Acne Contol Advanced Facial | 1 +1 Beauty Blowout

Consider yourself lucky to be living in a country wherein express facial is available and affordable. Just imagine that the Philippines really don't have a reason to look bad at all!  :)

My skin has been worst lately and I've been trying to maintain it with medication, spot treatments and such. But a lot of times, it needs more and that usually means a facial. But sometimes, I need it fast. No appointment needed and accepts client at the last minute.

This Holiday on a busy Friday evening, I went to Flawless to finally get that much-needed facial. It's a good thing that Flawless is celebrating their 11th year and they are making a 1 +1  Beauty Blow Out! And that's when you get 5 sessions, you 5 more for free!! :)

click this link and find out what procedures are included for the 1+1 Beauty Blowout.

I went ahead and availed the Acne Control Advanced Facial 1 + 1 Beauty Blowout for only Php4,400.00. That's Php440 per facial!

I've tried the Acne Control Advanced Facial several times already and it's a preferred facial for me the following reasons:

The mask is amazing! It dries up the pimples, lessens the redness after facial and has the cooling feel.

They have lavender scented oil to relax you before your facial begins.

Aesthetician have a good strategy on how to remove comedones without hurting you too much. They would start at forehead and slowly work their way down. They don't pinch the side of the nose too much if they haven't gotten to that part yet.

Facialist never rush the procedure.
They also pamper your hands by wrapping them with a hot compress.

Below is a photo of me 2 days after getting the facial.

It has a long way to go and I think I need to get their whitening range, but thank God it's just pigmentation and my skin is starting to clear up. I still get minor flare here and there but I'm I am getting it controlled.

And after that I get to be myself again, just like that!

Pimples doesn't have to put a hold on our life. This blog provides you with solutions for it and facials are definitely one of the most effective ways to prevent and contain them!

for more information about this facial, visit!

Before I forget, let's greet flawless a happy 10th birthday!!

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