Monday, March 31, 2008

heatherette trio 1 inspired look (using she space)

here i am again, everyone! :)

as promised, i recreated trio 1 using the she space piggies. Heather really have a lot of great pigments. i love love this look. :) the colors showed well.

I didn't really think i would be able to do this look but since classes is about to start, i figured i wouldn't have time anymore.

here it is.. :)

MAC pp in Painterly
MAC ss in Beige-ing
Careline Glamour Eyes in Forest Green
TSS Make Believe (upper lid til the line/lowe lid)
TSS Asylum (crease / outer V / liner)
TSS Pristine Nature (inner V to tearduct / inner lower lash line)
Black eyeshadow (eyeliner)
Fasio 3d Airtech (mascara)

yet again, another inarte pose. :)

leyende face canvas
barenaturals neutral med. light
ellana cafe mocha

barenaturals pretty sophia
ellana tranquility as highlight

ellana mineral lipgloss

much love,
kikay pinay

ps. i spent my monday sleeping, surfing online and doing my work... of course, make-up! :)

today is no make-up day

i slept so freakin late coz i've been watching gossip girl. i didn't think i'd get caught with the eps... but i did. it was not all that but i like the narration part.. hmm.. imagine if we do have a gossip girl in school or in the office? i'd proly hunt her down and burn her with my cig stick. :) peace!

Mom woke me up so early to go to Mass.. i felt like i was tipsy or drunk from lack of sleep.. Good thing i didn't nod off during mass.. but the feeling was totally out of space! graveh... so bad.

imagine eyebags on me now.

mom dropped me off at the boyfie's.. we were suppose to bring Duke(my baby pomeranian) to the groomers. Unfortunately, i slept... so bad mommy! i slept 3x i think. 1) when i got there, 2) after our Sicillian late lunch and 3)when he was watching PBA. I do the latter a lot! I can't stand basketball. i'm weird like that.

I got up around 8pm and here i am still sleepy. when i got home i placed orders for my clients then cleaned my brushes.

still yogurt for dinner. :)

actually, i still had a bit make-up today.. lol! i wore my lumiere veena velvet, prettiest pink peach blush and ellana first kiss gloss.. after that no retouching anymore. :)

tomorrow, i really don't know what it'll bring.

so, how was your weekend?

much love,

kikay pinay

Saturday, March 29, 2008

trio 2 inspiration using she space

today, i tried my hand on recreating the trio 2 from the Heatherette collection of MAC. I used my She Space colors. I know its bad but i couldn't resist not to imitate it since 1) the colors look so yummy and 2) Heatherette collection is yet to be released here in Manila... I was just so inspired by numerous videos posted on you tube.. :)

Actually, having this look made me want Trio 2 more!!! waah..

these are not actual colors, just near it.. :) peace!

during dinner at Dampa, Libis

need to practice blending

inarte pose

leyende moisture glider
barenaturals s5 primer
lumiere foundation light medium neutral in veena velvet formula
pink pearl radiance
barenaturals prettiest pink peach
ellana happiness

mac painterly
TSS passion dance/surrender (inner lid)
TSS Symphony of Chaos (crease)
TSS beware the guilt (highlight)
nichido eyeliner
fasio 3d sirtech mascara

oohhh... i also did some shopping in greenhills. 2 skinny jeans, statement tees and a gossip girl inspired brown dress. :) i couldn't find a decent flats for summer school. :(

i didn't eat rice for dinner too. yey!

Friday, March 28, 2008

raving about my cam

my cam is fixed!! :)

sassy minerals eotd #2

"because i feel like i was a flower child"

all sassy minerals
(taylormade distributor in PI)
aisley outer lid to crease,
turf inner lid to crease line, waterline
vintage highlight
after glow eyeliner and water line

cheeky cheeks

vain.. vain.. vain...

i'm having yogurt and fruits for dinner

i gotta pat myself on the back..

mom, prepared me mangoes and apples and a cup of yogurt. surprisingly, i love it! :)

as y'all know, i hate veggies.. but fruit is a diff matter. i love 'em! :)

so, instead of reheating the day old adobo and sinangag... i'm eating healthier food! :)


5 beauty crimes i'm guilty of!

thanks to Nikki of Askmewhats in sharing this to us!

i won't put doesn't regularly drink water anymore and cleaning brushes as it is common already among us as mentioned by Nikki.

1. I don't eat veggies. growing up in a resto environment, i was spoiled when it comes to food so i get to have our "chef" cook me whatever i want and no-no leaffies and veggies for this cute baby before.

2. i eat a lot of unhealthy food... i know! smack why don't yah! loL!

3. i pick my chapped lips... then it bleeds.. its yucky but i can't help it!!! boyfie though is always there to remind me to apply my Kiehl #1 lip balm

4. I skip of on my nightly regimens on those nights i got home late... i'm sooo lazy!!

5. i pick my pimples!!! bad! bad! whip! whip!

there you go! i honesty the best policy?

so, what beauty crimes you were sited for? (TAGGING EVERYONE!)

but mentioning, shadesofu, iamsutil, renren, yummiebitez, moi<3makeup

she space eotd and PPP blush

it's 1:27 in the morning here. :) i couldn't resist not to try out my new SHE SPACE pigments!!
it's so pretty! i can't believe i used around 6 e/s in one eotd... :) hihi!! if i could pack them all, i will.

Leyende Face Canvas
BareNaturals Neutral Medium Light
BareNaturals Pink Radiance

Prettiest Pink Peach
(nars orgasm dupe)
love it!

the she space no morals

mac painterly
mac beige-ing
all she space
wasted intrigue (1/2 of inner upper lid, lower lid) foiled
foxy fair (1/2 of outer lower upperlid, lower lid) foiled
lucifer's chariot (crease)
bella diablo (outer crease)
love letter lies (inner crease)
the wink, beware the guilt (highlight)
zelda's revenge (eyeliner) foiled


Thursday, March 27, 2008

my SHE SPACE is finally here!

just when i was about to lose hope...

I woke up, stalled and stayed in bed. when i got up to cook for lunch... this is what ate nora gave me!!!

i didn't realize how much samples i got till i saw them!! OMG!

super dami!!! i'm drowning in pigments..

i got the Drama Queens i think and some funky and neutral colors. :)

Aileen was right, she space got great great pigments!! :) love love every color i got!! can't wait to try them on.. it's like pandora's box!!

the NO MORALE lip junk is sooo nice! just what i wanted!!

the other thing about she space that i so adore are the names Heather gives her product!! :) you gotta check out her site!!

Heather is so nice and accomodating. great customer service definitely. 5 stars!
love the freebies.. one 2.5g Happy Endingpigments and another Lip Junk. this i think is the one she sends for free in every shipping. :) cool right?

check out her site she space!!

so many pigments... so little time!!


love it!

beige-ing and painterly.. hmmm

i did some experimenting today.. i don't know if i pulled it off.
i've been using Mac beige-ing Shade stick for a while now (thanks, Aileen).
and Mac Paint Pot in Painterly for about less than a week.

what difference it made! my eye make up stayed longer if not forever.
i totally love them both.

However, i saw this vid on youtube who compared UDPP, mac paint and shadestick. she compared it base on what would show colors better.

so, here i am showing you...

again, sorry for the poor quality of the pics. :(

MAC beige-ing vs. MAC Painterly

i don't wanna react due to the power of suggestion
so you be the judge

medyo malayong kuha


whattcha think??

salt shaker ain't for salt anymo'

i got this idea from another MMU lover in (so sorry i forgot). she got the one in target. it was soooo coool i made it my personal kikay pinay mission to find one just like that... of course, i was disappointed not to find the exact or even a replica of the salt shaker here in manila...

but this one could easily pass my standards (i lowered it a little)

for one thing, it has a cap. it snaps shut and remain close even if you turn it upside down.
since i didn't buy this for the kikay kit, this is a very convenient when doing my face daily. no scary moments that i put on too much founation on my mixing jar. :)

small but terrible?

it has smaller holes for more contro

your fave mmu foundi

simply just shake the shaker to your mixing bowl.. viola! controlled amount of mmu.


love it!

field trip ko sa Landmark Makati (haul)

Holy Saturday...

I'd be video blogging this if i have my laptop, my sound drive is not broken and if my cam is not broken. :(

anyhoo, here they are!!

my loot!

eye make up mirror
i did get crossed eyed when i used this as Jheng shared in her blog

life and companion crease brush
comparing it to my MAC 217 and Kabuki eye buki brush, this is shorter and stubbier.

stackable jars for those
(P9 for 2 stackles)
i got 3 of these for some of my fave mmu on the go

powder puff jar, life and companion
(bigger compared to 2.5g jar)
i really don't know why i got this.. :)

salt shaker (P24.75)
guess why i bought this. :)
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