she space eotd and PPP blush

it's 1:27 in the morning here. :) i couldn't resist not to try out my new SHE SPACE pigments!!
it's so pretty! i can't believe i used around 6 e/s in one eotd... :) hihi!! if i could pack them all, i will.

Leyende Face Canvas
BareNaturals Neutral Medium Light
BareNaturals Pink Radiance

Prettiest Pink Peach
(nars orgasm dupe)
love it!

the she space no morals

mac painterly
mac beige-ing
all she space
wasted intrigue (1/2 of inner upper lid, lower lid) foiled
foxy fair (1/2 of outer lower upperlid, lower lid) foiled
lucifer's chariot (crease)
bella diablo (outer crease)
love letter lies (inner crease)
the wink, beware the guilt (highlight)
zelda's revenge (eyeliner) foiled


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  1. yes you're right the color payoff looks really nice, I believe it looks really beautiful personal! It's beautiful enough to be caught on cam, can't imagine how it'll look like personally :) Great look!

  2. thanks! but still gotta lurk your blogs for more tips! love the e/b tut btw! :)

    i'm so amateur but it's nice that someone like you appreciates. :)

  3. love the look. so pretty. :-)

  4. thanks sis! :) great blog, btw!


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