my SHE SPACE is finally here!

just when i was about to lose hope...

I woke up, stalled and stayed in bed. when i got up to cook for lunch... this is what ate nora gave me!!!

i didn't realize how much samples i got till i saw them!! OMG!

super dami!!! i'm drowning in pigments..

i got the Drama Queens i think and some funky and neutral colors. :)

Aileen was right, she space got great great pigments!! :) love love every color i got!! can't wait to try them on.. it's like pandora's box!!

the NO MORALE lip junk is sooo nice! just what i wanted!!

the other thing about she space that i so adore are the names Heather gives her product!! :) you gotta check out her site!!

Heather is so nice and accomodating. great customer service definitely. 5 stars!
love the freebies.. one 2.5g Happy Endingpigments and another Lip Junk. this i think is the one she sends for free in every shipping. :) cool right?

check out her site she space!!

so many pigments... so little time!!


love it!

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  1. geesh, i also got a lot of pigments from Heather and i havent tried any of them yet..(yeah, hindi pa nga)

    oh are so right. too many pigments, so little time. hahaha

  2. lol! true true! :) lookin forward to your TSS eotds.


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