Thursday, March 27, 2008

beige-ing and painterly.. hmmm

i did some experimenting today.. i don't know if i pulled it off.
i've been using Mac beige-ing Shade stick for a while now (thanks, Aileen).
and Mac Paint Pot in Painterly for about less than a week.

what difference it made! my eye make up stayed longer if not forever.
i totally love them both.

However, i saw this vid on youtube who compared UDPP, mac paint and shadestick. she compared it base on what would show colors better.

so, here i am showing you...

again, sorry for the poor quality of the pics. :(

MAC beige-ing vs. MAC Painterly

i don't wanna react due to the power of suggestion
so you be the judge

medyo malayong kuha


whattcha think??

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