eotd eye look

heatherette trio 1 inspired look (using she space)


here i am again, everyone! :)

as promised, i recreated trio 1 using the she space piggies. Heather really have a lot of great pigments. i love love this look. :) the colors showed well.

I didn't really think i would be able to do this look but since classes is about to start, i figured i wouldn't have time anymore.

here it is.. :)

MAC pp in Painterly
MAC ss in Beige-ing
Careline Glamour Eyes in Forest Green
TSS Make Believe (upper lid til the line/lowe lid)
TSS Asylum (crease / outer V / liner)
TSS Pristine Nature (inner V to tearduct / inner lower lash line)
Black eyeshadow (eyeliner)
Fasio 3d Airtech (mascara)

yet again, another inarte pose. :)

leyende face canvas
barenaturals neutral med. light
ellana cafe mocha

barenaturals pretty sophia
ellana tranquility as highlight

ellana mineral lipgloss

much love,
kikay pinay

ps. i spent my monday sleeping, surfing online and doing my work... of course, make-up! :)

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