heatherette trio 1 inspired look (using she space)

here i am again, everyone! :)

as promised, i recreated trio 1 using the she space piggies. Heather really have a lot of great pigments. i love love this look. :) the colors showed well.

I didn't really think i would be able to do this look but since classes is about to start, i figured i wouldn't have time anymore.

here it is.. :)

MAC pp in Painterly
MAC ss in Beige-ing
Careline Glamour Eyes in Forest Green
TSS Make Believe (upper lid til the line/lowe lid)
TSS Asylum (crease / outer V / liner)
TSS Pristine Nature (inner V to tearduct / inner lower lash line)
Black eyeshadow (eyeliner)
Fasio 3d Airtech (mascara)

yet again, another inarte pose. :)

leyende face canvas
barenaturals neutral med. light
ellana cafe mocha

barenaturals pretty sophia
ellana tranquility as highlight

ellana mineral lipgloss

much love,
kikay pinay

ps. i spent my monday sleeping, surfing online and doing my work... of course, make-up! :)

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  1. wow..i looove it! i wish i can play with my makeup too even though i am not going out. the only time i play with them kasi is when im going to work or just go out. you are so masipag ha..but you really did a great job. inggit ako..waahh

  2. hi sis! hahaha super career ang make over mo! it looks great!!!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. oh.. you did greens too. :-)

    i am starting to fall in love with the color.

    nice job you did there.

  5. jheng, if i don't do this eotds now, i may not be able to do them when class starts since neutrals lang ang tolerated sa school. and i don't go out as much. lol! loser tlga ako. :)
    Got my MAD! (patay na..)

    nikki, career na to! i need to at least be a bit in par with your skills... (hoping...) thanks!!

    liz, i did green just fot recreating trio1. :) i'm not use to green as you guys are.. but learning.. :) thanks!!

  6. nice! ur so good at blending na ha...parang expert na... l

  7. talaga? talaga? loL!
    hehe! thanks so much! :)


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