today is no make-up day

i slept so freakin late coz i've been watching gossip girl. i didn't think i'd get caught with the eps... but i did. it was not all that but i like the narration part.. hmm.. imagine if we do have a gossip girl in school or in the office? i'd proly hunt her down and burn her with my cig stick. :) peace!

Mom woke me up so early to go to Mass.. i felt like i was tipsy or drunk from lack of sleep.. Good thing i didn't nod off during mass.. but the feeling was totally out of space! graveh... so bad.

imagine eyebags on me now.

mom dropped me off at the boyfie's.. we were suppose to bring Duke(my baby pomeranian) to the groomers. Unfortunately, i slept... so bad mommy! i slept 3x i think. 1) when i got there, 2) after our Sicillian late lunch and 3)when he was watching PBA. I do the latter a lot! I can't stand basketball. i'm weird like that.

I got up around 8pm and here i am still sleepy. when i got home i placed orders for my clients then cleaned my brushes.

still yogurt for dinner. :)

actually, i still had a bit make-up today.. lol! i wore my lumiere veena velvet, prettiest pink peach blush and ellana first kiss gloss.. after that no retouching anymore. :)

tomorrow, i really don't know what it'll bring.

so, how was your weekend?

much love,

kikay pinay

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  1. my weekend was pretty good! Had a whole lot of make-up done to my face, for my friend's photoshoot..and I've practiced make-up to myself as well...I've done a lot of practice for brows...hehehe and foundation application as well..seamless dapat siyempre! :)

    let's have more make-up days and looks for you!!!

  2. i will i will!!

    gotta watch more youtube! :)

  3. i wanna see your lotsa makeup weekend! :)

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog! I watch Gossip Girl as well. So how do you like Lumiere's Veena Velvet? I'm a fan of that formula.

  5. i'm loving it but i'm sticking to my local mmu brand here for awhile. maybe on my birthday, i'll get FS of this pot. :) lol!


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