Monday, December 31, 2012

The Best Brush Cleaner 2012

With baby shampoo or dish washing liquid readily at our disposal  you think that a separate brush cleaner isn't needed. I thought so, too. But allow me to share with you a discovery I made when I attended the Charm X J&C Super Clean Solutions event at Manila Peninsula a few months back.

Here's a sample! I've been using this for months now and I am just enjoying this bottle. It smells amazing (the spearmint scent was a great add-on!) and it makes re-using my brushes possible. Especially my favorite one, the Charm Flat Top Kabuki. I also get to sanitize my brushes if I think I've exposed them to dirt and bacteria.

Compared to other brush cleaner I've used in the past, J&C Super Clean Solutions is a more favorable one. It cleans better, doesn't have lingering scent, great for travel and a much better choice for makeup artist, most especially for the serious ones.

Although I think the price is teeny teeny bit steep for newbies, think of it as protector for your biggest cosmetic purchase, your brushes.  Good brushes, quality ones, comes with a higher price tag and I for one, don't have qualms buying if I think it's worth it. So paying for a Php375 bottle of brush cleaner isn't such a biggie for me. Especially when it helps make your brushes last longer and maintain it's qualities. Happy to report that this product last awhile as I've had mine for about 2 months already and I've only used half of it.

This is great for almost all sorts of products like lipstick, glosses, cream-based products and gels. You can use this with a tissue, an unused cloth or wet wipes. :)

Best of all, you can hold of washing your brushes for at least a week when using this product! Definitely helps with one of my new year's resolution.. and that's lessening the brushes I use everyday! :)

How about you? What's your New Year's resolution?

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J&C said...

Thank you so much for choosing us as The Best Brush Cleaner of 2012, Shen! More power to you and your blog! :)

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