From Ordinary to Extraordinary: My New Curly Locks by Salon Beauvoir

I finally got the courage to change my look and go for a digiperm! :) What do you think?

Read more about my digiperm experience at Salon Beauvoir, click after the jump! :)

I went to Salon Beauvoir one rainy Sunday with Tara! Oh my God, is this salon divine! It's like out of a boudoir inside a luxurious French Manor! If there were sweets lying around, I wouldn't be surprised if Marie Antoinette appeared all dolled up! It has one of the best interior I've seen in a salon with the pristine brocades and carvings. :)

Tucked right in the middle of the busiest city in the country, Salon Beauvoir exudes an intimate luxe escape for city dwellers. Situated at the upper ground pf Somerset Building right beside Old Swiss Inn, you'd hardly imagine that you're in the Metro. I love how private the space, giving you an illusion that you're somewhere peaceful.

Take a look at my photos and see for yourself.

The experience:

The service is amazing. No BS but everyone is very professional and they seem to work seamlessly well together. Everyone has a duty to perform and they performed it like an orchestra. No clumsiness. Salon Beauvoir operated like a perfectly wound up musical box.

Meeting Sam Santos, International hairstylist extraoirdaire, who got most of his hair salon experience in UK and in expensive luxury cruises, I was apprehensive how he would judge my hair. Thankfully, he was so nice and friendly. He studied my hair and when I told him I wanted to finally go for a digiperm, he said yes!!

But a few things needed to be done first, he said. Given that my hair has gone through a lot, Sam mentioned that my hair need much protection and maintenance. In the world of beauty and hairstyling, much have improved and much have bee invented. Gone are the days that we can't do much about our hair. We don't have to suffer having frizzy hair or stick-straight if we don't want to.

Science and technology have taken care of it. And when used with the hands of people like Sam, it can very well create magic.. or that's how I would describe with how tough my hair has been. ;)

But like everything else, it take a process and that process can be ardous at best... after all, No Pain No Gain.

But hell, I was game! 

Inner Logic by L'Oreal helps strengthen my hair to protect it from the solution that's going to help curl my hair. :)

L'oreal X-tenso Moisturist, also used for rebonding, is the solution used for my digiperm. Pretty tough even for my sensitized hair.

And here we go!

The attachment can get pretty heavy, you'd feel some discomfort similar to getting a migraines. I suggest taking deep breathes, relax and read through a whole magazine to distract yourself. :)

Cone head! :)

Sam taught us how to create a DIY hair diffuser with a towel and a regular blow-dryer. :)

Given that my sensitized hair was now digipermed, the curl is not us tight compared to the traditional perming method. It's has a wavy effect. The curls showed but slowly but surely after a few days. I don't advise this though, if you have extremely dry hair as it will tend to go kinky and harder to manage.

Like with any hair procedures, it needs after-care. Please follow these advise:
  • After your session, hold off washing your hair for a day
  • Lessen the use of  shampoo and choose one that has no SLS to maintain the curls.
  • Apply mousse for an all day curl. Avoid brushing your hair too much. Just simply ran your fingers
  • Deep condition the tips of your hair at twice a week to maintain moisture.
  • Always protect your hair with a heat protectant before blow drying your hair. 

With my salon BFF, Tara! :) She turned her gorgeous curls to sleek straight for the day. :) Did you know that she's got straight hair but she enjoys curly locks more...and now I understand! Like blondes, I think girls with curly lock have more fun. :) 

With the talented Sam of Salon Beauvoir! Thanks you for making my dreams come true!

Yours truly 2 weeks after the digiperm. :)

I don't know why but I think I feel more confident. Curls have given me that je ne sais quoi and many have mentioned that it shows my character better than straight hair did. Aside from the fact that my hair's easier to maintain now. I don't know, I think this one suits me a lot better than any hairstyle.

I suggest that you forget all about your fears and finally get this done! I will amazing and I love my new look and I'm sure that if you take that one step, you'd feel the same way, too.

It's the best gift you'd give yourself this Christmas and to welcome the New Year, 2013! :)

How much: Php 6500
Look for: Sir Sam
Location: Salon Beauvoir Upper G/F, Somerset Olympia, 7912 Makati Ave. cor Sto. Tomas St., Makati
Contact no.: 02915154
Open Mondays to Sundays 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM

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  1. ang fab naman ng salon na yan :)

  2. I love your new look Miss Shen! :) I also love to curl my hair but I don't know where to get those big loose curls. :) Para feeling sexy.. Hahaha.. :) I hope I could find one here in Baguio. :)

  3. My digiperm looks like that, was sad at first since I wanted thight curls not waves! Any hair care advice? What shampoo, products (mousse), and tools do you use? Have you tried the Human <3 Nature shampoos since they are sls free :).

  4. @rie, i did not sigiperm my hair pero u might wanna try using curlformers on ur hair,

  5. I love Sam and I love Salon beauvoir! feeling ko prinsesa ako pag nasa loob ako! Your light curls look good on you! type ko! :) And you're right, its the best gift for yourself this Christmas to pamper your hair!

  6. The digiperm machines already remind me of octopuses sticking their tentacles in your hair. . . Anyways your curls look gorgeous! I wish my hair was healthy enough to withstand it, but I have natural wavy hair so I don't think it'd look nice @@;

  7. Christina Papa28/12/12 8:46 AM

    You look younger now :)

  8. How about alar trimming shen? Did you ever consider it?

  9. salondeogloria2/1/13 1:46 PM

    You looks very good and must go with it...

    have a happy life from whole team of salondeogloria

  10. great look! can you please do a post on products to use for digipermed hair, both for styling and care. preferably yung available sa malls kasi medyo limited ang available products sa province. thanks.


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