Monday, December 31, 2012

Last Post for 2012! Something to Inspire You!

Before the year ends, I give you something I learned this year.

Before, I use to treat makeup as something to hide behind in, cover my flaws and make myself disappear. Then, I saw myself disappearing. I was just eager to feel accepted and become like women with beautiful skin, straight perky nose and almond-shaped eyes.

Now, it's different! I use makeup as something to define who I really am inside. A woman with full of wonder and anticipation for life. One who feels confident inside, despite all the apprehension and fear. Yes, I still use makeup to cover my flaws like my blemishes, blotchiness and dark under eyes, but only to bring out the brightness in my eyes and smile.

I like that makeup has boosted not only my confidence but also my creativity. I like how I see certain things now. In all things, I'm a lot more positive and I just have a whole new appreciation for life.. and all this because I choose to use a simple as a concealer as a weapon. Not of mass destruction (LOL.) but to win against insecurities, against fear and self-doubt.

So find that certain something. It doesn't have to be makeup. It could be a gadget, a hobby or anything at all that will bring out the light in you. :)

That's it for my last post for 2012! Welcome 2013 with all confidence and love, not only for yourself but also for your loved ones!

Love you all!

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The Best Brush Cleaner 2012

With baby shampoo or dish washing liquid readily at our disposal  you think that a separate brush cleaner isn't needed. I thought so, too. But allow me to share with you a discovery I made when I attended the Charm X J&C Super Clean Solutions event at Manila Peninsula a few months back.

Here's a sample! I've been using this for months now and I am just enjoying this bottle. It smells amazing (the spearmint scent was a great add-on!) and it makes re-using my brushes possible. Especially my favorite one, the Charm Flat Top Kabuki. I also get to sanitize my brushes if I think I've exposed them to dirt and bacteria.

Compared to other brush cleaner I've used in the past, J&C Super Clean Solutions is a more favorable one. It cleans better, doesn't have lingering scent, great for travel and a much better choice for makeup artist, most especially for the serious ones.

Although I think the price is teeny teeny bit steep for newbies, think of it as protector for your biggest cosmetic purchase, your brushes.  Good brushes, quality ones, comes with a higher price tag and I for one, don't have qualms buying if I think it's worth it. So paying for a Php375 bottle of brush cleaner isn't such a biggie for me. Especially when it helps make your brushes last longer and maintain it's qualities. Happy to report that this product last awhile as I've had mine for about 2 months already and I've only used half of it.

This is great for almost all sorts of products like lipstick, glosses, cream-based products and gels. You can use this with a tissue, an unused cloth or wet wipes. :)

Best of all, you can hold of washing your brushes for at least a week when using this product! Definitely helps with one of my new year's resolution.. and that's lessening the brushes I use everyday! :)

How about you? What's your New Year's resolution?

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The Makeup Look: A New Year Emerald Eyes

I know many of you have been waiting for another makeup look and here it is! Just a few more hours before the year ends! Are you looking forward to 2013? So am I! I'm so excited for that it will bring. First, I finally decided to tie the knot. Yes, finally! 7 years in a relationship I think already assures me that I'm with the right person for me. Also excited for new ventures, plans and engagements for this blog. Excited, that's probably an understatement.

Obviously, I'm quite obsessed with the 2013 color, emerald. To think that I never liked the shade green when I was younger. Signs of aging? Maybe. My taste must be maturing. But yes, green is a fabulous color on us Pinays.

And for a New Year's Eve look, take emerald to your eyes and celebrate the last of 2012 in style!

To recreate this look, just follow my instructions (and then add you're own twist!):

  1. Prime your eyes. A party can last all night long, avoid your shadows from creasing by using a really good eye primer or cream shadow. It also makes the shades more vibrant. (Bobbi Brown Cream Eyeshadow in Shore, Php1,200)
  2. Make your eye shadow pop. Apply a cream-based product for a smokier effect. (Makeup Forever Colour Case Palette, Php4,100)
  3. Apply a glittery black eyeshadow on the outer V. Or a matte one, which ever you prefer for this look. Smokey eyes are suited for evening event, it gives edgy dramatic look and shows great on photos (She Space Minerals, Stolen Soul, $.50)
  4. Apply a striking gold eye shadow on the inner corner of your eyes. Dab it with the pad of your ring finger for better pigmentation. (Laura Mercier Illuminating Eye Colour in Gilded Platinum, price upon request)
  5. Trace a shimmery green eye shadow on your lower lids. (sample pigment in Enchanted, price not available)
  6. Add emerald eye shadow on your outer-crease to harmonize the whole look, use a blender brush to distribute. (sample pigment in Enchanted, price not available)
  7. Define your eyes with your favorite eyeliner. I used a liquid one since it stays on longer than pencil. (K Palette Real Lasting 24h Eyeliner, available at Beauty Bar)
  8. Accentuate your waterline with a lasting and waterproof eyeliner. (Estee Lauder Doublewear Stay-in-Place Eye Pencil, available at Rustan's Department Store)
  9. Highlight your brow bones with shimmery beige eyeshadow, make sure it's warm toned to match the warmth of emerald green. (Sassy Minerals in Chantilly, price unavailable)
  10. Volumize and lengthen your lashes with your favorite mascara. (Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes, price available upon request)

Pair it with sweet cheeks and pink lips and you're good to go. Don't be afraid to do your brows and contour your cheeks if you want a complete this look.

Will show you what I used for my face after! :)

Happy New Year, dear and wonderful readers! Cheers and here's to another year of beauty and confidence-boosting posts!

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Saturday, December 29, 2012

2013 Ready: Emerald Accessories

Are you ready for 2013?

I can't wait for another year. I mentioned before the pantone announced emerald as the color of the year and I couldn't be happier! Emerald is luxe, abundance and calming. It compliments our skin tone  What better way to make use of this shade but through accessories.

Enhance your golden skin tone with these bold shade and celebrate the new year in fashion!

{necklace: SM Accessories}

{bracelet: made it myself}

{bracelet: SM Accessories}

{ring: SM Accessories}

{Earring: Adora, gift from Pond's last Flawless White Blogger contest}

Are you going to wear emerald for 2013? :)

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The Best Face Powder 2012 | Year End Favorites

What exactly is the best? Does it really mean just frequently used?

Personally, I think it is. There's the easy to use part which most of us women look for for a product. One of which, which I think merits a mention more than ever is The Body Shop All-In-One Face Base Powder Makeup.

I can't hardly believe it when checking back on my post that I didn't have a proper review of this when I've used up 2 compacts already just this year. And if you've been here during my 2011 Year End favorites, you'll see that it's also there.

I know most women out there buy compact powder more than their liquid version. Women most especially who are really not into makeup. And since many have asked me what's my ultimate favorite face powder for this year, it's this one! Why? For so many reasons!
  • It goes evenly on the skin. (I use a brush or a kabuki when using this)
  • It sets my foundation flawlessly
  • Gives me that matte effect that I need!
  • Prevents oiliness for 2 to 4 hours (not that great if the weather is humid)
  • It doesn't break me out (always a good thing)
  • It's almost quite similar to the coverage that MAC Stuidio Fix gives me
By far, this is one of the nicest face powder I've used. It 's my most recommended as it fits a lot of budget and it's from The Body Shop, which for me says a lot. Their face cosmetic products always deliver in my opinion. It's also neither too expensive or too cheap.

Personally, I just love the result it gives.  The mattifying effect, the lasting coverage and how it makes my skin appear smoother than it really is. Add to that that it has vitamin E and other skin nourishing ingredients. I can say enough good thing about this powder. They've also improved their All-In-One Face Base which I think only stepped another notch higher.

Well, I certainly can't stop singing praises about The Body Shop All-In-One Face Base.. You won't really know unless you try so I suggest, head over to your favorite Body Shop store and experience this by having a makeover from one of their talented makeup artists. :) Be warned, they are always on sale.. so prepare to leave with more stuff then just this face powder. :)

Oh! This also doubles as a foundation as it can be used wet! Nice, right? :)

Happy Holidays!

Are you ready for the next award? :)

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Friday, December 28, 2012

The Best Eye Shadow Palette 2012 | Year End Favorites

Welcome to my annual announcements of favorites. But this time, I will share them with you one by one to give them the proper accolade instead of just a mention. :)

One reaches and receives this award when a singular criteria has been met.

When I've used it frequently.

I think that that's the best way to say if a product is indeed a favorite and well-worth the mention. As a beauty blogger who gets to try a lot of things, this is one great time that I get to share to you what I think is worth your money since I have really tested the product well.

And on the top of the ranks in my option is the Beauty Pro Cosmetics Eye shadow Palettes.

First off, Beauty Pro Cosmetics Palettes are for every aspiring makeup artists. It has amazing pigmentation, staying power, encased in an ergonomic faux-leather that doesn't take up too much space. Built with every woman in mind, another great thing about this palette is its creator, Brigitte Santos. A blogger turned makeup artist, she finally took steps to realize her dreams of making her own cosmetic brand. She believes that with Beauty Pro Cosmetics, everyone can be a makeup artist. And I agree.

Palettes is certainly one of my favorite things when it comes to makeup. Acquiring my very first one made blogging about beauty seems more legit. But learning to differentiate the best from the duds, now that took a lot of practice. Now, I spend for my palettes. I make sure to get the best. There's nothing like knowing you made the right choice and knowing that your money didn't go to waste. Beauty Pro Cosmetics, is definitely a worthy indulgence. 

Hmm.. I'm sounding like a beauty queen contestant! Must be from recent Ms. Universe. Indulge me, alright?

Available at Digital Traincase.

P.S. This palette is fast moving and are al nearly out of stock, so if your have extra aguinaldo from Christmas, I suggest snagging this immediately.

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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Prevention Is Better Than Cure: Mosquigo!

Although this is not beauty related, I feel it's my duty to share to you guys my recent dicovery. It's the MosquiGo Insect Repellent Gel Lotion. I notice that everybody's been partying lately and come this New Year, I bet that most of us will be staying outdoors.. and no matter how sossy that place might be, mosquitoes, they are everywhere. I notice that for the past 3 places I went to.

I don't why but mosquitoes seems attracted to my blood. And I don't want to go back to my childhood days trying to heal the scratches and blackened bruises and wounds from mosquito bites. Not now when I have a huge affinity to short dresses, shorts and skirts.

And to keep mosquito bite-free legs and arms, I keep with me this nifty solution.

What I like about MosquiGo Insect Repellant Gel Lotion?

  • It's effective! I hardly get insect bites when I apply this.
  • The best about this is that it's not icky sticky but applies smoothly and absorbs easily.
  • Similar to that of an alco-gel.
  • It comes in different scent. ( I prefer their unscented and lemon)
  • It's small so you can keep this even in your evening bag.
  • It has mositurizer to prevent drying of the skin.

What I don't..

Nothing really, except that it finishes fast. 


Best for women on-the-go, mommy, atheletes and anyone who feels that mosquitoes seem to zero-in on them.

Why I wrote about this?

Like everything else, prevention is better than cure. For a products that is less than Php100, you'll be saving yourself time and money with trying to get rid of mosiquito bites and lightening your legs if you use this. Not to mention that you are preventing yourself from the much dreaded Dengue that can even cost your life if not time away from your loved ones and tens and thousands of hospital bills.

Having had H-fever in my younger years, I've taken mosquito bites seriously. They are much more stronger and it helps that we arm ourselves with proper protection. :)

Don't let these small things ruin your Holiday! :)

Want to win Mosquigo? First 3 commenters to tell me about their experience about their mosquito bites will receive this after the Holidays! :)

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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

From Ordinary to Extraordinary: My New Curly Locks by Salon Beauvoir

I finally got the courage to change my look and go for a digiperm! :) What do you think?

Read more about my digiperm experience at Salon Beauvoir, click after the jump! :)

Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, everyone!!  Have a great holiday and love one another!

Sorry been lagging on my posts. I'm just enjoying too much this holiday! Forgive me please!! :)

See you soon! I've got great things in store for y'all!

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Saturday, December 22, 2012

OOTD: The Last Dress I Wore (if the world ended)

Our 1950's Mafia Christmas Party at work was last December 20, 2012. And quite a serendipity coz if the Mayans were right (and Thank God they weren't), at least I was wearing this cute outfit from Yishion. We partied the last few hours of the night at then met December 21st with good company and good music at Prive! :)

I know a lot of people would have wanted to spend the last minute of their lives with their loved ones. But since I'm one who let fate decides, I was quite happy to go out while swaying to good music with a drink in my hand.

This Yishion lace black dress (Php1999.75) that I got from the new The District Mall at Cavite, totally brought more confidence in me! An LBD is always a great choice for ladies like me! I love the adorable tutu-styled skirt!  I may be chubby and quite packing on the pounds but this dress brought out my body's best features! It gave me an hourglass shape that I didn't have and it hugged my curves in all the right places.

And I was even wearing 2013's color, emerald green, as accents to my cute little black dress. :) 

 Partnered with gorgeous hair from the talented hands of Sir Sam of  Salon Beauvoir, I think I did a good job in channeling a 50's vibe especially a Norma Jean Baker/Marilyn Monroe one. :)

Dress: Yishion; Leggings: Bianca Velerio Leg Love: Shoes Ferretti: Necklace and Bracelet: SM Accesories: Watch: Guess; Earrings: Adora from Pond's.

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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Acne Contol Advanced Facial | 1 +1 Beauty Blowout

Consider yourself lucky to be living in a country wherein express facial is available and affordable. Just imagine that the Philippines really don't have a reason to look bad at all!  :)

My skin has been worst lately and I've been trying to maintain it with medication, spot treatments and such. But a lot of times, it needs more and that usually means a facial. But sometimes, I need it fast. No appointment needed and accepts client at the last minute.

This Holiday on a busy Friday evening, I went to Flawless to finally get that much-needed facial. It's a good thing that Flawless is celebrating their 11th year and they are making a 1 +1  Beauty Blow Out! And that's when you get 5 sessions, you 5 more for free!! :)

click this link and find out what procedures are included for the 1+1 Beauty Blowout.

I went ahead and availed the Acne Control Advanced Facial 1 + 1 Beauty Blowout for only Php4,400.00. That's Php440 per facial!

I've tried the Acne Control Advanced Facial several times already and it's a preferred facial for me the following reasons:

The mask is amazing! It dries up the pimples, lessens the redness after facial and has the cooling feel.

They have lavender scented oil to relax you before your facial begins.

Aesthetician have a good strategy on how to remove comedones without hurting you too much. They would start at forehead and slowly work their way down. They don't pinch the side of the nose too much if they haven't gotten to that part yet.

Facialist never rush the procedure.
They also pamper your hands by wrapping them with a hot compress.

Below is a photo of me 2 days after getting the facial.

It has a long way to go and I think I need to get their whitening range, but thank God it's just pigmentation and my skin is starting to clear up. I still get minor flare here and there but I'm I am getting it controlled.

And after that I get to be myself again, just like that!

Pimples doesn't have to put a hold on our life. This blog provides you with solutions for it and facials are definitely one of the most effective ways to prevent and contain them!

for more information about this facial, visit!

Before I forget, let's greet flawless a happy 10th birthday!!

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