haul kwento

field trip ko sa Landmark Makati (haul)

3/27/2008Shen Gee

Holy Saturday...

I'd be video blogging this if i have my laptop, my sound drive is not broken and if my cam is not broken. :(

anyhoo, here they are!!

my loot!

eye make up mirror
i did get crossed eyed when i used this as Jheng shared in her blog

life and companion crease brush
comparing it to my MAC 217 and Kabuki eye buki brush, this is shorter and stubbier.

stackable jars for those
(P9 for 2 stackles)
i got 3 of these for some of my fave mmu on the go

powder puff jar, life and companion
(bigger compared to 2.5g jar)
i really don't know why i got this.. :)

salt shaker (P24.75)
guess why i bought this. :)

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