasi that you have thick mane, and it's mid-length.. thanks.

  8. how long does the color lasts??


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