Last Post for 2012! Something to Inspire You!

Before the year ends, I give you something I learned this year.

Before, I use to treat makeup as something to hide behind in, cover my flaws and make myself disappear. Then, I saw myself disappearing. I was just eager to feel accepted and become like women with beautiful skin, straight perky nose and almond-shaped eyes.

Now, it's different! I use makeup as something to define who I really am inside. A woman with full of wonder and anticipation for life. One who feels confident inside, despite all the apprehension and fear. Yes, I still use makeup to cover my flaws like my blemishes, blotchiness and dark under eyes, but only to bring out the brightness in my eyes and smile.

I like that makeup has boosted not only my confidence but also my creativity. I like how I see certain things now. In all things, I'm a lot more positive and I just have a whole new appreciation for life.. and all this because I choose to use a simple as a concealer as a weapon. Not of mass destruction (LOL.) but to win against insecurities, against fear and self-doubt.

So find that certain something. It doesn't have to be makeup. It could be a gadget, a hobby or anything at all that will bring out the light in you. :)

That's it for my last post for 2012! Welcome 2013 with all confidence and love, not only for yourself but also for your loved ones!

Love you all!

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  1. belle manila31/12/12 3:04 PM

    wise words! Happy new year! :)

  2. Let me tell you that I love you Ms. Shen!!!!!! You inspire me a lot!

  3. Awwww. you'll forever be an inspiration, Ms. Shen :) God bless you and your family! Happy new year <3

  4. i'll post this on my FB status.

  5. Happy new year, Shen! :)
    Stay beautiful, with or without makeup. :D

  6. Happy new year, Shen! :)


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