The Best Eye Shadow Palette 2012 | Year End Favorites

Welcome to my annual announcements of favorites. But this time, I will share them with you one by one to give them the proper accolade instead of just a mention. :)

One reaches and receives this award when a singular criteria has been met.

When I've used it frequently.

I think that that's the best way to say if a product is indeed a favorite and well-worth the mention. As a beauty blogger who gets to try a lot of things, this is one great time that I get to share to you what I think is worth your money since I have really tested the product well.

And on the top of the ranks in my option is the Beauty Pro Cosmetics Eye shadow Palettes.

First off, Beauty Pro Cosmetics Palettes are for every aspiring makeup artists. It has amazing pigmentation, staying power, encased in an ergonomic faux-leather that doesn't take up too much space. Built with every woman in mind, another great thing about this palette is its creator, Brigitte Santos. A blogger turned makeup artist, she finally took steps to realize her dreams of making her own cosmetic brand. She believes that with Beauty Pro Cosmetics, everyone can be a makeup artist. And I agree.

Palettes is certainly one of my favorite things when it comes to makeup. Acquiring my very first one made blogging about beauty seems more legit. But learning to differentiate the best from the duds, now that took a lot of practice. Now, I spend for my palettes. I make sure to get the best. There's nothing like knowing you made the right choice and knowing that your money didn't go to waste. Beauty Pro Cosmetics, is definitely a worthy indulgence. 

Hmm.. I'm sounding like a beauty queen contestant! Must be from recent Ms. Universe. Indulge me, alright?

Available at Digital Traincase.

P.S. This palette is fast moving and are al nearly out of stock, so if your have extra aguinaldo from Christmas, I suggest snagging this immediately.

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  1. ahuhuhu unfortunately nakalimutan ako ng ninang ko! no aguinaldo for me hahahh. mulhang maganda nga ang palette parang matte finish at super pigmented

  2. The Unprofessional Beauty Blog29/12/12 4:19 AM

    Really love the blue look on you. Just found your blog and really like it. I'm a new follower.

  3. Wow thanks for this post Ms. Shen! It's so timely that I'm looking for palette to start practicing my make-up. :) I'll invest with this one :)


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