Bed Nook

I use to want a bed nook when I was young because it look so comforting and safe. But now that I get to share a bed with the most amazing man in my life, I never felt more comforted and safe. le sigh!

But I'm sure gunna ask my daughter (one that I'll have in the near future) if she'd want one. :)

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  1. Me claustrophobic. *shivers* But the bed and the walls look pretty. :D

  2. angelamhiere23/2/11 1:22 PM

    nice... me likey! ^__^

    Oh! BTW, nice new layout, Ms. Shen! ^__^

  3. Oh my! This is exactly how I pictured my bed nook to be like. Clean, cozy and very minimalist. Nice photo choice for a bed nook :D

    Btw, I miss the old Shen's addiction banner :( but everything's bound to change (nakailang layout change nga ako sa blog ko, di mabilang sa daliri!) so i just have to get used to the new shen's addiction header :D

  4. Hehehe! Thanks sis! I've been wanting to change the banner na talaga. Something fun and girly and projects who I am. I hope you like it as much as I did. A very talented pinay did this and I'm so proud she made it for me. :)

  5. Thanks!! I'm so happy you like it!!

  6. It looks cozy!! :) Parang I can imagine this a room in a tagaytay or baguio.. ay maybe just sa antipolo para mas malapit. hehehe!

  7. Very cozy! I'd love to have one too. :)

  8. Very cozy! I'd like to have one too. :)

  9. angelamhiere25/2/11 2:00 PM

    I think it's better than the previous one... it's more chic! ^__~

    suits you and the blog a lot!!! ^__^


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