Prevention Is Better Than Cure: Mosquigo!

Although this is not beauty related, I feel it's my duty to share to you guys my recent dicovery. It's the MosquiGo Insect Repellent Gel Lotion. I notice that everybody's been partying lately and come this New Year, I bet that most of us will be staying outdoors.. and no matter how sossy that place might be, mosquitoes, they are everywhere. I notice that for the past 3 places I went to.

I don't why but mosquitoes seems attracted to my blood. And I don't want to go back to my childhood days trying to heal the scratches and blackened bruises and wounds from mosquito bites. Not now when I have a huge affinity to short dresses, shorts and skirts.

And to keep mosquito bite-free legs and arms, I keep with me this nifty solution.

What I like about MosquiGo Insect Repellant Gel Lotion?

  • It's effective! I hardly get insect bites when I apply this.
  • The best about this is that it's not icky sticky but applies smoothly and absorbs easily.
  • Similar to that of an alco-gel.
  • It comes in different scent. ( I prefer their unscented and lemon)
  • It's small so you can keep this even in your evening bag.
  • It has mositurizer to prevent drying of the skin.

What I don't..

Nothing really, except that it finishes fast. 


Best for women on-the-go, mommy, atheletes and anyone who feels that mosquitoes seem to zero-in on them.

Why I wrote about this?

Like everything else, prevention is better than cure. For a products that is less than Php100, you'll be saving yourself time and money with trying to get rid of mosiquito bites and lightening your legs if you use this. Not to mention that you are preventing yourself from the much dreaded Dengue that can even cost your life if not time away from your loved ones and tens and thousands of hospital bills.

Having had H-fever in my younger years, I've taken mosquito bites seriously. They are much more stronger and it helps that we arm ourselves with proper protection. :)

Don't let these small things ruin your Holiday! :)

Want to win Mosquigo? First 3 commenters to tell me about their experience about their mosquito bites will receive this after the Holidays! :)

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  1. Christina Papa27/12/12 6:04 PM

    Mosquito bites get darker after several days so I hate it. How can I wear cute dress this new year if I hae those dark spots? So instead of using whitening products after, I guess I should prevent na lang.

  2. I had dengue too, only back then it was more known as H-fever. My kid gets dark marks whenever mosquitos bite him, kainis.

  3. nice review! btw shen howndoes one join ur neauty project? un write an article about beauty where are the mechanics?

  4. When I was a child, I had a lot of dark marks on my both legs because of mosquito bites. Thank goodness that it all went gone before I reach teenage. I don't want to have those marks again, proactive measures is the best! Thanks for sharing Ms. Shen!

  5. I think I need this.. Every time I go to Asia I get crazy bitten by mosquitos I hated any bug repellents because they smelled so bad and were soooo sticky!

  6. Margarette Sanchez-Francisco28/12/12 10:12 AM

    Hi Shen, where can I get this? I need one for my little boy. Of all the things na pwede niya ma-mana, it's me being habulin by mosquitoes... :(

    Thank you!

  7. Thank you for the recommendation and review!
    Urgh, it's so frustrating to be bitten by a mosquito and to always be itchy!

  8. Vanessa Rose Palacio29/12/12 2:29 PM

    Pwede po ba ito for my 1 year old baby boy ms. shen?


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